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I-TESTIFY! MY TESTIMONY - SISTER EBI TESTIMONY KAHKY My name is Sister Ebi Testimony Kahky. I'm a member of CE Ugborikoko Church, Warri Ministry Centre. This is my testimony on how I was delivered from the hands of Fulani herdsmen on the 17th of July, 2019. The incident occurred while I was returning from a business trip, Lagos to Warri. When we got to Okada, suddenly the vehicle stopped. I didn't know what happened, I looked around and saw gunmen surrounding the vehicle. They opened the doors and ordered us to get down. I came down with the other passengers and they led us off the major road. We were all forced to laydown by the roadside. I heard an inner voice asking me, "speak in tongues now”! I knew it was the Holy Spirit. Immediately I started speaking in tongues. There was an elderly woman amongst the passengers, who was shivering in fear. I noticed this, held her hand, and continued to speak in tongues. One of the armed men came to me, and ordered me to shut up my mouth. I continued speaking in tongues, I couldn't say any other thing. He said if I don't shut-up he will shoot. But I continued speaking in other tongues, this time even louder! They asked for all our bags and phones. One of the gunmen went into the car and collected our handbags. He came to me asking me to identify my bag but the Holy Spirit said I should continue speaking in tongues that I shouldn't answer him. I kept on speaking in tongues and didn't answer him. He later ordered that everybody should go back into the car. We got up and went back to the car, I still held on to the elderly woman because she was shivering in fear. The man said, "shut up your mouth! This your language will not help you" but I kept on speaking in tongues! He ordered us out of the vehicle again, this time He pointed his gun to the passengers one after the other forcing them to come out. At this time I was interceding for all the passengers in the bus. There was a young boy in the car, the gunman ordered to go out. I felt compassion for him. I declared that his life is preserved and that he will be released without harm. He pointed to the elderly woman with me and asked her to come out of the vehicle. The elderly woman wanted to follow his order to come out of the vehicle but I restrained her. The Fulani man then asked if the woman was my mother and I said yes. He asked the woman if I was her daughter and the woman said yes. He then said I should stay back in the vehicle to take care of my mother. I knew immediately that it was a miracle. Everybody in the vehicle was forced to move into the bush except for me and the woman I claimed to be my mother. Glory to God. The Spirit of God reminded me that this is our month of thanksgiving and a season of miracles and healing as declared by our man of God, Evang Dr Eddy Owase. I started giving God praise lifting up my hands and thanking the Lord expressly.. The elderly woman suggested we move out of the vehicle to escape, but I told her not to worry, that God will perfect our miracle. At this time it was already dark and all we could see besides the road was the surrounding was forest. I continued praying in tongues this time calling forth help. Suddenly a patrol vehicle to come to our rescue! Behold God sent a van filled with army officers!! The army officers came down to check our vehicle. The doors were opened but they didn't see us. They called out asking if anyone was there and I raised my hands replying with a loud voice that we were inside. They were surprised asking why we were left inside. We came out of the vehicle and told them what happened. I told them it was not by my power or might but by God’s spirit! Suddenly the young boy I prayed for then appeared from the bushes. He said one of the Fulani heardsmen took a look at him and asked him to go back to the car. Glory to God. This can only be God! The army took us to their van and drove us to their camp. They got a vehicle for me to get to Benin and it was from there I got another vehicle to Warri. I got home safe and sound. Glory to God!! God is great. He showed Himself strong on my behalf. I want to use this opportunity to thank our father, Rev., Dr. Chris Oyakhilome for giving us the word; for making us understand that indeed the word works! I also want to thank our pastor, our Warri Ministry Centre Director, Evang, Dr, Eddy Owase and the healing school. It was as a result of the program, A season of Miracles and Healing in WMC that I was able to receive my miracle as a vibrant partner. Partnership works! #warriministrycentre

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❤❤❤CELEBRATING A SON OF CONSOLATION❤❤❤ Happy Birthday PASTOR AUSTIN MIEBI. Thank you so much for all you do in the ministry. You are indeed Champion! We Love you So dearly Pastor Sir #Ceokumagbagroup #WMC

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SEASON OF MIRACLES & HEALING... An unprecedented move of the Spirit as Pastor Yomi Morakinyo ministers. What a phenomenal event it has been... Watch Till The End... #warriministrycentre #seasonofmiraclesandhealing #effurungroup

#photospeaks SEASON OF MIRACLES & HEALING... There an overflow abundance of blessings... It's a new level !!! #warriministrycentre #seasonofmiraclesandhealing #effurungroup

SEASON OF MIRACLES & HEALING... Final session of A Season Of Miracles & Healing With Our Esteemed Group Pastor Yomi Morakinyo. Get ready for the miraculous !!! #warriministrycentre #seasonofmiraclesandhealing #effurungroup

GRAND FINALE !!! SEASON OF MIRACLES & HEALING... Panelist discussion on the importance of giving towards Loveworld Radio as a medium to spread the message of Our Dear Man of God. #warriministrycentre #seasonofmiraclesandhealing #effurungroup


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A SEASON OF MIRACLES & HEALING... Enjoy more exclusive photos from Day 2... #warriministrycentre #seasonofmiraclesandhealing #effurungroup

A SEASON OF MIRACLES & HEALING... Exclusive Photos from Day 2.... #warriministrycentre #seasonofmiraclesandhealing #effurungroup

A SEASON OF MIRACLES & HEALING... Super Session with the Esteemed Pastor Jide Owoyemi as he teaches on "Chosen For Blessing" Stay Tuned.... #warriministrycentre #seasonofmiraclesandhealing #effurungroup

A SEASON OF MIRACLES & HEALING... Energetic performances from Loveworld Gospel Acts as we welcome the Esteemed Pastor Dr Jide Owoyemi... Stay Tuned.... #warriministrycentre #seasonofmiraclesandhealing #effurungroup

A SEASON OF MIRACLES & HEALING... Our Esteemed Panelist discuss about the importance of the Bible Challenge at the ongoing A Season of Miracles & Healing. #warriministrycentre #seasonofmiraclesandhealing #effurungroup

#photospeaks A SEASON OF MIRACLES & HEALING... Our Esteemed Pastor and Leaders share their testimonies at the ongoing "A Season of Miracles & Healing". #warriministrycentre #seasonofmiraclesandhealing #effurungroup

A SEASON OF MIRACLE AND HEALING... Day 2 of A Season of Miracle & Healing has commenced, the members are fired up to receive the word that would take them to the next level. #warriministrycentre #effurungroup

#Highlights A SEASON OF MIRACLES & HEALING... Impactation Service with Esteemed Pastor Dr Jide Owoyemi Watch Till The End..... #warriministrycentre #seasonofmiraclesandhealing

#Highlights A SEASON OF MIRACLES & HEALING... Pastor Dr Jide Owoyemi giving words of prophecy to the members of Effurun Group. #warriministrycentre #seasonofmiraclesandhealing #effurungroup

A SEASON OF MIRACLES & HEALING... Day 1 Super Session with The Esteemed Pastor Dr Jide Oyowemi. We Have Moved !!! Glory !!! #warriministrycentre #seasonofmiraclesandhealing #effurungroup

A SEASON OF MIRACLES & HEALING... Day 1 Shout of joy ring the air as members of Effurun Group welcomes the Esteemed Pastor Dr Jide Owoyemi. Stay Tuned... #warriministrycentre #seasonofmiraclesandhealing #effurungroup

A SEASON OF MIRACLES & HEALING... Day 1 Astounding performances by various Loveworld Gospel Artistes... Stay Tuned for more inspiring posts... #warriministrycentre #seasonofmiraclesandhealing #effurungroup

A SEASON OF MIRACLES & HEALING... Day 1 Special talk show segment with leaders as they talk about the Impact of the Healing School. Stay in touch for more updates... #warriministrycentre #seasonofmiraclesandhealing #effurungroup

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