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Happy bday dear Sharon. Thank u 4 the impact ur making with the GYLF & inspiring several around the world 4Jesus U are a special gift. I💖U

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I am in Christ and my light is shining everywhere. I have been brought into an inseparable oneness with the father. I know who I am: Light!

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Keep your hope alife,like a shoe Polish it every day don't give up it shall come to pass.#PastorMelodyBernard.

Sharing Special moments with this Son of my Father and his family. Thanks for having us, Pastor Jellar. #pastorchrisgeneration

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Thank you Pastor Tony Aduroja and Partners of Christ Embassy Port Harcourt Zone 1.

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Can't beat this La la la la #DavidPrinceLawal

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It's 10 Day's to GO!......... #R815 #God'sGeneral #IloveRevTom

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MEET THE GENERAL All I know is that I love Jesus Christ, He's my Lord and Savior, He's called me into ministry, I am a man of God.  I heard His voice clearly, I knew what He called me to do. He's called me to work with the Man of God, Pastor Chris, and the man of God has given me the opportunity to serve, and all I know is to do the work of the Father. Our Man of God has given me life, identity, direction and purpose. I can not help but talk about him. I feel uncomfortable when people begin to talk about me but all of it, the credits, I give to Pastor Chris. Without prejudice, he is the greatest Man of God that I know. Now, you are a friend when you do the work. You're close to me when you do the work. If you bear same name with me and you don't do the work you're not my friend. You're my brother and sister when you do the work. Everything that divides the body of Christ, I stand against it with all of my being. Everything that unites the body of Christ, I stand for it with all of my being. This ministry is founded on the Word of God and it is the ministry of the Holy Spirit; every seed that God did not plant and anything that God did not make part of the message and the mission will never strive. Remember, when we unite our forces and efforts together, we achieve great things. We have one common enemy and we're on the Lord's side. I will never stop following Pastor, I will never stop listening to him and I will never stop doing the things that I do because that is where I find fulfilment and so also should you. I'm a soul winner, a fisher of men and what I do is raise people to do the work that has been committed to the trust of our dear Man of God. I am an Ardent Follower of our dear Man of God Pastor Chris and I take the frontline of every matter dear to his heart. Through the Holy Ghost, Pastor has given us a mandate of vision 400 and as such I am committed to this noble cause and I trust you are too. So let's keep the vision400 alive and a reality. God bless you! #R815 #vision400 #NCRegion

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I celebrate my Father, Mentor, Life coach & a very dear Son of Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome! Happy Birthday my Love - Pst J! I love you dearly

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Citizens PCF #CEPHZONE1 Setting out to distribute Rhapsody of Realities. #Vision400. A REALITY

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Souls excited receiving Rhapsody of Realities with joy, we had three souls give their lives to christ am so excited #vision400 a reality

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Heaven and earth rejoice It's time to celebrate the King Pastor J! The most excellent and outstanding personality! I love you Pastor J ❤️

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Happy Birthday my esteemed Partner Olubade. Your light shines everywhere. I love you #cephzone1Rhapsodyofrealities

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=>>> Success Motivation <<<= You cannot change yesterday, but you can do something today that can change tomorrow! It doesn't matter How you were born, that was yesterday. It doesn't matter what happened last 5years, the last 10 years. You may not be able to change that. But you can reposition yourself today. You can make new decisions today, that will change what tomorrow will bring. INVEST in your FUTURE. Refuse to be a mental hobo! Refuse to end your Life on the side walk! I believe in your future. There's a reason I believe in your future. I believe that if you hear these words, you will act on them and they change your future None of you was born to be poor! You may have been poor BUT you were not born to be poor! You may have been brought up poor, BUT you were not brought up to be poor! Understand this, the definition of adulthood is responsibility. When you become an adult, you take responsibility for your future. Become Responsible! What do you have in yourself? There are many who cry for help and because there are no answers to their call for help, they feel the pangs and pains of neglect. NO! Refuse to give up! Believe in what God made... God made you and he never made a failure. Believe that GOD has a PURPOSE for your LIFE. You may have been born as a parental accident but YOU ARE NOT A DIVINE ACCIDENT. God knew you were coming and he made sufficient provisions for you! There is a place for you in the world... There are certain things You must do. There are things that are not in abundant supply... they are limited. One is TIME. Save TIME! Save it! Keep track of your time. The Bible says for us to redeem the time for the days are evil. YOU don't have extra time. Life is not a GAME, therefore make every day count! Improve yourself everyday! Introduce something into your Life that counts. CHOOSE to be a SUCCESS! Become inspiring! Distinguish yourself with excellence! If you are a Musician be a musician with a difference! Become inspiring! Whatever you do, do it with excellence. Put your best into what you do and change your World! Remember there is no extra time, whatever you do now, do it the best way the FIRST TIME. Success is waiting for the man who says YES to Success! Success is waiting for the man who plans for it, who reaches out for IT! Who says I will wake up and he wakes up, who says I will read this book and He does. Who says I will go to school and he goes. SUCCESS is waiting for the Man who makes a DECISION. Time is Important! Time is Important! Change the Position, SAY to yourself "I will be watched". There are those who only think of designer perfume, designer clothes, designer shoes where are your own designs? Challenge yourself for the future! There's room for you! There's a place for you at the top! TRAIN your MIND and USE IT! Give yourself to a teacher. Give yourself to a TUTOR. Train yourself, train your MIND! If you train your Mind, IT will be ready to deliver to you the right thoughts and ideas that will earn you COMMERCIAL VALUE. There is No poverty for the man, who has made an INVESTMENT in his MIND and his willing to ACT! There's no hunger for the man who has trained his mind to think through every problem, to solve every problem. Train yourself, think through a problem, render solution and let men come to you for advice! Decide to Be SMART! Decide to Be a problem solver. If you make that decision, that is what you will be. Problem solvers are in short supply in the world. There's a place for a man who decides to be excellent! Distinguish yourself! It is time to put your best into what you do! Get better and bigger! Be excellent! ( Culled from "Success Motivation" by Rev Chris Oyakhilome Dsc. DD. ) #CEPHZONE1

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Special communion service With #PastorTonyAduroja has launched me into the Billionaire club I am a billionaire. Thank you Pastor Sir I Luv U

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More images from the evening service, Wednesday Special with Rev Tom. Rev was introduced to a community leader who is now in Foundation School. #cedurumi #RevTominAbuja #wednesdayspecial

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#BishopChikancy #ComedyNation

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Thank you Pastor Sir for this meeting today, to me is my Weds special I can't stop shouting am free,full of joy and excitement.Gloryyyy😉

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MOMENTS AGO AT THE ONGOING ZCLC #CEPHZONE1 The gloriously inspired delegates were further impregnated with divine and eternal truths from God's word by the Esteemed Rev. Ray Okocha in a superlative super session on "CELL LEADERSHIP AS A LIFE LONG MINISTRY" Also, the doggedness of the esteemed delegates got elaborated and driven much deeper than before with a super session with by the Esteemed Pastor Joy Amenkhienan on "The cell ministry and the role of ministry materials in vision 400" #iclcinmycity #vision400 #cephzone1

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