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🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 *Early Morning prayers with Esteemed Pastor Moses Olayemi begins April 1st to 30th April 2021....* 5-5:30am daily Use this link for.... ⛱️ *WINNING MISSIONS* Thank you kindly. #cebeninzone1

Wow it was indeed a Day of Change at#cechurchinfluential1 of #cebeninzone1. Thank you pastor sir for this opportunity

Happy Wedding Anniversary to Our Highly Esteemed Zonal Pastor and his lovely wife, Pastors Moses and Rosemary Olayemi. On this special day we celebrate a blessed union made by God. We are grateful for your love and for continually leading us in a perpetual victory Parade with songs of joy. We love you dearly Sir and Ma. #cebeninzone1

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Happening Now! 📸 ZONAL HOUR OF PRAYER. 🌍 Halleluyah!!! A time of prayers is the time of answers. We are praying for Christians around the world who are incarcerated for their faith in Christ, that their faith fail Not and for a mighty deliverance. #cebeninzone1 #ceerediauwa #prayingnow #pclprayathon2020 #prayathon2020 #globaldayofprayer

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First quarter partnership award 2021. Nominee for top 3 winners. Thank you so much pastor sir, esteemed pastor Moses Olayemi. #cebeninzone1#cechurchinfluential1

Only you matter, only you make sense, it doesn't matter what the world says, it's only you I live for... Jesus!! #cebeninzone1#cechurchinfluential1

Happy Birthday to our beloved Esteemed Deaconness Felicia Edun. An inspiring and amazing mother, full of vigour and unwavering devotion to our ministry'svision. Mummy, we celebrate your steadfastness to the gospel of our Lord Jesus; which has become a worthy example for many in ministry. Your humility, kind-heartedness and love for the saints, are endearing features of your great personality. Surely, the blessings and effects of eternal life, will continually keep you in strength and victory until the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. We love you dearly ma #cebeninzone1

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Happy birthday #cebeninzone1

Happy birthday to a father. Congratulations #cebeninzone1

Happy birthday. More grace #cebeninzone1

Happy birthday to our dearest and well beloved "Big Mummy" Highly Esteemed Dcns. A.A. Oyakhilome. What a glorious and precious gift from God you are to us in the Loveworld Nation. Your gentle and admirably kind spirit and unfeign love for everyone; your sound and impactful words of wisdom, have constantly been immeasurable blocks that have built and strengthened our lives. Mummy, we celebrate your steadfastness in praying for the saints and your sincere desire for our unstoppable flourishing in life and ministry. God's spirit will keep you in strength and endless victories, until the glorious appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ. We love you dearly ma. #cebeninzone1

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Gloryyyyyyy happy birthday BeeJay #cebeninzone1

Happy birthday to my daughters Rejoice and BeeJay #cebeninzone1

Celebrating the spoken word superstar BeeJay#cebeninzone1

Happy birthday to my sister BeeJay.... Your brother BenWealth. #cebeninzone1

Happy birthday my daughter BeeJay. More grace#cebeninzone1

Happy birthday BlessingJoy Ehannire (BeeJay) #cebeninzone1

Happy birthday BeeJay. #cebeninzone1

Happy glorious birthday BeeJay the spoken word. Of your increase there shall be no end. I love you my daughter. Sail on. #cebeninzone1

Happy birthday Esteemed Sis Rejoice Elawure Onyesom staff#cechurchinfluential1 #cebeninzone1. Congratulations. You're indeed a helper of the war. Escalate in Grace

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