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Then David asked the Lord , “Should I chase after this band of raiders? Will I catch them?” And the Lord told him, “Yes, go after them. You will surely recover everything that was taken from you!” #Godisgood! #Mymonthofrecovery!!! 1 Samuel 30:8 NLT

Your manufacturer is perfect . He is perfecting ALL that concerns you. Keep your mind on him...!

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Participating live right now! #kccmsw2020 #Cecarnasie #Newyorkcity

Have you checked the script yet? Please do take the time to check it for yourself, find and take up your own role and act it out! The director has his eyes on ya and he's determined to confirm all he's written about you in it in your own life! You vocalise it by faith! #TheWORD

Today I remember some of the most valuable lessons you taught me, You would say, 'human love is fickle, you would say to me; don't take to heart their errors." Forgive always you would tell me. It is OK to start all over. Rebuild and do better the next time. You are strong Son."

Get on board! #kccsmw2020 #cecarnasie #newyorkcity

"For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him..."but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do..."Halleluyah! God is awake because of YOU!

Oh hallelujah 🙌! Congratulations to you all in the Loveworld Nation for all the victories we attained through our just concluded week long prayer and fasting with our MOG - Pastor Chris! We always win. Blessed be God! #WealwaysWIN #Perfection #Miracles #Wonders #Productivity

#exposeonthehigherlife - I know who I am. I am heavenly. My thinking is different. I remember others. I am A giver hence God's blessings are always manifested in my life. My love for others is unconditional just like my Jesus.

I am working the WORD in my life! The wisdom of God is effectively, effectually at work in my life. #moyato

My brother, my sister, my friend it doesn't what trouble you are in, it doesn't matter how dire that situation is; Catch yourself and pray to God, pray heartfelt earnest with your emotions in it, you will prevail over that terrible situation. You have victory in Christ Jesus!

Stop saying you "love" them. Show them you love them; the impact is actually more profound. Love is something you do.

The WORD can change ANYTHING!

I have the very life of God!

Pastor Chris Sir, My father in the Lord; I will continue to honour and follow you as you follow Christ. Thank you for the teachings of God's Word you so skillfully impart into my spirit. I am grateful. I thank God for you Sir. #PastorChris #Myleader #MyLifecoach #MyPastor

The year 2020 truly is the year of perfection! The LORD gave the word and many were they that published it! We overcame them by blood of the lamb and the WORD of our testimony! We have the victory! They stumbled and they fell! We stand strong victoriously! #2020 #perfection

I am elated that I was alive in these last days and I witnessed the mighty move of God's Spirit even as he stirred a man of God as Pastor Chris to encourage the church of Jesus Christ to stand firm on God's Word and use the name of JESUS to get this victory! Amen! Amen!!

... It’s because of your temper, your blasphemous foul temper, That I’m putting my hook in your nose and my bit in your mouth And turning you back to where you came from..." YES back to hell where it came (emphasis mine) Glory!!! 2 Kings 19:27‭-‬28 MSG

It was FRIDAY morning, July 17th, 2020, I WOKE up and there was this note of victory in my spirit. I heard the Spirit of God said this about them... "I know when you sit down, when you come and when you go; And, yes, I’ve marked every one of your temper tantrums against me...

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