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Celebrating excellence, God's grace, the word of God in flesh, an ambassador for Christ. Happy birthday Pastor sir. Love you

Happy birthday Pastor sir, I love you and thank you sir for impacting my life with the word of God.

Today is the 1st Sunday in November. It is the monthly Sunday when we PRAY with FASTING with the Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (Our Pastor and God's Prophet to us). I make a habit of listening to Pastor's prayers so that I am rightly guided in my own praying in order to be accurate. Interestingly, I have NEVER heard the Man of God, Pastor Chris, bind the devil with chains and throw him into the bottomless pit!!! Growing up in a Christian family, I heard adults (Christians) pray that the devil and demons be bound with chains and cast into the bottomless pit. As a child, I used to ask myself and wonder that if we had bound the devil and demons and thrown them into the bottomless pit, who jumped in after them, untied them and brought them out (all in mid air since the pit is bottomless)!!! I reckoned that it was that fellow we had to deal with, seeing that his intrepid actions were the reasons for the continuous release of the evil devils from the pit back into the world thereby thwarting our prayers. I further reasoned that if it was the devils, themselves, who somehow, reversed their descent into the bottomless pit; unchained themselves and climbed out; those devils were very resilient and had a never say die attitude!!! Of course I was wrong and so were the adults who prayed unscriptural prayers and still pray such today. Religious folks never stop and analyse their "Christian" and "church" traditions. They will keep on doing the rites and pray the prayerd because that is how it has always been done. Even if there are no results from those actions. In Christ Embassy we are not like that. As you join the Man of God, Pastor Chris, today for communion, listen to his words as he prays. Respond to the prayers with resounding, heartfelt "Amen". Listen attentively to his gracious words as he gives the Word for the month of November. It is for our victory. #yearOfFlourishing #PastorChrisLive #November

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Dear Pastor Dipo Sir, Your demand on us to do more has made us larger than money. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR. "NO ONE, WHO WANTS TO COME TO CHURCH, SHOULD BE DENIED BECAUSE OF TRANSPORTATION". Pastor Dipo Fisho We love you endlessly sir! #PDF715 #cedurumi #WealthyDiplomats

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Pastor Benny Hinn shares an amazing testimony of something remarkable that happened after the 'Pastor Chris Live at Benny Hinn Ministries' held in Carlifornia. Watch the video below and be blessed. Please remember to LIKE, SHARE & FOLLOW this SuperUser. God bless you!

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IT'S TIME TO VOTE FOR CHRIST EMBASSY ABUJA ZONE IN THE FINAL ROUND OF RON 2016 PICTURE CONTEST ON KINGSCHAT FOLLOW THE RHAPSODY OF REALITIES SUPERUSER ACCOUNT TO PARTICIPATE. https://kingsch.at/p/4lmjqtr The winning Pictures will be eligible to be on the RON NOVEMBER 2016 ROR COVER!!!!!! Your vote is counted as valid once you vote in the comment box, 'like' and 'share' the post. This means that if you vote without liking or sharing the post, your vote will be invalid. It is one person per vote. Multiple votes are not counted. Voting for the final round of the quest will close by 12 Midnight (GMT+1). To participate in the voting exercise,  🌏 Follow the Rhapsody of Realities SuperUser page. 🌏 Vote for the best picture in the comment box. 🌏 'Like' and 'Share' the post to get a valid vote. THE WINNING ZONE WILL GRACE THE COVER OF RON NOVEMBER 2016 EDITION OF RHAPSODY OF REALITIES. Make your vote count for Abuja Zone now! WINNING IS OUR GAME! LET THE VOTING BEGIN #CEABUJAZONE #CEABUJAZONE #CEABUJAZONE #CEABUJAZONE

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CHRIST EMBASSY ABUJA ZONE FACE OF RON CONTEST 2016 CLOSES 12 MIDNIGHT ON SATURDAY 8TH OCTOBER 2016. Here is an update on votes cast. Contestant 1 - 164 votes Contestant 2 - 225 votes Contestant 3 - 163 votes Contestant 4 - 145 votes Contestant 5 - 139 votes Contestant 6 - 142 votes Contestant 7 - 91 votes Contestant 8 - 171 votes Contestant 9 - 141 votes Contestant 10 - 344 votes Contestant 11 - 192 votes Contestant 12 - 157 votes Contestant 13 - 259 votes CONTESTANT 10 IS CURRENTLY LEADING IN 1ST POSITION WITH 344 VOTES, HOWEVER, A LOT COULD HAPPEN IN 4 DAYS. Let the voting continue. #ceabujazone #ceabujazone #ceabujazone

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COMING UP THIS SATURDAY... Christ Embassy Abuja Zone Media Connectors Conference. Date: Saturday 8th October 2016 Time: 2pm Prompt. Venue: Christ Embassy Abuja Zonal Church Auditorium. This meeting is for the following categories of people: 🌏 All Pastors/Deaconry 🌏 All members of Deaconry 🌏 All PCF Leaders 🌏 All Senior Cell Leaders 🌏 All Cell Leaders 🌏 All Bible Study Class Teachers 🌏 All Media Connectors and DPAC Reps. #ceabujazone #ceabujazone

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When guys heard the sound of Da music,the waka changed.I sabi who abi. #ceabujazone

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Excitement in abuja as christ embassy celebrate Nigeria @ 56. #CEABUJAZONE

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Christ Embassy Bwari main. #ceabujazone

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#Ron2016 #faceofron2016 #myrhapsodymyspreading #ceabujazone #softkids.com

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#ron2016 #cedakibiu #ceabujazone

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We continue to spread to every man's world with the messenger angel as we celebrate RON. #CEABUJAZONE

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RON Team F organized a football competition in Waru Community of the FCT. An opening prayer, ROR reading, ...etc. #ceabujazone

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