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#Prayingnow #SouthAfrica

#Prayingnow #SouthAfrica

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CELEBRATING THE EXCEPTIONAL . Happy birthday Pastor Siji Dara. You are an EXCEPTIONAL man. In your faith. In your understanding. In your boldness. In your leadership. In your strategies. In your results. I celebrate you because of your EXCEPTIONAL achievements. Your passion, your zeal, your mentoring have produced for you an EXCEPTIONAL niche in the hearts of many. Congratulations on your birthday. Don't flag. Don't wane. Thank you for all that you do. Keep on keeping on. I love you. #cekenyazone #psd

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I didn't want it to end. What a glorious time. Thank you for your love the CEC and all Zonal Pastors who organised. #STPPLSA2019

Thank you so much Pastor Chris and the highly esteemed Pastors for the training programme. I learnt a lot

If you are trained nothing can stop you from reaching our goal, being Ministry minded all the time, taking the gospel everywhere. #STPPL2019

I want strong angels that walk swaggerlishly because of powerful partnership not the slim ones in Jesus Christ name! #STPPLSA2019

Thank you Pastor Freedom Sir, Soweto will never be the same again. #SowetoMiracleCrusade #SouthAfricaZone1

Jesus is my Saviour, healer, my Lord and my everything. #SowetoMiracleCrusade #SouthAfricaZone1

#Soweto miracle crusade with Pastor Freedom, wow! Soweto will never be the same again.

Happy birthday Pastor Freedom, you are too much in one. Walking in the Spirit. Thank you Pastor Chris for such an annointed, spirit filled man of God. We will surely possess our possessions.

I celebrate you Pastor Sir, a man full of love, full of the word. Everything you say Pastor Chris says it after in the exact same way. We are truly blessed.

I have a vital union with God therefore i live in the timeless zone. I am growing without ageing! Ready for Super Sunday, thank you Pastor Freedom Sir we are moving together in the Spirit with our man of God Pastor Chris.

Being Exemplary, thank you Pastor Sir for the powerful messages everyday.

Thank you Pastor Freedom Sir for the word of God and taking us to another level. #CERANDBURG #ZONE 1 #ZCLC

Iam an Activist not an apologetic! #CERANDBURG #ZONE 1 #ZCLC 2019

Happy birthday Pastor auntie Ruth, i love you so much!

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