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It keeps getting better. My life is full of Ups and Ups alone, my part is upward and forward only. Its a New day, Era, Dispensation, Grace and Level. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. #Dspecialone #Dloveprince #Billiondollarsmindset #Emmyrollexofficial

Am supernaturally blessed and favoured.......

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God's word develops in me the right mindset. #themilliondollarmindset.

I SEE A BENOVELENT WORLD AROUND ME. #themilliondollarmindset.

Be quick to agree with God and his word.

Jesus, you love me too much. (Excess Love).

I have wealth of Abilities and potential inside of me✈𓼈

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awesome God..my year of spreading indeed,by d way this is tye tribbet (american artiste)attempting to sing "all the way"..

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#MHISDay2 Wow what a glorious night!... The lame walked, demons where put to flee, asthma was to put shame, blood diseases and many more infirmities where completely healed, as the fire of the Holy Spirit, the Name of Jesus and the Presence of God saturated the LoveWorld Convocation Arena. Thousands watching at overflows weren't left out, as Pastor Benny Hinn prayed for everyone and made Prophecies of Nigeria's primary role in reaching Africa with the Gospel and the Man of God, Pastor Chris, would be at the fore front of this out pouring of God's Spirit on Africa. Indeed this is just the beginning, as Pastor Benny Hinn said, tomorrow's service will have 3 times more of the manifestation of God's Power and Glory. Don't miss out MHIS Day 3 loading.... Praise The Lord!!!!!! #Fire _____________ Tap FOLLOW on LoveWorld TV Superuser or Download our mobile app today, for the Best Updates. #LoveWorldTV; Spreading Love, Changing the World

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It's not like before......

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