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What a great time today with the best family anyone could have!It started with my CE Bronx family in NY ended in NJ with the rest of my NY Megalopolis family.Two parties just for me😭😭. Thank you Pst Aloy sir,Pastor Dupe ma,pst’s Leafe, Flo, Bunmi,Sola you made it extra special😭

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Special thanks to all the amazing Pastors in the New York megalopolis groups you guys are simply the best family and I love and appreciate you dearly!!

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My CE Bronx family! Covid was not a deterrent! They still found a way to make it special for me. God bless you and honor you as you have honored me. I love you all dearly and grateful for all we are doing for our lord Jesus Christ together. Thank you all God bless you! I love u!

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More photos!

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Thank you dear dad (Pastor Chris) for this wonderful opportunity to have Christ Embassy Manhattan, NY host *Sunday Service Live* on Hello LoveWorld on August 9th, 2020. We appreciate the opportunity & do not take it likely. Thank you Sir for your love & trust. We love you sir

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THANK YOU FOR GIVING THE GOSPEL WINGS TO FLY THROUGH THE AIRWAVES IN THE MONTH OF JULY! LTM Says GRACIAS to all our indefatigable, dependable and ever committed Pastors and Partners of CE USA Region 1 zone 2 for thier generosity in ensuring the gospel got to many more souls in the month of July. God bless and reward you!

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Happy happy happy birthday my sweet, gorgeous in/out Pastor Itee Ma’am🥳🥳🥳You’re amazing and I thank God for your influence in me and over the nations of the world, furthering the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Enjoy overtaking and recovery on all sides. I love you eternally😘💖😘

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Happy birthday Pastor Itee. Ever helpful, ever cheerful. We love you exceedingly.

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Happy Glorious, Perfect and Joyous Birthday to Our highly Esteemed Pastor IT. Thank you for always loving, always giving and always blessing me, and the entire zone. You're Special to me, our zone and our ministry. May God continue to protect you, increase you on every side.

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Celebrating the Esteemed Pastor IT, 10q for your super inspiring service in God's house&for perpetually raising others, I salute,love and celebrate you specially, Happy birthday 👸🎉💃❤💎😎🤗

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Pastor IT, I was just listening to ‘there’s an overflow abundance of blessings, it’s a new level.Thats your testimony sis. You are so special and I love you dearly. Happy birthday.Thank you for all you do. Of the increase of your excellence, grace and glory there shall be no end.

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Happy birthday pastor ma. We are so bless in the bronx church having you as our pastor. Thanks for your spiritual guidance.. Congratulations .

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Celebrating the Exceptional,Loving,Caring,Inspiring Pastor Itee Olumurewa.Tnk u for ur huge show of luv at all times&for being a blessing to d body of Christ.May all that u desire in this new Yr come to speedy Fruition.Tnk u for ur commitment to LTM&LW Radio.I luv u very dearly🤗

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Happy Birthday Dear Pastor Itee. Its another opportunity to celebrate someone as special as you with a heart so large & full of love for the Lord and His people. I love ❤️ & appreciate you so dearly.

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#Celebrating an icon #celebrating the light #Happy birthday Esteemed Pastor Itee

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We celebrate you specially on this day Ma! We’re so thankful for your continuous support, and appreciate your great love for us. Happy Perfect Birthday Ma and more glorious years. We love you and appreciate you dearly Ma. #PITEE0805 #LMAMNewyorkmega #USAR1Z2

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Happy birthday dearest Pastor Itee, I celebrate the unique and caring personality that you are. You are truly special. Enjoy a new season filled with great glory and rejoicing. Thank you for all that you are and do. I love you dearly💕💕💕

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🇺🇸🎉Sunday Service Live on Hello LoveWorld! Come Sunday, August 9th 2020, at 11am EST, the Highly Esteemed Zonal Pastor of USA Zone 2 Region 1, the Esteemed Pastor Femi Olumurewa will be hosting Sunday Service Live on Hello Loveworld! Don’t miss this broadcast! To subscribe, visit: www.helloloveworld.tv/usar1zone2 #USAR1Z2

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Happy Birthday to a Burning and a Shining Light dear esteemed Pastor Itee. Thank you for your beautiful, humble and righteous Spirit. I celebrate you, the grace and beauty you bring in the midst of our Loveworld Nation. I celebrate you, a precious and committed son of consolation to our dear MOG Pastor Chris, a devout Pastor, devoted and loving wife and Mom.....and your special love for me and mine. Have a glorious year of Perfection, all things you have anticipated of Him and a life of ever-increasing Grace and Glory fit for a King-Priest as you. I love you! 🙋‍♀️💞

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