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Happy Birthday to you Darling, Thank you for being ever so kind, strong, being a blessing, and committed to us all in our home. I love you bigly forever for who you’re, and thank God for you always.

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#HappeningNow LOVEWORLD 2020 PRESIDENTIAL AWARDS ~ TOP 50 DIRECTORS & PASTORS CATEGORY ~ CELVZ ROLL Dr Ken & Evang Kathy Woghiren ~ Top Partners 30 #CELVZ #LoveWorld2020Awards #PresidentialAwatds #TheYearOfPerfection

STAND UP FOR OUR HIGHLY ESTEEMED CHAMPION ZONAL DIRECTOR & GLOBAL LOVEWORLD TOP PARTNER Healing School Awards - 3rd Position Loveworld USA Awards - 3rd Position Rhapsody Bible Awards - 2nd Position Rhapsody of Realities Awards - 2nd Position & Much More #CELVZ #LoveworldAwards2020 #TheYearOfPerfection

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IT'S TESTIMONY TUESDAY & YOU MUST "HEAR" THIS TESTIMONY ~ GLORY!!! Warm Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. With Joy in my heart, gratitude to God and loud praises to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords as I share my testimony with God's people today. By the Spirit of God, I made a pledge at the beginning of this year that my partnership this year 2020 will be N10,000,000 before IPPC 2020. At this time, things were really in a bad state for me, I was without a job, accommodation or any steady means of financial income.  I remember squatting with my younger siblings that are married with kids on different weeks from one house to the other sleeping on couches even till February this year 2020. It was a very shameful and terrible state for me, I developed constant back pains from time to time. I didn't want to know how my pledge of giving that amount would happen, but I kept on speaking God's word about it, I wrote that amount (10 Million Naira) in my vision book, and started working on my stubborn faith. The tougher the situation I was in, the higher I built my faith in God’s word, putting to work and bringing to rememberance all of Pastor's messages and words of prophecies from my beloved father, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome, My Highly Esteemed Zonal Director, Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu and our daily prayers. I put the word of God to work through different meetings of every group in Church that I belong to, because no two meetings are alike. So I started out with what I had at hand, giving seeds for seeds, I ensured my seed went into every project mentioned in The Haven and as directed in Church by our Highly Esteemed Zonal Director, Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu, because there are no small seeds. In the course of the year I got an amazing job without submitting any CV or job application, and that was the beginning of my life changing testimonies. I started experiencing God's favour upon favour, mind blowing business opportunities and I was taking advantages of them all. God's grace kept increasing in my life, as I received cashflow from different business opportunities I kept multiplying every money in my hand as taught by our dearest Man of God, Rev Dr. Chris Oyakhilome, and towards the middle of February this Year I got a beautiful accommodation, a 3 bedroom flat, miraculously and then during the plandemic I gave God my first N1Million. I was moved to tears because that was all I had  at the time. Glory To God! After that however, I knew the grace had increased because the prophecies that came with that seed from my Group Pastor was that, that was the least I will ever give to God, he said I will do my first N5Million, then first N10Million and so on. Brothers and sisters, it was so as I went on to give millions subsequently. After that period, I got my first car by God's favour too and i dedicated it. As the end of the ministry year approached, last week, I felt I had done well and needed to rest but the Holy Spirit reminded me that I had not reached my set goal. I was not sure how money would come because at that time, I had no money inflow expectations till the next few months, plus I was not working as I had just come out of a major surgery and was recuperating, (another mind-blowing testimony and special thanksgiving for that surgery will be shared another day). I kept speaking in tongues and within one week the miracles started happening again, monies came in from unexpected and unplanned sources and today I have done my first N5Million at ago and well surpassed my M10Million goal. Glory To God. The word of God always works, if you are persistent and don't give up in anyway whatsoever. Each time I look back I can only sing praises to God for making this year a year of Perfection for me.  I remembered how My Highly Esteemed Zonal Director, Pastor Yemisi, gave her testimony of how she was done with hitting her target in a particular year and God told her she was not done and boom! she gave and surpassed all she had given put together that year, it was so inspiring for me and that same testimony happened for me, Oh Glory to God! God changed things around for me from being without a job or source of income and within the same year as we all know how the devil planned it to be but all the plandemic of the Satan was twatted through our consistent resistance with praying with our Dear Man of God. More testimonies loading... The Miracles Are Still Happening & We Are Still Giving. Sister Esther CELVZ Church 1

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WE DO HAVE A WEAPON OF WARFARE THAT IS EFFECTIVE, THAT IS ALIVE, THAT IS DYNAMIC AND HAS THE ABILITY TO PRODUCE RESULT ~ PASTOR YEMISI KUDEHINBU Esteemed Singing Saints As You Extol His Name, Making Melody Uttering Praise To The Lord Remember Them That Need To Hear This Gospel & Reachout. Bring Them To Church See You @ 8:45AM A High Praise Is Sure With Our Choir & The Word Of God For Now & The Future #CELVZ #FollowMeToChurchOnSunday #TheYearOfPerfection

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Happy Birthday Darl' How can I say thank you enough for all you are and who you are to me? Darl' life with you has been amazingly beautiful, extraordinary  and fulfilling. You are God's gift to me. My best friend and confidante. Thank you for ever being so kind, loving, generous,  compassionate, fun to be with, etc. Thank you for the admonitions, the many words of encouragement, for being my number one cheer leader, for your counsels, guidance, teachings, directions etc.  Your love for God, passion for the work of the ministry and unflinching commitment to our man of God, Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome D.Sc Dd. is undoubtedly worthy of emulation to me and all who look up to you as a source of inspiration, encouragement and motivation. Thank you for your exemplary followership of Pastor whom have followed from your youth. As you step into this new year, your hearts desires for the Gospel and the ministry God has entrusted to you will be actualized beyond your expectations and you will break new frontiers for the Lord Jesus and increase in relevance with our Man of God. Thank you for loving me the way you do and expressing it at every opportunity you have. Thank you for your love which is like wine, that gets better and better everyday. Thank you for all you do for me, Craig, Tiffany and Chloe. Thank you for being a role model to the children and directing them in the path of God's plans and purpose for there lives. You are the best dad the children could ever desired to have. Happy birthday Darl. I love you sweetly. Your Dudu Babe 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝 #perfectpai #ewcaregion #hornofafrica #ThePhenomenalWoman

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CELEBRATING OUR DEAR BROTHER JOHN AKHUETIE!!! Happy Birthday to our Beloved Brother John Akhuetie. Thank you for your selfless contribution to the work of God and his kingdom. We love you and celebrate you dearly! Enjoy this glorious year! 🎁🎁Happy Birthday!🎁🎁 Important! Click 👉 enterthehealingschool.org/imagazine/CELZ5 to Spread Faith with The Healing School (November) Magazine and get others to do so too. Click 👉 https://bit.ly/Z5RORapp to download and share the ROR 3.0 app with all contacts. 🙏God bless you 🙏 #HappyBirthday #MonthofPraise #2020YearofPerfection #CELZ5

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CELEBRATING OUR BELOVED PASTOR OBI ANIDOBI!!! Happy Birthday to our Dear Pastor Obi Anidobi. Thank you for being a blessing to us in CE Lagos Zone 5 and the entire body of Christ, and also for being an ardent follower of our Dear Woman of God. We love and celebrate you dearly! Enjoy this glorious year. 🎁🎁Happy Birthday Sir!🎁🎁 Important! Click 👉 enterthehealingschool.org/imagazine/CELZ5 to Spread Faith with The Healing School (November) Magazine and get others to do so too. Click 👉 https://bit.ly/Z5RORapp to download and share the ROR 3.0 app with all contacts. 🙏God bless you 🙏 #HappyBirthday #MonthofPraise #2020YearofPerfection #CELZ5

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HURRAY! WE ARE LIVE @ REON GLOBAL RHAPSODY OUTREACH @ http://stream.reoninternational.org Ensure To Get All Esteemed Ministers & Church Leaders To Register @ bit.ly/celvzreon So That We Can Reach Them With Necessary Support Post The Outreach. Don't Miss It!!! #CELVZ #REON #ReonGlobalRhapsodyOutreach #TheYearOfPerfection

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Happy wedding anniversary to our Esteemed Zonal Director of Haven ZA4. Deaconess ma, it can only be from glory to glory and from bliss to bliss in Jesus Name. Your home is continually blessed. Congratulations! @dcnsebere

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Celebrating excellence, grace, commitment, inspiration, Passion, humility and liquid love. We celebrate global impact. Happy wedding anniversary Pastors Olumide and Nike Adewolu. #25yearsweddinganniversary #cegreatergrace #cebeninzone1

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Happy Birthday Beloved Pastor Happiness Eze of The Phenom'enal' Church. Thank you for all that you do for us in CELVZ. Much Love #CELVZ #RhapsodyThanksYou

RHAPSODY OF REALITIES TODAY ~ EXPRESS GRATITUDE The words “Thank you” are two of the most powerful words to convey heartfelt appreciation and gratefulness which, when rightly expressed, leave an indelible impression of your sincere gratitude and evoke joy in the hearts of the recipients. THANK YOU FOR Praying ▪︎Giving ▪︎ Distributing The Rhapsody Of God👉 bit.ly/34ShUOd CONFESSION I’m rooted and built up in the Lord, strengthened in the faith and overflowing with thankfulness! Every day, I’m inspired to express my gratitude to God for those through whom He blesses me daily. Therefore, I walk in favour, joy, and fulfilment. Amen #CELVZ #RhapsodyOfRealitiesToday #ReachoutNigeriaFiesta #1MillionRhapsodyOutreaches

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You have given me great victory Surrounded me with unfailing love Your word oh Lord, has made me great You're the one who saved me from my foes You set a table before them You gave me strength to win the race For this I praise your name For all that you have done #MYMONTHOFPRAISE

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Wedding updates #SisterSandra & #PastorPaul

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PRAY FOR THE THE IMPACT OF ALL SESSIONS & SEGMENTS OF IPPC 2020 ~ IT'S 10 DAYS TO IPPC 2020 In 10 Days We'll Be Celebrating ▪︎Alignment ▪︎Excellence ▪︎Completion ▪︎Fruition The Year Of Perfection In All It's Glory 🌟 We'll Be Celebrating YOU 🌟 🎶 Don't Stop Yet!🎶 #CELVZ #IPPC2020 #TheMonthOfPraise #TheYearOfPerfection

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IT'S HAPPENING TOMORROW, THE REON ONLINE GLOBAL OUTREACH. A MUST PARTICIPATE FOR EVERY MINISTER IN EVERY TRIBE & TONGUE French, Italian, Romanian, Spanish & More. Assist A Minister To Gain This Advantage - Kindly Share This Link & Register 👉 https://bit.ly/celvzreon #CELVZ #REONOnlineGlobalOutreach #TheYearOfPerfection

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Join me to celebrate my lovely wife, I thank God for his blessings, grace beauty, love, goodness,I thank God for me with her because she is indeed a blessing.our kids and I love you dearly,happy birthday.

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ARE YOU AT THE ON GOING SERVICE? FAITH STIRRING TESTIMONIES @ www.celvz.org Miracles O! Earnest Desire, The Passionate Desire Will Bring Forth Miraculous Results Gloryyyy!!! #CELVZ #WednesdayService #PartnersOnlineRendezvous #TheYearOfPerfection

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Hurray! It's The Birthday Of The Elegant One, The Lovely Pastor Yinka Olowu. I Love You Much. Thank You For All That You Do For Us In CELVZ. #HappyBirthday #PastorYinka

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