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CELEBRATING GOD'S LOVE Happy Birthday Dear Sister Jemima Atibi-Brown! You are blessed to be a blessing and your light shines everywhere. We love you dearly!❤ #SHOUTFORJOY #MONTHOFSONGS #SOMCONNECT #SONSOFMINISTRY #PERFECTION

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🎉🎉🎉Happy birthdaaaaay... my Dear son Chris. An exceptional gift of love. Thank you so much for all that you are and the love that you continue to share. As you have entered into this new age, You have entered into a season of blessings. You are full of wisdom & promoted in ways you never imagined. The supernatural marks your every stride and you'll operate in abundance & position of advantage. Have an amazing perfect year. I love you so dearly. Congratulations.

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Just Now... They were first "too busy" to give us attention, then the Holy Spirit gave us utterance, grace kicked in and soon all the construction workers, plus hotel staff, plus 2 guest and even the owner came and gave heed to the words spoken by the CGI Director! The unsaved received salvation, prayer requests were made and blessings ministered. 28 in total. He also told them to tell others. "Don't let the blessing stop with you"! He counselled. Now, followup with Bibles and intercession in progress Souls everywhere. Let your light shine today! #CGI #EWCAZone5 #UnstoppableChurchGrowth

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Do you still wait for Service days to make pledges to God? Not any more, because with the all new NUMBERS 30 mobile app, you can now make pledges whenever and wherever!!! Several features you will get to enjoy as you click on this link now to get the app. bit.ly/numbers30mobile

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Congratulations to my exceptional boss on your new and additional assignment as the Acting Director of the Internet Multimedia Department. Increased capacity ma. Thank you Pastor Sir for the opportunity

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#CGI CHURCH VISIT TO CE GREDA ESTATE Esteemed Pastor Goke Adebayo visits CE GREDA Estate #EWCAZone5 #UnstoppableChurchGrowth #TheyArein

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HAPPENING NOW AT THE DEDICATION AND COMMISSIONING OF CE MID-WEST ZONE'S NEW ZONAL CHURCH BUILDING🎞 Our highly esteemed most Reverend releases words of grace and blessing as he dedicates and commissions the Christ Embassy Bowen Zonal Church Building. #CEAMC

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PASTOR CHRIS TEACHING ON SILVERBIRD TELEVISION. God has never made a failure; that he gave birth to you means you are a success. Success is in your DNA. Tune into STV on UHF 27, GOTV 92, StarTimes 109, Play TV 804 & DSTV 252, today at 4 pm - 5 pm for an Inspiring session of the word God, with Pastor Chris.

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SHOUT FOR JOY CONCERT IS TODAY!!🎯💃💃💃💃 Happening live today at Christ Embassy Barking, is the much anticipated ‘Shout for Joy’ concert brought to you by SOM UK region! If you’re in the UK, Doors open at 3:00pm prompt so make sure you’re at Thames road, Barking IG11 0HQ United Kingdom live and direct! To all our brothers and sisters who aren't currently in london, we've got you covered! 💯🤗 Visit our website at loveworldsonsofministry.org and register to stream this epochal event! See You Soon!!❤ #SHOUTFORJOY #MONTHOFSONGS #SOMCONNECT #PERFECTION #SONSOFMINISTRY

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Happy birthday my dear Evan, you're such a special gift from God. You're Smart, Intelligent, Caring, Passionate, Beautiful, God-Fearing & very Wise. You're a bundle of Joy and there's never a dull moment with you. God bless you now & always my Princess, Mummy & I Love you😘😍♥️

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Our beloved and esteemed Mummy AT. You are very special to all of us and this is to wish you a happy birthday and thank you so much for your devotion to the Lord. Thank you ma for following our man of God all these years. You are an inspiration. Happy birthday ma. #CELZ1Rocks

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Happy Wedding Anniversary Esteemed Pastor Yinka and Deaconess Stella Okunusi. LoveWorld Radio wishes you many more years of Bliss, Joy, Peace and Prosperity. We love you dearly!!!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ESTEEMED PASTOR STANLEY CHUKWU We celebrate your uniqueness and glorious feats to the body of Christ through Television. Thank you so much for all you do for the gospel. We love you.

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2 DAYS OF GLORY DUBAI WITH PASTOR CHRIS. Happening live on Thursday 27th & Friday 28th of February 2020 at the Coca-Cola Arena Dubai.

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TAKING THE GOSPEL TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH THROUGH THE TELEVISION MEDIA. It's estimated that over 7.7 billion human beings are inhabiting the Earth today. To fully understand the balance one has to look at statistics analysis of populations across continents. Asia over 4.5 billion Africa over 1.2 billion Europe over 738.8 million North America over 579 million South America over 422.5 million Oceania 38.3 million Antarctica 1,106 Follow this superuser as we take you through strategies, efforts and opportunities in different countries and regions of the world for the spread of the Gospel via the Television media.

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THE HOLY GHOST IS YOUR ENABLEMENT ~ PASTOR CHRIS Jesus said in John 14:16 And I will pray the Father and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may ABIDE WITH YOU FOREVER.” And He explained who this Comforter is in verse 26: “But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost...” The Holy Ghost is the supplier of the power needed for creation; at the creation of the world, He was present. Now, when we received the Holy Ghost, we received the dynamic ability to cause changes. It is so very vital for us to know that we actually have a choice in life. You don’t have to stay with the status quo. In fact, it is actually one of two things we find happening in our lives: you are either changing the circumstances of your life and your world or your world is changing you! Download CLoveworld on the link below to enjoy access to live Ministry programs globally iOS https://apps.apple.com/us/app/cloveworld/id1411456906?ls=1 Android https://goo.gl/Zww1Ap Use Aceess code "excellence" to activate your App

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MY DAILY CONFESSIONS Wednesday 19/2/2020 #saythiswithme I'm constantly transfigured, being filled with the Spirit. As I speak in tongues, there's an unleashing of the supernatural and all-round transformation in my spirit, soul, and body. My spirit gains the acendancy and power over anything that's of the world, and I ride higher and higher like an edifice. I live in and by the Name of Jesus, taking the shield of faith to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. The word of God-the sword of the Spirit-proceeds from my mouth, dislodging anything that's of the devil around me and in my sphere of contact. Satan has nothing in me. I'm what God says I am: I have all He says I have; and I can do all things in His Name. All things are possible to me, because I believe. I'm rich in all things, because I am a joint - heir with Christ! Praise God!

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FEED YOUR MIND WITH THE RIGHT PICTURES ~ PASTOR CHRIS God wanted to bless Abraham but He needed Abraham’s imagination. Abraham, not having any children and still living by the senses, could not imagine that his seed would be as innumerable as the dust of the earth as God had said. So God had to appeal to his mind and to do this He took him outside, showed him the stars and told him to count them. This helped Abraham’s vision. As he looked into the stars, suddendly he caught God’s idea; he began to see faces instead of those stars, he could see each one, and he could imagine the faces of his children in those stars and he tried counting, but he had to stop for they were too many for him to count. Finally his imagination caught it, and the Bible declares that he believed God, after which God changed his name from ‘Abram’ meaning ‘exalted Father’ to ‘Abraham’ which means ‘Father of many.’ You have to see it before you can possess. To listen to Pastor Chris every day Download the Cetunes mobile App👇 Android http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.lw .cetunes iOS https://apps.apple.com/us/app/cetunes/id1470300487?ls=1 Reference Code 👉 excellence

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