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Happy birthday my undownable Pastor. Eloooooooooo

Happy supernatural birthday Pastor, Sir with plenty of Love.

Happy Supernatural birthday, Pst Ma. Love you extravagantly.

Happy Supernatural birthday to you, Pst Ma. Love you extravagantly

Wow! So exciting!! #chr4 #cewarrizoneron2017

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CE WARRI ZONE RON LAUNCH HIGHLIGHTS! The Regional Pastor, Evang Dr Eddy Owase lead the brethren in a shout of Victory and Triumph at the RON Warri Zone Launch! More updates only on the Christ Embassy Warri Zone Superuser!! #cewarrizoneron2017 #cewarrizone

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Be a praying partner with us!

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SUCCESS KEYS 2: THE VALUE OF PRACTISING JOY HAPPINESS IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY. IT IS SOMETHING YOU MUST MAKE HAPPEN CONTINUALLY. DO YOU WANT TO ACCOMPLISH GOD'S PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE? Walk in Love and practise joy. Living a life of pain and suffering is absolutely unnecessary. Having a good life is very simple. Stop taking yourself and others too seriously.......lighten up!  Anyone who is not happy because of anything in particular is ignoring the Word of God. Happiness doesn't come from things, people or circumstances. Happiness doesn't come as a result of an event, experience or great things that happen in one's life. It is one of the outcomes of joyfulness. Joy is a product of the Spirit, fueled by the the Word of God. The Word of God fuels the fire of your joy. Scripture says "The Joy of the Lord is your strength" (KJV) "stronghold" (AMP), "strong place" (BBE); ("the joy of the Lord will make you strong" (NCV). When the Joy of the Lord is your stronghold or strong place, it expunges away the fears and strifes that may lurk within ; that desperate conflict that is waged between a man's conscience and his inclinations, between his will and His passions. The Gospel works joy because through the constant programming and renewal of the mind, our minds are settled in God and our FAITH in Him is stirred to work producing lasting results. When we find ourselves dis- orientated, fretful and agitated something's wrong. There is a shift in our FAITH from God to Faith in ourselves and our abilities or the abilities of life's confronting and omnious circumstances or the abilities of the adversary. Happiness is one of the blessings that the joy in our spirits gives to us and that joy only comes through the spirit. Do you want to FUEL YOUR JOY? You've to STAY IN THE WORD. No one accuses us more than satan. He accuses the brethren to you and you to you. BEWARE of having a conference with the accuser of the brethren. God never accuses his brethren to you. In life nothing anyone does or doesn't do is because of you. As a matter of fact you don't need to do anything for someone to like you or hate on you. Someone can look at you and despise you and hate you for no reason at all. See of Jesus, scriptures say "they hated him without a cause". In our daily lives we must practise and consistently sow Grace and Favour, if you don't want this to happen to you. REFUSE SATAN'S suggestions, innuendos, deception and gimmicks TO HATE ANOTHER WITHOUT A CAUSE!! Offense is a dangerous BAIT. You must avoid satan's trap of offense; let nothing offend you; because satan will try to weaken you by creating situations for you to be offended.....these are his subtle despicable distractions, diversions, distortions and deflections against your unyielding mind, heart and focus on, for and towards the truth of God's infallible Word. You must stay focussed on the Word......give time to the study of the word and you won't give satan an inch in your life because the Word of God becomes your teacher and guide within; He keeps you sober and vigilant. Psalms 32:8 KJV "I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye". Psalms 32:8 AMP "I [the Lord] will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with My eye upon you". NIV says..."i will counsel you with my loving eye on you..." NLT says," I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you". ISV says...."i will direct you with my eye..." When God's eye directs, instructs, guides or leads you, PLEASE NOTE that these are non-verbal communications for the INITIATED......Very Private Communion here people!! You just have this knowing on the inside......Glory to GOD!🤓 Wow my Spirit is stirred now! Halleluyah Jesus!! What a glorious mingling with the divine!! HAPPY NEW MONTH OF SEPTEMBER BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!!🤓 I love you! Speak Soon!⚘❤👑🌏

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SUCCESS KEYS 3- THE VALUE OF LOYALTY: It is of high priority that we learn the true value of LOYALTY. WE are in a world that's clueless and doesn't understand the value of loyalty. Let's take a look at the Scriptures: When Job was suffering, he stayed his commitment to The Lord....He said, "Though he slay me, yet will I serve him". Even though your situation becomes embarrassing, inconvenient, uncomfortable, could you possibly stay loyal? Yes you can. Your love for Christ in you compels you to.....REMAIN LOYAL!!! No matter what happens you stay.......Just STAY faithful in your heart, words and actions.....you know God's watching..... David, Joseph, Daniel and the 3 Hebrew men and others stayed their loyal hearts to the Lord regardless of life's confronting sometimes even shaming circumstances caused and instigated by people (in some cases their own family) JOHN 6: Some of Jesus' disciples, abandoned him. He suffered rejection, betrayal and treachery from his disciples too. Jesus turns to the other disciples to ask if they would also leave........Paul was deserted by his some of his followers and allies only John Mark stayed the course (remember Diotrephes, Dcn Nicholas?) Hmmm!🤔 See GOD is looking for those who have STAYING POWER AND STICKABILITY........ PETER said," To whom shall we go to hear the words of eternal life?".....They chose to stick with Jesus and He appointed to them a kingdom with His Father. Peter had burned his bridges and Christ had become his HOME. No option B or Z. He was here to stay no matter what. Even when he goofed he did not run away to hide or abscond from his PREORDAINED path by the master. Jesus knowing his heart was filled with grief at his denial of him, reconfirms and reassures Peter of His vision, mandate and mission for him. (John 21:15-17) AMP, NCV. You've got to understand that the mandate from the Lord is far greater than your errors, false steps and false slips or mistakes and His Grace and Love accommodates for that. Accept His forgiveness and forgive you too. Look beyond them....keep moving in God's path and direction for you. Your life should be defined by the definite steps and actions you took in fulfilling the vision not by your regrets of things that should have happened for you and didn't. Hear me God's Man or Woman, God's doing a great work in your life and you must not hinder or delay it by wanting the "old thing" back. He is doing a NEW WORK in your life SEE , ACCEPT AND WALK IN it courageously in FAITH and THANKSGIVING . THESE PILLARS OF FAITH HAVE HELPED US BELIEVE WE CAN FOLLOW TILL THE END EVEN WHEN THINGS SEEM DIFFICULT, DON'T LOOK FOR OPTIONS TO LEAVE. WILL YOU ALSO GO AWAY??? LEARN THE VALUE OF LOYALTY AND THE INTEGRITY OF YOUR OWN WORD!!!  Paul encourages us in 2 Corinthians 4:18 "While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal". When Satan suggests or whispers to you that you are not valued, irrelevant, abandoned, foolishly living a lie, while you are demonstrating your FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE . REPLY AND SAY," GET THEE HENCE SATAN I AM PROFITABLE FOR THE MINISTRY! I AM A BURNING AND A SHINING LIGHT! I AM ACCEPTED IN THE BELOVED! GOD LOVES ME AND I LOVE GOD! I AM NOT LIVING A LIE, I AM LIVING THE WORD"!!! I AM LIVING THE TRUTH!!!  You are not supposed to say or discuss what you are going through. Trust me that doesn't help at all. It only further magnifies the problem or whip up unholy sympathisers for your unsavory course....You don't wanna go there bruh! Jesus says," If thou shalt SAY unto this mountain...." He did not say confide, moan, gripe or whine about the mountain. You are supposed to TALK THE WORD TO THE MOUNTAIN...... say what you know from the word, what you have received through the WORD!!!  YOU'VE GOT TO STAY STRONG IN FAITH GIVING GLORY TO GOD. MAINTAIN YOUR COMPOSURE. The truth is the Word. JESUS SAYS TO THE FATHER....THY WORD IS TRUTH. CHRISTIANITY IS WALKING ON WATER. IT IS THE MIRACLE LIFE THAT WE LIVE FROM DAY TO DAY..... Our life is a CONFESSION OF THE WORD!! HAPPY NEW MONTH OF SEPTEMBER BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!! I love you! Speak Soon!⚘❤👑🌏

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CE WARRI CENTRAL, Photo Speak of a glorious sunday service with esteemed Pst. Afolabi Adun. #cewarrizone #cewarricentral #diplomat


CE WARRI CENTRAL, First timers and the Foundation School Preparatory class. #cewarrizone #cewarricentral #diplomatcell


CELL MINISTRY IN FOCUS #VISION400 CE WARRI CENTRAL CHURCH #photospeak #cewarrizone #cewzcellministryday

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CE WARRI CENTRAL, awardees receiving award from Pst. Afolabi 4 their passionate work in ministry. #cewarrizone #cewarricentral #diplomatcell



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CE WARRI CENTRAL, A glorious service with our esteemed Pst Afolabi Adun. We were blessed with d word #cewarrizone #cewarricentral #diplomat


#MindSet__Afflatus  Rev. Tom DILIGENCE means constant effort to accomplish set task. Its an attitude that is characterised with care and perseverance in carrying out task. Likewise, EXCELLENCE is an internal quality that produce beauty, glory and virtue. EXCELLENCE has a price that you pay: you don't get tired of doing what is right." "If an elephant is born big what about us that are born of the Man of God Pastor Chris? Our future is guaranteed in Christ!" #FollowPastorChris #vision400onmymind #vision400areality #followPastorChris #NERegion #NWRegion

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CE WARRI CENTRAL, What a glorious service wit our highly esteemed Pastor, Evang. Dr. Eddy Owase. #cewarrizone #cewarricentral # diplomatcell


Happy birthday pastor sir you're truly da best

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💢Highlights of SUNDAY SERVICE with the Highly Esteemed Pastor Siji Dara💢 It was an atmosphere of joy and gladness during Sunday Service earlier today, the first Service with the newly transferred Pastor of CE Kenya, the Esteemed Pastor Siji Dara. In His teaching, He began to inspire attendees along the lines of the theme of the Month of July, to chart their course of flourishing through prophetic sight and utterances. "Raise your faith because you are expanded! Your sight matters and your confession matters.... If you have to enlarge your tent, it starts with what you see and what you speak!" The Esteemed Pastor Siji Dara declared. #CeKenya

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Thousands celebrate the arrival of Pastor Siji Dara... Congratulations to Kenya zone #eavz6 #CeKenya

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