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**Catch me Live On NTV CrossOver, Tomorrow morning from 10:00am to 1:00pm.. God bless you abundantly..**

*#ProphecyOfTheDay.* Jesus is the reason why we remember and celebrate Easter. When He hunged on the cross , Jesus became a Curse on our behalf to deliver you and me from the Curse of the Law. Your life is now secured and immune to Curses and to the evil plans of the devil..

*Join me Today Live on 90.7 Truth FM, as I share the Word of Grace With you. ...* *TOPIC :. . The Power Of God’s Blessing..* *From 7:15pm-7:45pm.* *Blessings.*

* Join me Live on Studio With Tess Libanze As We Discuss, What Jesus Accomplished For Us At The Cross..* Truth FM

‪Everything you touch to do will be marked with excellence. ‬ ‪This is your season of Divine promotions. For an excellent spirit will be found in you that will command your lifting; says the Lord. ‬ ‪*[Daniel 6:3.]*‬

*I'm listening to Truth FM with @TuneIn.* #NowPlaying *Join me Today , as I share the Word of Grace With you. ...* *TOPIC :. . FRAMING YOUR WORLD WITH THE WORD..* *From 7:15pm-7:45pm.* *Blessings.*

*#ProphecyOfTheDay.* Take authority in the Name of Jesus and bind every oppression of the enemy. Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven and whatever you allow on earth shall be allowed in Heaven, Says the Lord. *[Mathew 16:19]*

#KTN #CommandYourMorning ** Something Great Is Happening... ***

*#ProphecyOfTheDay.* *In this new year 2019, you will get amazing results, because the Grace and the Gift of working miracles is already activated in you. Great miracles will be done by you says the Lord.* *[1Corinthians 12:10]*

**#Grateful Today On Ntv #CrossOver101 #KenyaIsBlesed

*Praise the Lord Jesus.. I will be LIVE and LOUD Tomorrow on NTV Kenya... @#Crosssover101.. We shall be Praying for Our Beloved Nation #KenyaIsBlessed.. Don't miss Tomorrow from 9:00am to 1:00pm.. God Bless you...* You can also stream live on

*#MissionTrip. #TheKampalaExperience.

*#KenyaIsBlessed...* Today Let us take time to Pray for our beloved Nation. We shall dwell safely in the land in the Mighty Name of Jesus. *[Leviticus 26:5].*

*#MissionTrip.* *Heading to Kampala Uganda this morning, For the Next Level Conference, @Life Terbenacle Center at Kansanga; with Bishop Saazi...*

*#ProphecyOfTheDay.* In this New Year 2019, you shall experience unstoppable Growth and progress.I have anointed your steps with Grace, everywhere you go there will be great Victories, says the Lord. *[1 Corinthians 2:14]*

*#ProphecyOfTheDay.* In this new Year 2019;the Lord will send showers of blessings,that will bring times of refreshing from God’s Presence. Every Curse will change into a blessing,because I Love you,says the Lord. Deuteronomy 23:5.

#ISM #MissionTrip #NakuruCounty The conference in Nakuru was a great success.. Ministered to 150 Pastors and distributed copies of the ROR ..Thank you Pastor,for the opportunity to Serve...

*#HappyBirthday.* *To my Father ,My Pastor,My Mentor and Life Coach..* *Glory to God. You are Such a wonderful Gift from God to the Body of Christ especially in this End time.* *Happy Birthday Pastor Sir . And thank you for answering the call of God...

*#ProphecyOfTheDay.* Don’t allow your mind to focus on offenses against you. I will restore back to you All the years you’ve lost and Opportunities that slipped Out of your hands because, I have opened doors before you which no man can close,says the Lord. *[Revelation 3:7]*

*It will be an extraordinary time with the Word and Spirit! Make plans NOW to attend!* *Date: 24th November 2018* *REGISTER NOW @* #ism #gmc2018

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