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Happy birthday dear Pastor Peju, God bless you for all you do for the furtherance of the gospel. You've received increased grace for greater exploits of faith. I love you 💖

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Time to water your seeds! Glory!!

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER BARUCH You are a shining and a burning light in God’s Kingdom. Your path is that of the righteous, shining brighter and brighter onto the perfect day. God richly bless you all the days of your life.

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Happening now! #PrayingNow LoveWorld UK Zone 4 in the ongoing Pastor Chris Live Prayathon You can participate now via as we make tremendous power available #LoveWorldUKZone4 #UKZone4 #PrayingwithpastorChris #PCLprayathon #Prayathon2020

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It’s someone special’s birthday tomorrow! 💃🏽 Happy birthday Pastor Tony! 🎊🎂Thanks for being a blessing to us at Loveworld Central Church 🙌🏽🙏🏽 #PTA2020 #BirrhdayLoading

Still On Trial A man stood trial several years ago A victim of power play and envy From court to court they marched him Faced with trumped up charges Deep within, they knew he meant no harm But they lied against him anyway And many who benefitted from his kindness Stood aside as injustice had a field day Content to watch from the stands Holding their peace against the cry of their conscience. They heard the farcical charges And they knew the truth themselves Yet they kept ominously quiet Where were the five thousand men? Where was Bartemaeus and the lepers, ten ? As the Truth stood on trial None of them dared speak for him He fed them and healed them He loved and cared for them And defended them to the very end But when they had the chance To speak up in his defence They turned and looked the other way Yet with all their treacherous silence Pilate still found Him not guilty And then came their opportunity To begin to right their wrong When called upon to pass the sentence On the man declared not guilty They all with one voice Demanded his death: “Crucify him”, they bellowed To the bewilderment of the Governor Who was bent on freeing him He heard he was popular with the people And was sure they'd be his allies When we heard their story We shook our heads in disgust At their ingratitude and gullibility Wishing we were in their shoes Yet in our own He still stands on trial Paraded in more courts than then And we all have the opportunity To speak up for Him in our world And give evidence of his goodness He stands trial in senates and parliaments Where laws and bills are passed In company boardrooms and meetings where commercials and sponsorships are decided In lecture rooms and laboratories Where ideas and knowledge are shared In homes and among friends When life's everyday choices are made We are each given the opportunity To re-write the story of the crowd And state what difference He’s made in our lives It was very typical of Him To believe in man till the end He knew He would give them a second chance And so He told them ahead of time That they would be His witnesses In life's various courts around the world Where He would need a voice To speak up in His defence So He stands trial again When people cry “where is God?” Or in frustration ask “where was God...?” And, “If God cares, why did He..?” They blame Him for all their pains He looks to His chosen witnesses To prove to them that He cares For which reason He sent His Spirit With benefit of hindsight We know the truth will prevail So to speak up in this trial Is to line up with the winning side The choice, however, is yours to make For you stand in the witness box As He watches on from the dock Will you speak up or be quiet? Osondu Atuonwu.

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Our Man of God spoke about the negative aspects of totalitarian rule. We must resist the temptation to subjugate dissenting voices. Allow others to challenge and question everything. Jesus was a beautiful example of this. PERIOD. When you go back in history, there was never a time when God left the world without a Prophet. Through the ages God has called Prophets to lead mankind. Our man of God, Rev Chris Oyakhilome DSC DD is the living Prophet of our time.  Sometimes people don’t really understand and they don't know that the words spoken by Men of God are not just their opinion on things. BUT OF GOD. Men have tried repeatedly to suppress the word of God, but the word will always prevail. No matter what, the word of God stands sure and billions around the world can exhibit to that. A select few cannot change our mind. The teachings from our man of God are exceptional, unequalled and very important to this generation of the body of Christ. Nothing can sway us way from the truth of God’s word that flows from Pastor. I have been in our great ministry for far over two decades and half and still counting till our master comes. I STAND WITH PASTOR CHRIS. WHAT ABOUT YOU? Hear this- You will yet see christain gathering all over the world. Yes.By the power of the holy ghost .Period Thank you My Father #Istandwithpastorchris #TrueDisciple

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6th of April - thou most blessed of all days! Happy birthday to Pastor Linda, Dcn Adiele, Sis Ruth, Sis Helen, Dcns Thelma, Bro Eugene (need a pic of you!), Moi and all other 6th of April Club of Grace exclusive members! Have a fantastically fabulous perfect new year! 🙌🏽

Happy birthday to one of my favourite sets of twins, Sis Obi and Sis Simone! Have a fantastic new season of perfection in your lives! 💃🏽❤️🙌🏽

💥💥💥REON APPRECIATES PASTOR KAYODE AKINMOLEMIWA FOR HOSTING A SUCCESSFUL DUBAI OUTREACH💥💥💥 The Esteemed Regional Pastor of the United Arab Emirates and South East Asia, Pastor Kayode Akinmolemiwa hosted a successful REON OUTREACH in Dubai where ministers from India, Pakistan, Phillipines, Kuwait, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Sri Lanka and Nigeria. 💃💃💃 The ministers came in their hundreds!!! Glory! Glory! Glory! We are eternally grateful to you sir for your love and support. Because of you, these ministries will never be the same!!! We love you sir! And appreciate you.. #reon2020 #rhapsodyofrealities #reon1millionoutreaches #2daysofglory #dubaiuae #pstkayakinmolemiwa

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...'and then the topping on the cake, when the blessing 😇 was released on a most excellent group of people ~ "Perfection Personified" - Our Sisters 🙌 🙌 🙌 Thank you Sisters I thoroughly enjoyed that #Sistersweek 💃💃💃 #FamilyWeek #UKZone2 #CentralChurch #Pastorchrislive

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What an awesome service today!! Well done sisters!! We are truly blessed!! #sistersweek #familyweek #centralchurch #ukzone2

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What a Celebration it has been. #Sistersweek 💃💃💃 #FamilyWeek #DaughtersInTheHouse #UKZone2 #CentralChurch #Pastorchrislive

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Trust God! He never fails! #Sistersweek #LWCentral #UKZone2

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Rhapsody time! Blessing time! #Sistersweek #LWCentral #UKZone2

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***HAPPENING NOW***#sistersweek is on. Esteemed Sis Dorris leads the congregation with the Rhapsody Reading. #ukzone2 #centralchurch #sistersday

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Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! The sisters have done it today!! We have set the pace!! Glory to God!! #sistersweek #familyweek #centralchurch #ukzone2

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Ahhhhhh yes!! We are one day late. Please forgive me. I did do the post but it disappeared between loading it and KC. I didn’t save it anywhere else and had to start from scratch. Tough when you are re-doing a post that takes 2 hrs and perspiration!! Anyways..... WHAT’S ON YOUR INSIDE? Many, many, years ago, my younger sister came to visit us with her two young kids Gabby and Gaddy. Gaddy was about 3 or 4 years old so he wasn’t quite tall yet. He was also quite fair and slightly stocky. For some reasons I can’t quite pull out now, we called him “chinko” ( 🤔 hmmmm he did look quite chinese then though 🤭). Anyways, one day I got home very very tired and crashed unto a small mattress on the floor of my bedroom . Somewhere later on in my sleep, I sensed the door in my room open. Partially awake but mostly asleep, I finally forced one of my eyes open. Mehnn!!, The sight that beheld me could have taken a lesser man straight into heaven. First of all my room was very very dark. No light at all, any light had to come from outside. Also, I wasn’t wearing my glasses so I couldn’t see that well. My door was slightly open and light was pouring in from the passage way behind it. Everything looked surreal like my door was a portal into some sort of alternate universe. Then perched in between the door was this short yellow creature!!! Chai, mo gbe!! Seemed to be the first expression in my heart. In that second of the encounter I froze. Just me and this creature gazing at each other eyeball to eyeball. I could hear my heart beats in that second. And then came the explosion 💥!! “I rebuke you demon!!” came the shout from my mouth. “Out you demon, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!” Came my bold rebukes. I was in charge, no fear. Hmmmmm, the “demon” meanwhile was frozen. It looked like he was now confused, not knowing wether to go back to hell or come into my room. Next thing I knew, I had jumped up from my bed in one karate leap. I was taking the fight to this demon!! No turning back!! “Out!! Out!! I started to scream my hands outstretched just as I had seen pastor do several times. Now I was face to face with this “demon”. I raised my hands to slap this demon on the head as a final bye bye to launch it back into hell. As my hand was just about to strike the demon, I saw Chinko’s innocent white eyes looking at me in wonderment at all the hullabaloo. I am sure the thoughts going through his mind must have been “hmmmmm what a weird uncle this sure is” When the pressure comes on the outside, what you are on the inside rises to the occasion. You cannot give what you don’t have neither can you be what you aren’t. Spend time to build yourself internally. Feed on the word so that when the storms of life come, you would be like the house of Mat. 7:25. ***This week, we study discipline. Discipline refers to self control. It is the ability to subjugate yourself to your stated goals and objectives. Paul in 1Cor. 9:27a says “I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should...” The components of discipline include focus, prioritizing, time management and ruthless devotion amongst others. I was interviewing a PG ( IYKYK 😉🤪) about his travels with Pastor Chris. His response went like this. “There is so much to learn from Pastor Chris but one of the key things for me is his self discipline” He paused and continued “Pastor has a time to sleep, a time to pray, a time to counsel, a time to study. When that time reaches, he stops every other thing to give attention to that time”. Yeah that is it. Allotting your time appropriately and ensuring that you follow your routine. Canceling all excuses and getting it done when it needs to be done. Putting your body and emotions under so as to get the job done!!! Your body was designed as a creature of habits. It likes a rhythm. Create one and it would flow. So why not create the rhythm of success? Let’s stop here this week. We will continue on discipline next week. So much to talk about. *** big shout out to @simsim Go gurl!!! You did it. 🎯🏆🥇🏅🎊. Please DM to get details on how to get your award of a magnetic Bluetooth ear bud with 7hrs battery life. Yes ke!!! That’s how we roll with the giveaways. Keep following and you might just win a Bentayga. Btw, it was 50k steps not 50km oh!! Hehehehehehe. @billionaire OMG 🤦🏽‍♂️ no one noticed!!! Yer it actually should be a #12in3challenge @excellent_max thanks for the playlist. I have added them to mine. *** quote of the week *** wedding picture of the week *** hangout pictures of the week. *** playlist of the week Rozey Perfection 2019 ... ahhh this is just lit🔥. I first heard it during the special service with Pastor Chris. I hunted it down and it is a wawu!!! Get the lyrics. Thanks to @eniolamusic for the heads up Sam jamz Alive 2019 @mrsamjamz Testimony Jaga featuring Pst Israel I have moved 2019 @israelstrong *** place to visit Yo!! If you are in Lagos, take a trip to Eko Atlantic City. Ahhhhh lovely place. Let’s you know that Nigeria indeed has a future. *** recipe for the week Seriously you expected one 🙄🤪 *** discovery of the week A music streaming platform and app, hosting music from our LMAM stars. Some you haven’t heard before. Get the best of Loveworld worship here. The best of our LMAM Artists here. Next week you should get a voucher that gives you free listening time. Shout out to @evangelist98182 ***#12in3challenge Where are you in reading your “power of the mind”? We are reading one page a day. New year message alert!!! Pastor Chris said that man builds devices that are perfect eg. Our phones; or generators that run for hours. We expect perfection when we are flying on the plane. Why then can’t we expect that our lives should be perfect? DEEP!! Seriously Deep!!! Get your copy today. Remember we are listening to the message every day of this quarter. First words, last words:- We have done half of January 🎊👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. Where are you in the #12in3challenge? Pastor Chris said the key is to start early. Start now!!! Now is the time!!! Phew!!! And I am done for this week (as regards the post Ohhh). Now is the time for Parte after Parte!! Sayonara!! Over and out!!

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...I wasn’t really looking forward to this birthday as it’s going to be the first birthday since she passed unto glory but the Holy Ghost used this song to comfort me.So I’m putting on my dancing shoes and giving God thanks regardless of it all. Song:Korede by Mike Abdul

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Fascinating and thrilling dance steps of Brother Issac and Brother Brian Odu Thomas. For the December 7th dance challenge to our Father, Mentor and Life Coach Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome. The challenge is extended to- The Children of Christ Embassy Calabar Ministry Centre. #December7dancechallenge #myspecialblessingfromGod #CALMC #TeamCalabarRocks #Nigeria

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