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Hearty congratulations my dear dad ...we have moved #COO #CMD #PEECEE4EVER #NEWLEVEL

Hearty congratulations my dear dad ...we have moved #COO #CMD #PEECEE4EVER #NEWLEVEL

Hearty congratulations my dear dad ...we have moved #COO #CMD #PEECEE4EVER #NEWLEVEL

Hearty congratulations my dear dad ...we have moved #COO #CMD #PEECEE4EVER #NEWLEVEL

Hearty congratulations my dear dad ...we have moved #COO #CMD #PEECEE4EVER #NEWLEVEL

WE HAVE MOVED!!!!! Congratulations Highly Esteemed Sir on your appointment as the CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER, LW INC.! Pastor Chike Ume, CMD. COO. 😁 🔥🔥 Its a WHOLE NEW LEVEL! #COO #CMD #PEECEE4EVER #NEWLEVEL

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Follow the News as it Unfolds Meet the New COO of LoveWorld Inc., Pastor Chike Ume. Get full story via the above link. Congratulations to our new COO!

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PSG Bootcamp 1.0 Sterling session with the Former deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria & YPP Presidential Candidate in the 2019 elections- Prof Kingsley Moghalu. With words of appreciation to the Man of God Pastor Chris and LoveWorld Inc, Prof Moghalu started out on a practical and immensely insightful class. “Much has been said about my participation in the last elections. My participation in the presidential contest is just one of the many examples of what anyone of you can do. For love of country, I chose to take the opportunity to present a different vision of leadership for Africa. Any of you can do the same and effect changes”. He spoke very lucidly on AFRICA’s LEADERSHIP CHALLENGES & LEADERSHIP IN A WORLD OF GLOBALIZATION. * If you’re going to be a leader, you need to understand what leadership is. Leadership is what brings effective governance. * It is the ability to move a set of people, be it your family, class or group of friends from one state to another state that is better than where you’re coming from. In the context of Africa, leadership must mean transformation. * Leadership must be able to inspire, motivate and mobilize the group. It is the ability to take calculated risk. * Globalization is not without intent. It is not benign. It is not without a belief system. Globalization is an agenda driven by the those who are making money from it and are influencing culture with it- their worldview which is a strategic calculated intent. Your world view is like your American Express card, you hardly leave home without it. * Your worldview is your understanding of the world and your relationship with the world based on that understanding. As individuals have it, so do nations have it. * Because most African nations have no worldview they accept globalization without questioning it. As a result, Africa has become the dumping ground of the products of globalization. You must become competitive with a world view. Production is very key! Possessing raw materials is not enough. * You need to have a worldview that propels you! * As you grow in leadership and get into service, you have to understand these things so that our countries can actually become competitive in the world. This is what has changed most Asian countries. * As public service leaders you must encourage innovation. Innovation is the driver of development. Intellectual property laws are important. Africa has an advantage here because Africans were the original pioneers of innovation. Look at the pyramids of Egypt; those were the 1st skyscrapers. Africa has something to offer the world! * Education is important. We use education to drive our vision, to drive growth. Our curriculum will need to include- Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Ethics and skills based education. If they don’t offer it now in your school, get it! The 3 conundrums Of Leadership in Africa; 1. Us versus them. African societies tend to be very ethnic; small groups that hold sway in our mind & tend to influence things. Small thinking because there’s no leadership that can create a world view that gives us a vision, a common purpose that we fight for. 2. Misunderstanding between service and authority. Leadership is about service but in most African societies it’s about authority. Authority is an agency to fulfill your responsibility as a leader, so you can serve effectively not oppress. So learn service now. Use your current level of authority to serve. 3. Loyalty versus competence. * Importance of public Service; We live in an age where entrepreneurship looks cool. That’s true, but public service is also important. It is the place where you can do a lot of good to a lot of people. Don’t be too enamored of celebrity! Get interested in politics, join parties, find some public service to be involved in. Volunteerism is important. A very robust Q&A session ensued afterwards. #A4AYouth #SchoolofGovernment #AfricaforAfrica #PSG

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Updates: T.I.E CONFERENCE UGANDA Getting Hotter! The midmorning session with the Esteemed Pastor Theo Owase was remarkable as he made clear the vision of our great Loveworld Nation to the delegates, teaching on the topic; RUNNING WITH THE VISION... . A clear understanding of the vision will increase your results, energize you, make you focused on what is really important. Our vision is our identity; it’s why we are the way we are, do what we do and think like we do. That’s why you can immediately identify someone from our LW nation anywhere in the world. • Vision gives you a sense of direction and purpose. • It inspires, drives and motivates. • It forms your conviction. • It gives you focus. • It gives you a mind-set, character and attitude. He also highlighted 3 important things in running with our vision; 1. Catch the vision 2. Localize/personalize the vision 3. Run with the vision (produce results with it ). With so much more flowing, the delegates received the teaching with eagerness and readiness to apply. Uganda to the rest of the world! #Happeningnow #TIEUganda #Fireinuganda #blwcampisministryrocks

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Celebrating the Highly Esteemed Director of Programs, Pastor Ifeoma Chiemeka. Thank you for your boundless labor of love in the Gospel, of which we are all beneficiaries. We love you dearly #CGI

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Happy Birthday dear esteemed Pastor Ma!! Thank you for always leading us from the front with ur exemplary leadership & gracious disposition that endears you to all of us that are privileged to be known of you. Thank you for blazing the trail. I love & appreciate you dearly💕💖💕

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A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR DEARLY BELOVED AND MOST ESTEEMED DOP & DCA Happy birthday dearly beloved Pastor Ifeoma ma. Thank you ma for all you do for us in the ministry. You're very special and so loving and kind. Have a great day ma and a wonderful year ahead. I love you ma.

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Still celebrating you esteemed Ma , 🤸🏼‍♀️💃🙌🏻thank you for the high honor of serving you and celebrating with you at your Dad’s 80th....and more so the joy to share your name 😊🙌🏻🙌🏻as my middle name🥰😍 Happy birthday dear Esteemed Pastor IFEOMA Chiemeka ma..💕😍💃I love you so very dearly ma

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Dear Pastor Ifeoma Happy Birthday on this Special Day. Heaven rejoices at having someone like you knowing that Gods work on earth will be done to the fullest. You chose the right path first and we followed. I love you. Happy Birthday.

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A Hearty Congratulations to the best and most special boss, mother and Woman of God! You will continue to move from one level of glory to.another in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen!!! I love you ma!!!!

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