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Stop running up n down, spiritual battles are the easiest to fight (Pastor Vale). No matter how frightening ur story is to u, when u tell pastor, with a smile on his face, he will say, that's not a problem. The question is, what do you want? No judgement, no criticism, no blame.

See the way he's laughing, that's how he used to enjoy and laughed during the children's church presentation. Pastor Vale gave the children( most of them are teenagers now) a platform to express themselves in church. He loved the children. Happy birthday dear Pastor Vale.

Pastor Vale is not just a pastor, he is a family man. I remember how he will cheer the women's fellowship up when we meet our target of maybe 100k against the millions that the haven fellowship gave...we will leave the meeting feeling on top of the world. Happy birthday sir.

It's "WORLD PASTOR VALE'S DAY". He pastored and taught me for ten years...all I am and know in ministry came from him. So many things to say but...Pastor will never force you to do anything, you will just find yourself doing what he said you should do.

Happy birthday dear pastor Vale! Thank you for teaching me God's word...indeed, that's all I will ever need.

I declare that the Lord is my shepherd, all things are mine. #mydeclaration #lagosnigeria #lagzone2

I declare that the Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear. #mydeclaration #lagosnigeria #lagzone2

Awesome time!! #prayingnow #Nigeria

#Lagz2ippc #blwinternationaldayofservice

We were very busyyyyyy. #ceisolosummercamp

We also learnt how to cook jollof rice today....excited much, yummy. #ceisolosummercamp

Same slippers, new design......awesomeeeee #ceisolosummercamp

More pictures.... #ceisolosummercamp

What we did today at the summer class. The children learnt how to redesign their slippers. #ceisolosummercamp.

Dear pastor Vale, you are the advantage we have in the believers nation, thank you for your investment in our lives. Happy birthday sir.

Start with what you have. Because, this millions, we will give it. #pvalemay20 #pvale0520

I present to you the CEO Christ embassy Lagos zone 2, COO believers love world nation, pastor Vale O-du Thomas. #pvalemay20 #pvale0520

....if you don't know what to say, just say, once I was blind, now I can see. You make soul winning easy sir. #pvalemay20 #pvale0520

Finally!!!! #nobsl is here!!!! Leggooo #nobslwithpastorvale #pvalemay20 #pvale0520

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It's D-day!!! #nobslwithpastorvale #nobsl

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