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Happening Now! DAY1 : 2 Days of Glory with Pastor Chris Dubai opens with joyful songs of praise and worship to God. Stay tuned to LoveWorld News for more updates!

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PRAYER GUIDE FOR GOOD FRIDAY MIRACLE CRUSADE WITH PASTOR AMAECHI 28th FEBRUARY • Logistics & Organization • Pray concerning the logistics of the program, Declare that as we interact with different vendors and service providers to procure the different services and facilities we need for the program we are supernaturally favoured, and the lines are fallen to us in pleasant places. We get all things we require by free course unhindered. at the best prices, rates and conditions • Declare that all aspects of the planning and organization are done in harmony and synchrony with the plan, purpose and timing of God. Pray that every laid down procedure to monitor the work by personnel in charge of various activities for this program will be effective to achieve the desired results #Gfmc2020 #gfmcphz1

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Hearty congratulations Esteemed Pastor Gbeye. Thank you for all you do and always inspiring us with your aspirations to do more. You're a great blessing to us and we love you dearly. Happy birthday. #cephzone1 #birthday #celebration

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🔥🔥🔥ITPLC IN YOUR CITY 2020 - CONFIRMED IN CE PORT HARCOURT ZONE 1.🔥🔥🔥 Special appreciation to the Esteemed Pastor Ameachi Udeaku for confirming 'ITPLC IN YOUR CITY' IN CE PORT HARCOURT ZONE 1. We love you Sir.. #itplcinyourcity

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ITS 48 DAYS TO GFMC. GLORYYYYY PRAYER GUIDE FOR GOOD FRIDAY MIRACLE CRUSADE WITH PASTOR AMAECHI. 22ND FEB 2020 • Pray for our man of God that as he ministers on that day, that he will minister with boldness under the unction of God’s Spirit and power. • Pray that as he ministers the hearts of the people is hungry, willing and receptive. That as the people receives the word the experience a divine encounter with God’s Spirit. • Thank God for a fresh infilling of the Holy Ghost; and diverse manifestation of the gifts of the spirit at this meeting such that everyone would be literally transported and transformed into a higher level of glory #GFMC2020 #GFMCPHZ1 #PEEAYFOREVER

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51DAYS TO GO! PRAYER GUIDE FOR GOOD FRIDAY MIRACLE CRUSADE ; 19th FEB, 2020 Supernatural Miracles: • Declare that there will be a supernatural demonstration of the miraculous. Thank God for every sick, oppressed or depressed person that step into the venue will receive his or her miracle. • Pray concerning the Weather. Declare that we have a clement weather, bringing forth strong reasons why there should be excellent weather condition on the day of the program. Also pray for conducive weather conditions as we embark on publicity for the program and that the brethren will not be deterred by the weather or treacherous weather conditions. • Pray for our man of God, Pastor Amaechi Udeaku, Declare that as he climbs the podium to minister the glory of the Lord will be manifested, and many are drawn to the Kingdom of God, and awakened to God’s purpose for their lives, and righteousness is established in Rivers state. #GFMCPHZ1 #GFMCPHZ1 #CEPHZONE1

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17TH FEB 2020 PRAYER GUIDE FOR GOOD FRIDAY MIRACLE CRUSADE WITH PASTOR AMAECHI We have 53 days to GFMC 2020! 🙏 Pray for the success of all our evangelical efforts and soul winning activities planned for this program, for the one on one evangelism, the street storms, the various rallies that will take place, the projector shows etc Pray for a multiplied harvest of souls into all our churches starting from now as a result of our evangelical activities for this program 🙏 Pray for our members that they are guided With wisdom and God’s Spirit as they embark on soul winning and invitation for this program, Pray also that they be divinely protected in their labour of love. declare that the Lord would grant them grace and favour of the hearts of those they minister to, that they may receive salvation. 🙌 Thank God for all our members who have signified to function in various service units, the ushers, counselors, venue management, , transport officers etc Pray for the supply of God’s spirit that they will carry out their functions with joy and excellence. And even right now they are being prepared of Gods spirit as vessels unto honor for the masters use even in this program 🗣Declare that our officials are full of Gods spirit and they work and walk with precision and that every point in time in their ministration in this program they are lead of Gods spirit Acts 2:40-47 Ephesians 6:19 #GFMC2020 #GFMCPHZ1 #CEPHZONE1

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Dear pastor sir, uve blessed so many lives through your ministry and I’m super excited to be one of those people dat hav witnessed the grace and anointing of God upon your life, The Lord has blessed us with the best Pastor a congregation could hav, I love you dad. Happy Birthday

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Celebrating greatness #lightupyourstyle #Dec7

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Happy birthday to the truly phenomenal Pastor Amaechi, I celebrate the grace of God on your inspiring life and your audacity of faith. Your service and commitment to the vision of the ministry and to Pastor, exemplary. Thank you for all you're doing with and for Rhapsody of Realities and the LoveWorld Publishing Ministry. Your life is seasoned with increased capacity, fruitfulness, prosperity, grace and innovations, 1000 times greater. God bless you immeasurably and cause you to take on more territories for the gospel. I love you!

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Happy Birthday Dearest Pastor Ameachi Udeaku.You're a worthy example to follow.Thank You so much for loving me specially & for all the heavenly inspirations You bring to our Great Nation by the phenomenal things You do.I deeply, truly appreciate You Sir.God bless You immediately.

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1000 times Greater, Bigger, Brighter, Richer, Influential and Smarter supernatural Agelessness Esteemed Pastor Sir. Thank you for showing us how to follow instructions. I love you personally Sir. #Teampeeay #Peeay731 #loveworldchildrensministry #Ilovemykids #laughingsarah

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I declare dt I walk in d Supernatural. I'm laying up Gold as dust. I'm d answer to d world. Pple see me n see solution. #my declaration#

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