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Your love for the master our Lord Jesus magnets souls to the kingdom of God joyfully.You are such an amazing personality. You will continually function with excalated Grace of God in this new year in Jesus name, Amen. Happy birthday Pastor sir.I love you sor. Congratulations

CHRIST EMBASSY PORT HARCOURT ZONE 1 IS CONNECTING THE INFLUENCED TO THE INFLUENCER. To the inspiration of our Man of God they are aspiring to via the Television screen, but beyond watching Pastor on Television, there is a local assembly in their neighborhood they should be a part of. Open the church door, and let them in. #joyfulfeast #monthofjoy #ltmnetworks #lovefeast #RASS

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A million times thankful

My God is gracious and kind, He is Faithful in my life. Lord im thankful. Thank you Lord Jesus for filling my heart with Joy and my mouth with testimonies. I love you Lord. Happy glorious birthday to me.

Happy Birthday Highly Esteemed Pastor ma, Thank you so much for your passion, commitment ,care and love, Thank you for your extraordinary leadership. I love you ma!

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#peeay731 Celebrating impact

#peeay731 #phenomcaptain #cephzone1

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Celebrating influence #peeay731 #phenomcaptain #cephzone1

Celebrating influence #peeay731 #phenomcaptain #cephzone1

"Don't be too quick to get married!"๐Ÿ›‘๐Ÿšฆ Watch this illuminating excerpt culled from a service with the Highly Esteemed Pastor Amaechi @peeayforever @peeay #loveatfirstflight #Loveworld #Singlezlistenup #love #weddings #monthofillumination #KingsChatRecommends

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Happy father's day my own. Phronesis, Princewealth and I loves and appreciate you. Stay blessed

Happy father's day esteemed Special Dad, esteemed pastor Tony Aduroja, thank you pastor sir for loving and guiding me rightly. I appreciate you.

Happy father's day pastor sir. Thank you for loving me specially. I celebrate and love you.

Happy father's day Pastor sir, I love you.

Celebrating my esteemed church coordinators in Boundless Grace group. Thank you so much for all you do in Super church/ Evergreen church.We appreciate ur labour of love in Christ Jesus.GODS GRACE is multiplied upon you in Jesus name,Amen. CONGRATULATIONS Sir/Ma.I love you both

Celebrating royalty #P615

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CELEBRATING A RHAPSODY BIBLE GLOBAL TOP PARTNER, OUR ESTEEMED SISTER PRECIOUS WILLIAMS Thank you for taking a bold stand for the Bible Mandate always. We greatly appreciate your Outstanding Partnership commitment to keeping the Bible in its place as the No 1 Book in the world. Happy Birthday! We Love you Dearly!

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It was such an amazing one week of impactful training, im indeed grateful. Thank you so much esteemed Pastor sir for such an honour and the opportunity to attend. Im blessed, God bless sir. #cephzone1 #TheHappyChurch #phenomenallife

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