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I am flourishing like a palm tree and growing like the cedar tree of Lebanon.

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I who didn't have a father you become my father, thank you for raising me to be the best. Happy birthday my only father

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I celebrate you Sir, God had me in mind as he gave you the vision and here I am. Happy birthday Pastor Sir

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Dad you are just too special! The one & only! Happy birthday! I love you ❀

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Such bold statements are ONLY made by my Pastor.Hapi Birthday to the number 1 successful,most influential,wealthiest man of God in the world

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A glorious happy birthday heaven's icon my dearly beloved EAVZ3's Pastor Sir. # PLO1031

A very beautiful and fabulous happy birthday dearly beloved EAVZ3's very own heaven's icon. We endlessly do celebrate U Sir. #PLO1031

Just enjoy the unforgettable birthday. EAVZ3's very own the esteemed Pastor Louis Osademe. Hurrey!!!! #PLO1031

A very beautiful and Fabulous happy birthday my dearly loved eavz3 Pastor Sir. I celebrate You heartily.

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#EAVZ3ZMCC Happening Now: kingschat awards.

Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners (1 Corinthians 15:33) Through the Word of God we’re trained and cultured with good manners and godly behaviour, but some people can corrupt your good character through their unwholesome and perverse communication. Evil communication corrupts good manners. Any communication that negates, rejects or challenges the authority of God’s Word is an evil communication. Therefore, beware of such. Tune in to LoveWorldSAT at 8:30 am & 2:30 pm (GMT+2) to watch "Rhapsody Dailies" as we talk about today's message from the Rhapsody Of Realities - Beware Of Evil Communication #LoveWorldSAT Connecting The World To The Word.

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It's by the spirit of God.

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