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TEACHINGS BY PASTOR - Preparing for the fast *Bring your spirit to a calm.* Don't talk too much, if you are always talking you may not hear God. Learn to be quiet. This is especially not the time to hang out with friends, it is the Time to 'PLAN' AND PREPARE FOR YOUR FUTURE. *Don't move around too much.* It'll joggle your spirit unnecessarily. Learn to be in a place, this is not the time to play ball. Keep your body and senses in a place. *Speak short short tongues under your breath from time to time, every so often*, this helps to channel your thoughts to Jesus, and helps keep you from making Major mistakes. It also prepares you for the next level. *Give the Holy Spirit your quiet time. Spend time with the word* Don't joke with your Rhapsody;use the one year reading plan to study the Bible. If you have been watching films, please for the sake of your future, go the next few days without it,or drastically reduce it. *Get ministry materials, books and audiovisuals alike, surround yourself with the word. So BOMBARD your system with the word that it fills you to overflow. IT WILL "MAKE YOU WHAT IT TALKS ABOUT". *Fast and Pray*. Fast from TV, fast from food, fast from friends, even fast from your device. By this I mean, remove them From your focus, remember, you have a world to frame, and a future to take. We must give the word "undivided" attention; it has to be number 1 in your life. Everything else can come later. *Finally, be full of gratitude and give thanks profusely*,for He is Love. Jesus is Love. The grateful and thankful one is granted more. With this I know you will be ready to take this world...2017! 2017...we are ready #CEOWERRI #SEVZ1

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Celebrating the best father! I love you endlessly. ❤❤

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Sir,Yours is a life of honour,dignity & virtue.HBD 2my father in the faith!Pastor u are extra much!A teacher like no other.I love u#Dec 7th

LIVE: TOTAL EXPERIENCE PORT HARCOURT. " Christianity is a miracle that happens when God comes to dwell in a man. This man becomes loaded with God. When Jesus walked down the streets, he took the form of man,  but he was more than a man. God wants to have a relationship with everyone He created. He had to introduce a mediator, Jesus Christ. He is the way, the truth and the life.  No man comes to the Father except through Jesus. Every other means are disqualified!" #totalexperienceportharcourt #cephzone3 #MHIS

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"You will always be relevant if you make the Word your priority." @pastordeola - Pastor Deola Phillips #IPPC2016

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#AManDoesNotFear! A sudden and drastic change in appearance. Thank you Pastor Dee. You are greatly loved. #IPPC2016

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Giving is my Life Style! Thank U so Much, MOG Pastor Chris 4 Teaching me the Excellent way of Living!🙌#ceukvzone4 #movingforward #ippc2016

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Eh 5:30 We are members of the body of Christ, His flesh and of His bone....how close do you want? #IPPC2016 #PASTORCHRIS

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If someone can count them that shows I can reach them For Jesus Christ. #IPPC2016

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"If somebody can count them, I can reach them" #IPPC2016 #ceTreviso #ceItaly #ceeuzone3

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"The person that gives to you of his substance will not speak of you lightly." #IPPC2016 #ceTreviso #ceItaly #ceeuzone3

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PARTNERSHIP ACTIVISM 3. Never rest on your laurels. #IPPC2016 #ceTreviso #ceItaly #ceeuzone3

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"I will always increase in relevancy in the Gospel" #PartnershipActivism #PastorYemisi #IPPC2016

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If they can count them, Am reaching them......#mycogitation #IPPC2016

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it's time to take action and make history #ippc2016 #cewarrizone #church8 #ceokoloba #excelcell

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Gratitude is important but back it up with Results... #IPPC2016

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If you tell them to keep and keep, I will tell them to give & give #cewarrizone #ippc2016 #imcc2016 #lwe2016 #pastorchris #cewzch3 #ceiyara

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Money gravitates to where it can be Multiplied. Money come I will TITHE off you and MULTIPLY You. #IPPC2016

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Your Partnership must be characterized by Faith. Don't plan to do what you 'can'.! The heart regulates the hands. #IPPC2016

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