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My name is Pastor Ose Oyakhilome I met my man of God, my teacher and father when I was 16. In high school, getting ready to go to the university 34  year ago. He taught me so much that transformed my life forever. He has taught me so much.  He taught me 7 things the Holy Spirit will do in me He taught me 7 things the Holy Spirit will do for me He taught me how to make my faith work He taught me how to pray effectively and praying the right way He taught me prohecy He taught me the power of tongues  He taught me how to recreate me world  He taught me that none of these diseases can stay in my body He taught me  how to Join this chariot He taught me about my rights in Christ  When God visits me what's my response what should I do He taught me about the Seven Spirits of God  Don’t stop here, no limitation for me,  how I cam go higher and higher  He taught me about the Holy Spirit and you. What a glorious fellowship we have with the Holy Spirit  He taught me about The gates of Zion He taught me the power of my mind. So much coming out of me when I take advantage of the power that is in my mind My teacher taught me the glory life My teacher taught me a life with so much power and Anointing. So I am not ordinary. I live a supernatural and super abundant life. He taught me to win souls. I am a soul winner extraordinaire. I am so glad about it. I am not ashamed of the gospel of our Lords Jesus because of my man of God. He taught me urgency in the Spirit. You taught me how to Pastor almost 1000 churches in Southern Africa You taught me how to direct and organize ministry programs, events and meetings such as night of bliss, LFMA, Pastors and leaders meetings, crusades upon crusades.  You taught me Administration, financial management and management of hundreds of staff members  When I think about Pastor,  what he's done for me. When I think about Pastor  how he is my teacher, I will dance dance dance ooo dance 5th of October is the world Teachers day and we are celebrating our Number 1 Teacher, Father, and God’s gift to us, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome through the Meet My Teacher Campaign. We show our appreciation to our Teacher, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome by introducing him to someone else to have their own life transformed by his teachings on the pastorchrisdigitallibrary app.  It’s really easy to do: 1. From 5h of October and all through the month of October, introduce someone to PCDL, gift them a voucher and help them download the pastorchrisdigitallibrary app on their phone. Launch the app on the person’s phone.  2. Open a message on the app for the person to listen to. 3. Take a picture of the person listening to the message and upload to the Kingschat timeline with the hashtag #MMT Challenge#, #pastorchrisismyteacher#, #Pastorchrisgeneration#and that’s it! That’s all it takes. The greatest appreciation you could show our teacher pastor Chris for the life-transforming word that has blessed you is to give another an opportunity hear that same message.  Also share your testimonies of Pastor Chris’ messages in your life and post your personal thank you messages to our man of God and special teacher, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome.   So don’t be left out. Join the celebration today today to cheerfully bring someone else into the world of Pastor Chris’ messages because no one knows like you know what his teachings have done for you.    God bless you. #mmtchallenge #pastorchrisismyteacher #pastorchrisgeneration #mmtcelebration #myteachermyhero #thankyoupastorchris

Everyday with Pastor Ose profile on KingsChat Web Please watch, subscribe and share to bless someone.

The Overcoming Life! Glory to God! #CEUK2Z4 #CEBRISTOL #WECUKwithPastorChris

King K CE BRISTOL profile on KingsChat Web Your amazing video of You are Holy is out. I told you I am here to give you just the best!. Please watch, subscribe and share to bless others. Be part of this soul winning chariot through music . God bless you abundantly.

You are a champion indeed

Happy birthday Ma. I love you dearly.

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Behind the scenes #YOUAREHOLY. Get ready.

Get ready something is boiling.....

Is still your day mummy. You thought me that ministering always is more than singing. We are giving life and changing destinies through our music. Thank you for believing in our Father Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd Dsc DD.

Happy birthday my number one music minister in the world. Thank you for your tremendous blessing and influence you caused with music. I love you so dearly ma. You are my Father's heart. You have set the pace for us. Download ''The Only God'' Here: Finally out. Go now and subscribe, listen, download and share. God bless you.

Get ready for our glorious song coming out this weekend. No one else but JESUS!

You are the best we could ever asked for. We thank our dear man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd Dsc DD for sending you to us!. #CMDPC25 #BLWEMUCHAPTER #FORTIZOCELL

You're a blessing to us Campus ministry. We celebrate you sir. #CMDPC25 #BLWEMUCHAPTER #FORTIZOCELL

Happy birthday to our beloved Father and Pastor, Pastor chike Ume for all the investment in our lives. We are glorious because of Him. #CMDPC25 #BLWEMUCHAPTER #FORTIZOCELL.

We love you mummy. Thank you for your commitment and love for us. You have raised mighty music ministers for the gospel. You are love inclined.

Keep the Lights shining. Indeed it is our year of Lights. We are lighting everywhere. #Gloryrevealed #YOUAREHOLY

Come join us as we Thank God for a glorious year 2018. Indeed it has been a year of the Supernatural.

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