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READ THIS TESTIMONY FROM RHAPSODY OF REALTIES COMMEMORATIVE COVER SPONSORSHIP: My name is Pastor Toye Akinmusire from CE Moscow Road. I want to say a heartfelt Thank you to my Mum, our Highly Esteemed Zonal Director for givng birth to me and raising me. On Friday 15th March,our Highly Esteemed Zonal Director met with the Staff members and asked some of us what we have done for Rhapsody Commemorative Edition. Right there, she released words of blessings and instructed that we must give a certain amount. I left the meeting with my heart burning and there was this urgency in my heart to give NOW! Alll I wanted to do and all I was thinking was to give for Rhapsody. That night, I couldn't sleep; I prayed in tongues and declared words. Miraculously, in 3 days (i.e as at 18th March) I have done 10times more than what I did before the meeting. On Wednesday 20th March, I was in the office but not on my seat. When I got back, I saw several missed calls from my biological father. I called back immediately and he told me that my biological mother had an accident on Tuesday 19th of March and instructed that I should call her. He explained to me that she was by the side of the road waiting to cross. Suddenly a car that was reversing on the wrong side of the road hit her. I asked if she could talk and he replied "yes". The Lord is awesome, I spoke with her and she was sounding very strong. I tried to question her to know if she was just sounding strong to get at me but she was actually strong. She explained that she was by the road side to cross and the next thing was that she saw herself under a car and quickly moved out (of which she couldn't explain how she came out).She was unhurt, she is strong. She got medications from hospital and she is very fine.  Immediately, I remembered the meeting our Esteemed Zonal Director had with us, the Rhapsody Commemorative seed and why I had that burning sensation to do it fast. I prayed with her and told her that the Lord asked me to give for Rhapsody of Realities and I did....that was the ransom for her life. What a mighty deliverance! Glory to God!  The Lord be praised for His protection, guidance and Love. Hallelujah!!!! Thank you Mum; our Esteemed Zonal Director. I love you MA. #RhapsodyLuminaries #CEPHZONE3

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