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Still on the IPPC 2019 Awards, congratulations Mum, I love you dearly 👌😍😍😍😍😍

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I want to use this opportunity to thank my Man of God, Rev. (Dr) Chris Oyakhilome for giving me the Word of God and changing my life & family, for the Greek flag flying high and all the awards at IPPC 2019, I also thank and congratulations my Pastor and mum, you are the best !!!!

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Happy Birthday To Our Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor Kay Adesina. Ce Ravenna Italy Love you Sir.

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Today we celebrate love personified, our Highly Esteemed Zonal Pastor. Thank you so much Sir for your love and exemplary leadership. We love you so dearly Sir! #pva2019 #celebratingpvu #weuz2birthdays

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LESS THAN 1 HOUR TO GO! ARE YOU READY? It's the Global Service with Pastor Chris in few minutes... To Participate, simply download CeTunes App from Google Play Store via Or log on to

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Praying for the nations! Our man of God leads us in a glorious session of prayer and intense worship. __________________________________ Watch LoveWorld TV HD on Sky 585 - - LoveWorld TV 3.0 Mobile App To Partner/Contact us Call: +442075115830 Email:; #MostImpactfulStationofTheYear2018 #LoveWorldTVStationOfTheYear2017 #LoveWorldTVStationOfTheYear #LoveWorldTV Spreading Love, Changing the World

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HAVE YOU HEARD??? YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS!!! The Beautiful Mom Of Our Highly Esteemed Zonal Pastor, Deaconess Patience Olayemi Graduates From Foundation School At 85 Today!!! #CeBeninZone1

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#GOVLNC 2019 - WORDS SO PRECIOUS #Picstories #Kingsphotoz "Yesterday, we had prophecies, Today we have realities’ - Pastor Joy Amenkhienan Click the link below to WATCH the Conference rebroadcast if you missed it

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#2HoursToGo #GOVLNC019 ARE YOU READY? To Participate Download CeTunes App from Google Play Store via Reference Code 👉645973 Or Log on to

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#GOVLNC It happened to me 9yrs ago!I was given 6months to live but after seeing Pastor Chris on TV,it changed my life!It's 9yrs now;i am alive,fit&sound! R.Emmanuel In 3days, you wld be stirred, inspired&resolute about the spread of the gospel via TV&Radio.Join us! #Iaminoffice

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Are you registered yet????? Click on the link below

Happy Birthday esteemed Sister Rosette. I joyfully celebrate you today. Glorious things are spoken of you. Thank you so much ma for your labour of love. Preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the Germans. I love you dearly #WEZ4 #CEBERLINCENTRAL #LMAMWEZ4

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Still celebrating my beloved sister and roomie from Unilag '88 Pastor Biola Otenigbagbe @pastorbten I still remember the first time we saw Pastor preach that year in's no surprise that 31yrs later, we are here together still in our LWNation. I love💟 you.

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Glorious Sunday Service With Our Regional Pastor & Secretary General Of Loveworld Inc. Highly Esteemed Pst Kay Adesina!! Supernatural Testimony Of Loveworld TV & Radio In Asia!!🙌🔥❤🌍🇬🇧 #cebarking #ukvz4 #unitedkingdom #Lights #ukr2z4 #WEC2019 #WECUK2019 #WECUKWITHPASTORCHRIS

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CELEBRATING PASSION AND EXCELLENCE!!! Happy Birthday Highly Esteemed Pastor Christine Davidson-Eke. We celebrate a great luminary of lights. Thank you for your devotion and participation in the propagation of the gospel. We love you dearly ma #LTMNetworks

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Celebrating d indefatigable, passionate, visionary, prayerful PCD.Tnk u so much ma for ur impact in my life&in that of many around d Wrld.We r following d legacies u left us in LTM & LWR.Ur desires to reach the world for Jesus r granted unto u dis new Year ma.I luv u very dearly

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A MENTALITY OF PROSPERITY BY PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME. And when ye reap the harvest of your land, thou shalt not wholly reap the corners of thy field, neither shalt thou gather the gleanings of thy harvest. And thou shalt not glean thy vineyard, neither shalt thou gather every grape of thy vineyard; thou shalt leave them for the poor and stranger… (Leviticus 19:9-10). In the above scripture, God was giving some instructions to the children of Israel on what they should do when they harvest their grains. He said to them, “..Thou shalt not wholly reap the corners of thy field, neither shalt thou gather the gleanings of thy harvest.” In other words, “Don’t harvest everything; don’t gather the gleanings.” He didn’t want them scratching for the leftovers; and it was a law. They were to leave some in the field, for the poor, the fatherless, and the widows. There’re people who don’t know why they haven’t made much progress in their lives. Some of them have prayed and prayed, yet no change. But you see, God doesn’t fellowship with a man who has a mentality of poverty. There’s a mentality of prosperity and there’s a mentality of poverty. For instance, some people would use their clothes until those clothes are torn to tatters. How sad! It could be any personal belonging; they use it until it’s not good enough to be given to someone else. Such a mentality attracts poverty, and it has kept many in a despicable state for a long time. Whatever God blesses you with, no matter how small or big it is, when you use it, let it be good enough for someone else. When you give such things to others, be sure they’re in an excellent state to be used with dignity. That’s the way to live. There should never be anything that you own that you can’t give out. God wants you to always be a blessing to others who aren’t as blessed as you are. There’re things you haven’t used in a long while, yet you’re keeping them. That’s not a prosperity attitude. Do the Word; get into your closet and search out belongings you’ve piled up and probably wouldn’t even use for another one or two years. Give them out, and watch your life take an upward dive. #prosperity #uplifting #liftchallenge #upward #forward #affirmationtrain

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GRAND OPENING OF HEALING TO THE NATIONS EXHIBITION 2019 IN CANADA Shortly after the second healing service of the 2019 Healing School Summer Session, members of the CEC, visiting ministers and other invited guests proceeded to the grand opening of the Healing to the Nations Exhibition. In his opening address, the Esteemed Rev Ray Okocha elaborated about the importance of this exhibition as it showcases the multi-faceted and ever-expanding healing ministry of Pastor Chris is, and its impact all over the world. He urged all present to be a part of this historic movement by speeding the Gospel with love and compassion. Exhibiting are: ✅ The Healing School ✅ International School of Ministry ✅ Volunteer Medical Corps ✅ Trauma Care International Foundation ✅ Global Youth Leaders’ Forum   It’s an experience you don’t want to miss; so make sure to visit the Healing to the Nations Exhibition, which will remain open till Wednesday, the 11th of September. Visit to register, and for more information on how to participate. #healingtothenations #summersession2019

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It’s another level in the #MonthOfUplifting Dearest Pastor Felicia @FlourishingFel , Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share communion with the Saints of Greece. We are very grateful for the love from you all and the uplifting prayers.

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