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In Christ, you live in a divine environment of Glory. Everything about you is controlled from heaven because you're a part of heaven, though you live in the earth. Blessed thought!

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ECOBOAT: CAMEROONIAN INVENTS BOAT MADE FROM PLASTIC BOOTLES. The menace of plastic waste littering confronts many African cities. From clogging city drains to being an eyesore, they serve as a nuisance, but Ismaël Essome Ebone from the Cameroonian city of Douala proffers a solution. Ebone aware that fisher folks were unable to purchase wooden canoes to undertake fishing because of high prices and seeing hundreds of plastic bottles float after a downpour, decided to kill two birds with one stone. He decided to build boats from the plastic bottles to clean up the environment and also offer a cheaper alternative for fisher folks to own boats to make ends meet. Ebone came up with the ‘EcoBoats’ idea 2011 even while a student. Unsure himself, he tested his new invention on water and stunned himself and observant fishermen watching from the shore, when his boat floated. #innovate #inspire #ideate

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Mama. I love you, I honour you, I appreciate you. There is no person like you. The glory of the Lord upon you is likened to no other. Mommy you are everything God wants. Thank you for showing me a life of faith and value to God. HAPPY GOLDEN JUBILEE MAMA. I LOVE YOU!

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We are a team specialized in promoting and enlarging the online presence of businesses via mobile apps and websites. #rad5

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You've only just started! - Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃

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Ça se passe déjà à bonamoussadi Gloryyyy le début #ewcaz4 #celllule professional 2 #cebonamoussadi

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Temps du témoignage les gens attentifs Pour la gloire de Dieu #ewcaz4 #celllule professional 2 #cebonamoussadi

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Gloire à Dieu les vies changées les délivrance les vies transformees Alleluiaaaaaa #ewcaz4 #celllule professional 2 #cebonamoussadi

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#IPPC19PastorYemisi In striving together for the faith of the gospel; 1. Speak the Same language: 2. Take advantage of his grace: 3. Unity of purpose: 4. There should be sharpness of focus 5. Use the tools provided by our man of God for achievement: 6. You must be dependable.

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KINGSCHAT RSS FEEDS! Keep up to date with all the latest news from all around the World on KingsChat Entertainment, Sports, Music and more, all at your finger tip. FOLLOW THE SUPERUSERS (BBC NEWS, FOX NEWS, FOX ENTERTAINMENT, REUTERS, GOAL.COM, SKY NEWS, CBN NEWS, ETC.) TODAY!!!

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‘We failed to reach Europe – now our families disown us’ Three young West Africans stole from their families to fund a trek to Europe, now they have to face the consequences.

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The Eswatini teenage footballer on Real Madrid's radar 18-year-old Leon Manyisa from Eswatini tells BBC Africa about doing trials for Real Madrid.

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Pastor Mary Speaks on Personal Development and Growth There is the need for brethren to work out a predetermined, very deliberate and consistent plan for growth because growth does not happen in a vacuum. It must be conceived, designed, worked out, and followed through. This was the submission of the Zonal Director MidWest Zone of Loveworld nation, Pastor Mary Owase during a presentation yesterday at the ongoing 2019 International Pastors and Partners Conference (IPPC). According to Pastor Mary, personal growth is essential in the life of a child of God because it manifests in virtually every aspect of that individual’s life. She called on the brethren to invest in their lives and make personal growth a top priority because it will by extension rub off on Church growth. She told the congregation that someone who has achieved personal growth stands a better chance of fulfilling God's calling and vision in his or her life, adding that “even though calling is by the act and grace of God. You're to work it out. Fulfill your ministry without reproach. A man can't give what he doesn't have”, she added.  For more updates on IPPC 2019, follow this Superuser and visit  #IPPC2019 #IPPCdaily #IPPCPress

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DID THE CHURCH USE YOU? You served in the media arm, learnt how to record, capture and edit, now you edit for nollywood and make money from it... *Did church use you?* You served in the choir, you were corrected severally by your choir director who almost gave up on you till you gradually started learning to sing, sustain keys, compose songs even do the slurs and you have released your album....! *Did church use you?* You served in the sound department, learnt to produce good sound, it has become your skill and you even make money from it... *Did church use you?* You served a Pastor, from cleaning his shoes and carrying his Bible to becoming his assistant pastor, now you have your own work, you're impacting your world and fulfilling your God-given purpose and destiny... *did church use you?* Please people let's get it right! It is wrong to say "the church is using you! the church is using me!".... the tune of some unwise advisers and brethren. In the first place it is always a privilege to be used of God. *God does not use you and dump you. He uses you, builds you, trains you and makes you what He talks about. You can't be useful until you are used of Him. it is the process of being used that makes you useful to Him and to your world for Him. Your service in the church does not improve God, it only improves you. So Be guided, Be wise and Be Smart. Whether you are available or not, the work must be done. Your availability to serve is for your own Enrichment, Enhancement and Enlargement. I encourage every worker/steward in the church; keep doing what you' are instructed to do. God is aware of your service. * Count it a great privilege to be used by God, and want to be used over and over and over again. Love what you do for the Lord and in the Lord. Do it with all your heart, with joy and gladness. Thank the Lord for the privilege to serve and be useful in God's house. Remember He gave you His Life to make you His Kind - An Associate of the God-Kind. The God-Kind never speaks of being used. God bless you.

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GOLIVE MEETINGS-THE ULTIMATE VIRTUAL CONFERENCING PLATFORM *Perfect for your online cell meetings. *Unlimited number of participants. *Beautiful and user friendly interface. *Suitable for all kinds of virtual conferencing. *Very affordable. Available on Android & iOS

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Happy Birthday to an exceptional Digital Evangelist Bro. LMK . Thank you so much for your years of labour in God's vineyard.... A mighty apptivist and a super super son of consolation ... A product of joy in the work of ministry. #LMK

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Happy birthday to an amazing media connector. We join the host of angels to celebrate you today.😊 #LWMediaConnector #ewcaz4

It is all about WINNING, BUILDING AND SENDING. 💥💥💥💥💥 #DayOfBlessings #EpignosisSnrCell #CEBonamoussadi #ewcaz4

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