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HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEACON OBED IKEM DSP UK ZONE 3 CELEBRATES A DILIGENT AND PASSIONATE PARTNER. Deacon Obed thank you for your consistency over the years in the spread of the gospel and your labour of love in CE Croydon and UK Zone 3. Angels are calling your name and this next year will be your best till date in Jesus Name. We love you and celebrate you on this special day. Happy Birthday. #dspukzone3birthdays

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Impact report on the social media week so far #dspukzone3 #kccsmw2020 💃💃💯🎉🎊

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY INDOMITABLE, INVINCIBLE, 'I-HAVE-THE-LIFE-OF-GOD-IN-ME' MUMMY. Mother of Millions. @mama-mary your passion for the things of God is inspiring and infectious. Limitless grace is yours, favour everywhere, your harvests have overtaken your giving in Jesus name.

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Still enjoying the higher life at 40!!!! My deepest thanks to my Man of God pastor Chris for teaching me the word which has made me great and to my zonal pastor for raising me in ministry and the word, teaching me to follow my man of God which has made me exceptional and perfect

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IT'S OUR MONTH OF PRODUCTIVITY! AVOID WRONG ASSOCIATIONS ~ PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME. Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them (Romans 16:17) As a Christian, it’s so important that you avoid wrong associations. Keep away from people that try to corrupt your spirit with negativism, because it’s poisonous to your spirit. The Bible says, “…evil communications corrupt good manners” (1 Corinthians 15:33) Oftentimes, your association could determine whether you’ll be productive or unproductive. You’d consciously have to put away those things or people causing you distractions, to make much progress in life. If you keep company with murmurers and complainers, you’re going to be where they are. So, don’t “sit where they sit”; be different. Be positive and excited about life. There’re different ways Satan can come into people’s lives to mess things up; he can come through distractions, wrong influences, or wrong associations. It’s therefore important that you protect your spirit from corrupt influences. Avoid people who peddle rumours, bad news, and only see the negative side of everything. When you separate yourself from distractions, you’re more focused and your fellowship with the Holy Spirit will be enriched. It’s like “refining gold”; removing the leftover impurities after the smelting process, so as to unveil the beauty of the pure gold. As you identify and eliminate the sources of distractions in your life, your life becomes more inspiring. You become a source of progress and prosperity to others. Praise God! #association #healingschool #reflection #alignment #affirmationtrain #perfection #instructions #discipline #autoedification #influence #thankyoupastorchris #consciousness #love #completeness #productivity #excellence

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#CEPraguecelebrates0707 Happy Birthday to highly esteemed Pastor Obi Thank you for blessing the land of the Czech republic and its people

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We don’t want this celebration to stop today🥳🎉🎂🎁😍Happy Bestday Daddy! from Mikaela and Sophia. We love you🎊💃🏿❣️❣️. poc2020 #potc2020 #dspukzone3celebrates0707 #cecroydoncelebrates0707 #cecroydonchildrencelebrates0707

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Hashtags for pastor Obi sir #PastorObiTheChamp2020 #POTC2020 #POC2020 #UKZone3Celebrates0707 #CEdagenhamCelebrates0707 #dspukzone3 #ceukzone3 #dspukzone3birthdays

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OUT OF PASTOR OBI CHIEMEKA, THE PERFECTION OF PRESENTATION, LIGHT HAS SHINED. Happy Birthday, Sir.We love you. #PastorObiTheChamp2020 #POTC2020 #POC2020 #UKZone3Celebrates0707 #CECroydonCelebrates0707 #dspukzone3 #ceukzone3 #dspukzone3birthdays

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CELEBRATING GRACE PERSONIFIED - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ESTEEMED PASTOR OBI CHIEMEKA!!! Today, LoveWorld Radio joins the LoveWorld Nation and the Host of Heaven to celebrate a special gift to the body of Christ. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to the spread of the gospel around the world through Radio. We love and appreciate you dearly sir.

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Wow, today is our Pastor's birthday! we celebrate a Man of the Spirit, A Pastor of excellence, A Pastor whose life is full of results!!!!, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR SIR!!!🏆💃🕺🏽💐🍹🎂 #PastorObiTheChamp2020 #UKZone3Celebrates0707 #CECroydonCelebrates0707 #dspukzone3 #ceukzone3

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CELEBRATING A SERIAL CHAMPION! Happy Birthday to the esteemed Pastor Obi Chiemeka! Thank you for winning souls over to Christ through your partnership with Loveworld UK. You are energised for notable victories by the Spirit of God. We love you and appreciate you Sir! To Partner/Contact us⁣⁣⁣ Call: +442075115830⁣⁣⁣ Email:;

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An Exceptional Leader, A man of the Spirit, A Soul Winner, An Ardent Follower of Pastor Chris, My Zonal Pastor. Happy Birthday Pastor Obi Sir. #PastorObiTheChamp2020 #POTC2020 #POC2020 #UKZone3Celebrates0707 #CEBrentwoodCelebrates0707 #dspukzone3 #ceukzone3 #dspukzone3birthdays

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#PastorObiTheChamp2020 #POTC2020 #POC2020 #UKZone3Celebrates0707 #CECroydonCelebrates0707 #dspukzone3 #ceukzone3 #dspukzone3birthdays

#PastorObiTheChamp2020 #POTC2020 #POC2020 #UKZone3Celebrates0707 #CECroydonCelebrates0707 #dspukzone3 #ceukzone3 #dspukzone3birthdays

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POC BIRTHDAY LOADING PASTOR OBI THE CHAMP 2020 #PastorObiTheChamp2020 #POTC2020 #POC2020 #dspukzone3 #ceukzone3 #dspukzone3birthdays

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Prayer Alert DSP UK Zone 3 are Praying with Pastor Chris for 1 hour from 5pm - 6pm today 2nd July. Join us. #iamapriestinoffice #prayathon2020 #dspukzone3

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HAPPENING NOW!!! REON MINISTERS PRAYING from UNITED KINGDOM Ministers from Life Giving Grace International praying now!! #reon2020 #prayathon #pastorchrislive #monthofprayer

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Happy Father’s Day , Esteemed Pastor Obi Chiemeka. Thank you for your love. We appreciate you. #ceukzone3father’sday #ceukzone3 #DSPUKZone3 #cemitcham

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