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Wen I heard Pastor say dat,he meditating on dis scripture for 37 years,I knew dat I did de right thing 2pay attention 2what Righteousness is

Mark11:22-23; 2Corinthians4:13, Romans4:13, Romans10:6-12. Behold, how easy it is to have what you want!

Is there anything you want?If yes! So be it!The nature of God to be anything He wants to be is wrought in your spirit.You want health,be it

How true this is!

Oh! That great Day!

That great Day!

Reign and Rule as a king!

My Righteous father!

Righteous happy birthday Prince of Righteousness!!!

Understanding Righteousness is understanding who you really are!

Profound statement!

The time is now!

I am the righteousness of God is Christ Jesus...

I know who I am!

Righteous Happy birthday Pastor Wendy. Today I celebrate a sweet, loving and genuine soul. Always so kind with words. I love you dearly

1John4:4, 5:4

Come learn how to effect a change you want in any situation! 1John5:4 #righteousness

Happy happy happy Birthday!!!

Righteous happy birthday Pastor Ma. I love you dearly!!!!


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