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11am Prayer Theme: UK Zone 3 RoRR Campaign. Thank God for excellent strategies mapped out for the distribution of the Rhapsody of Realities tomorrow. Declare that these will yield outstanding and overwhelming results even beyond our imagination and previous UK Zone 3 Reach Out campaigns.(Eph 3:20) (Next prayer is 12 noon with Pastor Chris). #ceukzone3 #rorrukzone3

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9am Prayer Theme: UK Zone 3 RoRR Campaign.   Pray that the results of this UK Zone 3 RoRR campaign will be seen in the salvation of many souls, large retention retention of souls, increased attendance in our churches, a greater spread of our ministry vision and influence in our cities, increased followership of our Man of God on Kingschat and a greater demand for our RoR devotional amongst several other blessings in this month of blessings. (next prayer point 11am) #ceukzone3 #rorrukzone3

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#ceukzone3 #rorrukzone3

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A Lesson On Palm Sunday I want to share a few thoughts with you from the Word that the Holy Spirit gave me to exhort in church on Sunday. Jesus came into Jerusalem riding on an ass and her colt on Palm Sunday (Matthew 21: 1-11). The crowds came out in force so much that the whole city was upturned because of the tumult. Thousands lined the streets using their garments as a "red carpet" for his donkey. The crowds hailed his lineage from the Jewish royal house hailing him "hosanna. Blessed is the son of David. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord". When asked of Jesus identity, the people announced him as "the Prophet from Nazareth". He was the flavour of the month if ever there was one. Three (3) days later, He was dead. Crucified. As a criminal. A convicted terrorist chosen over him. As the saying goes, things did escalate pretty quickly. On Sunday, the crowds hailed him as a king. By Wednesday, the same crowds yelled crucify him. Have you ever been in such a situation? You were basking in accolades. Suddenly, everything goes awry. What went wrong? Not enough prayer? Not enough faith? Not enough seed? Relax. Listen: 1. Offences MUST come your way. I didn't say it, Jesus himself did (Luke 17:1). No matter how much you pray; No matter how much you confess the Word; No matter how much seed you sow...offences MUST come. The street to the right hand of God was called Golgotha; The visa to Pharaoh's palace was issued from the consulate called Pharaoh's dungeon; The phone booth that God called Moses to greatness in was located in the desert... 2. Never put your faith in man. The crowd was manipulated to reject Jesus (Matthew 27: 20). Only the Word affirms you. Use the Word to "steel" yourself. What greater heartbreak can there be than Joseph's brothers' betrayal? How did Jacob feel to see his father in law cheat him of his wages 7 times and his brothers in law become surly towards him (Genesis 31:1-7). Those who spread the worst stories about you could be from your own home. Jesus said it Himself. Your biggest adversary might be eating with you (Matthew 10:36). 3. Everything that can go wrong (in your estimation) might be going wrong. But it doesn't mean that you are wrong. From the entering into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday to the crucifixion of Jesus were all in line with the Word (Matthew 21:4-5). There is the evil day. Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome, our leader, our teacher, our Pastor, told us to put on the whole armour of God because on that day, only the armour will suffice (Ephesians 6:13). 4. Love. Jesus forgave everyone involved in His crucifixion including Judas. Stephen forgave everyone involved in his stoning including Paul. Joseph forgave his brethren. Esau forgave Jacob. David forgave Absalom. God forgave You. Who did you forgive? 5. The main lesson in Palm Sunday? Offences will come. Very soon after a victory. Forgive whoever caused the offence. #Easter #MarchIsPower&Affirmation #ceAsaba #MVZ4

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#apoc 2017...... listening in the road and blessed to be a blessing! Thank you Pastor 💪🏽💪🏽🔥🔥

I'm #ADA and I'll be at the YOUTH CONFERENCE, LAGOS with Pastor Freedom Wealth-Eriya. It's happening on June 9th 2017 @ the UNILAG SPORTS COMPLEX. You've got to be there LIVE and yea, tell a youth to tell another youth that's it's gonna be BIG!!!! #blwghzone #flourishing #YCLagos

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Our thought,love & prayers,goes out to the families who lost loved one'' at the M.E.N Arena in Manchester last night

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