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Thank you Dcns Rachel, for the opportunity to celebrate with you and the Mr on your wonderful accomplishment!

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Started out as strangers...ended up to be friends...Congratulations Dcns Rachel on moving across barriers to pioneer new territories!!!

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International Staff Week 2019...... I am ready, ready, ready! #staffweek2019 #lightseverywhere

Glory to God for the lives of our newly blessed families from LCC6 Group God bless your union. #celz1rocks #lcc6churchofchampions #marriageblessing

ZONAL MARRIAGE BLESSING 2019, 17 families from LCC6 GROUP. Their homes will never be the same again. At the nick of time. Holy Ghost move. Thanks to our esteemed ZPastor. #celz1rocks #lcc6churchofchampions #marriageblessing

There is a fresh anointing in the homes of these newly blessed Families. Their marriages is going to be sweeter from now. Thanks to our esteemed Zonal Pastor for bringing the MARRIAGE BLESSING initiative to Lagos Zone1 #celz1rocks #lcc6churchofchampions

Meet some of our newly blessed families from the Zonal marriage blessing organized by our esteemed Zonal Pastor, Pastor Lekan Balogun. LCC6 Group alone had in attendance 17 families, glory!!!!!!!. Their marriages has been elevated. The Holy ghost lives there.

Gloryyyyy! 17 families had their marriages blessed officially by the Holy Ghost. Halleluyah! What an awesome Zonal marriage blessing. #celz1rocks #lcc6churchofchampions

Happy Wedding Anniversary to my dearest Dad & Mum, thank you for your love & care, thank you for raising me in the Lord and to be who I am today. I love and appreciate you dearly Sir/Ma. #HWAPLBandPTB #CelebratingLove #CELZ1ROCKS #CAMPGROUNDALIVE #CELZ1TEENSABLAZE

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Many years of God's faithfulness, Grace and favor. Happy Wedding Anniversary Sir. #CELZ1ROCKS #lcc6churchofchampions

Happy Wedding Anniversary esteemed Sir. You are lifted even higher than your expectations. Laughter will not cease from your home. Thank you for all ou do in Ministry. I love you. #CELZ1ROCKS #lcc6churchofchampions

Many years have come by; each year it gets better. I thank The Lord for your beautiful family. God's Grace will never cease in your home. HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY SIR! #CELZ1ROCKS #lcc6churchofchampions

Happy birthday to my wonderful Sister Favor. Thanks for all you do in the ministry and for me in the Zonal office. You have truly made the environment pleasant. Remember the word of prayer this morning in church. The Lord will uphold you always. God bless you. #CELZ1Rocks

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Happy Birthday Esteemed Dcn. Chris Aikhenomian. We love you dearly. #celz1rocks.

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We give thanks to God for His grace and love for us. We are also very grateful to our dear man of God for teaching, training, coaching and his guidance over the years. Your words have modelled us into global champions and visionaries. We kive you so much sir. Our Mega Teens Conference 2019 was awesome, excellently planned, gloriously & efficiently executed and the post program events have kicked off. We made very strong connection with the Teenagers. Thousands received salvation and direction for their lives and they were very inspired to follow Jesus. Glory!!!! Our appreciations goes to all our Esteemed Group Pastors, Pastors, Deaconry members, hard working staff members, cell leaders and members of our great Zone.  And to our esteemed Chairman, Pastor Yinka Okunusi, the Zonal Teens Ministry Manager, Sister Vivian Ademuyiwa and our indefatigable, full of wisdom (with excellent spirit) committee leaders & members. Thanks a million. Special thanks to Frank Edwards and Deacon Buchi who both brought a new dimension to the program. Thanks for coming.  We love and appreciate you. We also thank Deacon Ralph, Password, Protek, TAK and the amazing CELZ1 Choir. God bless you richly. To all our officials (internal & external), participating schools, supporting organizations and individuals who worked hard to make the program a remarkable success, we say God bless you. From Pastors Lekan & Tutu Balogun on behalf of the CELZ1 family. #CELZ1Rocks.

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We are almost there This Friday is the day. #megateensconference #mtc2019 #celz1rocks #celcc6

My teens, your teens, our teens taking the world for God, with what they've got? Which is the WORD of the God. #megateensconference #mtc2019 #celz1rocks #celcc6.

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#megateensconference #mtc2019 #celz1rocks

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