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THE BIBLE YESTERDAY AND TODAY! God has always had men who stood for the truth of the Bible… Do you know? In 1604, soon after James’s coronation as king of England, a conference of churchmen requested that the English Bible be revised because existing translations authorized by Henry VIII in 1538 “were corrupt and not answerable to the truth of the original. Given the perceived need for a new authorized translation, James was quick to appreciate the broader value of the proposal and at once made the project his own. By June 30, 1604, James had approved a list of 54 revisers for the English Bible. The new revised English Bible was published in 1611, fully sponsored by the crown. The Rhapsody Bible since inception has enjoyed great support from our valued Partners especially in our translation work which has greatly increased the reach of the Rhapsody Bible in nations of the world. But, we won’t relent as there are still over 4,000 languages of the world in which the Bible is yet to be fully translated. THE BIBLE MATTERS…Take a Stand for the Bible today! Sponsor Rhapsody Bible into new languages by adopting a Book, a Chapter or a Verse of the Bible. #thebiblematters #takeastandforthebible #biblecelebration #internationaldayofthebible2020 #rhapsodybible

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