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The Word of God conceived in the heart, formed by the tongue, and spoken out of the mouth is creative power.

Boldness is every believers nature. There is no fear around a believer.

God is your source. As a believer you have been delivered from working for a living."

Your seed keeps talking even when you are asleep.

God wants you to go deeper in the faith walk. God knows the right depth your miracle is going to break forth."

Your obedience under the anointing will change your life.

It is not your asking or confession that gave you Salvation, it’s the OFFERING of Jesus that offered you Salvation which is the Forgiveness of sins and His offering is eternal in nature, hence what He offered is ETERNAL SALVATION, ETERNAL REDEMPTION, ETERNAL INHERITANCE.

Becoming a Christian is not a process. It is an instantaneous work of the Holy Spirit by faith in Christ Jesus

The temple of God, which you are, is where God resides in all His power and majesty.

When you learn to walk by faith, you will see the REAL and not the shadow...

For Exaltation to occur humility is a requirement. Humility is a thing of the Spirit.

Your faith calls the unseen into manifestation. With your faith, you see, create the invisible and make impossible things possible

You don’t need Blood of Jesus any longer, He did a perfect, once and forever job. ETERNAL SALVATION is a REALITY!!! Heb.9:12,15

What does it mean to be at the right hand of God, but to also have Him at your right hand? When we stand face to face with Him, we find the fullness of joy found in His presence.

"If you'll direct your words in the right direction, you will clear out obstacles that have held you back for years. It's time to color your World with the words of God.

You're accepted in the beloved by God owing to His GRACE the finished work of Jesus Christ and NOT your works.

JESUS isn't inviting us to war against and overcome Satan—sin and death. He invites you to rest in His victory over Satan. This is what we call the New Testament Sabbath.

Seeking for Supernatural experiences outside the word of God will always lead you into error and confusion.

“The cross doesn’t just set me free from my BROKEN past, it sets me up for my BLESSED future!

"Rain drops may be little in shape and size but their continuous fall make rivers overflow. Remember: Small consistent efforts make massive changes in life." Never look down upon yourself.

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