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WHAT AN AWESOME TIME AT THE HEALING SCHOOL ONLINE PRAYER CONFERENCE! Miracles happened as the Pastors prayed on the prayer requests. You can still send in your testimonies to The Healing School Session in Nigeria begins in on Friday July 27th you can register at Thank you for making power available. God bless you. #supernatural #CELZ5 

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"The future belongs to those who dream and pursue their dreams. Take actions..." ...says the CEO of Zenith Bank Ghana at the Zonal Entrepreneurial Summit in the Labadi Beach Hotel. More highlights to come... #CeAccraGhanaZone

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HAPPENING NOW @ - PASTORS PRAY OVER PRAYER REQUESTS The highly esteemed pastors on set pray passionately for all those who have sent in their prayer requests. Miracles are happening everywhere! Also streaming LIVE on the Healing School mobile app and CeFlix Send your testimonies to 

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#healingnow #nigeria #cmc

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Happy birthday Beautiful, amazing, inspiring Pastor Freida! Thank you for all your love and your life of service. I loveee you 💕💕

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📢New Song Alert📢 ITS HERE!!! A beautiful song by The Chosen titled WHEN WE PRAY is OUT!!! An anointed piece to pray with. Spread it to all in your reach, miracles will take place everywhere. You can download the song on the link below: KINGCLOUD #cesazone1

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More Picture Highlights from the Zonal Entrepreneurial Summit @ The Labadi Beach Hotel as the Esteemed CEO of Zenith Bank Ghana shares with delegates. #CeAccraGhanaZone

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#Highlights: Q&A Segment at the Zonal Entrepreneurial Summit in the Labadi Beach Hotel. The Esteemed Panel answer questions from delegates. #CeAccraGhanaZone

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#Highlights: Q&A Segment at the Zonal Entrepreneurial Summit in the Labadi Beach Hotel. The Esteemed Panel answer questions from delegates. #CeAccraGhanaZone

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Heartfelt moments of prayer as led by the Esteemed Zonal Director at today's glorious prayer service. #CeAccraGhanaZone #Supernatural

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Happy Birthday Pastor Alfred! Thanks a million for saying yes to the Lord. The Lord prosper you and bless the works of your hands. You are so blessed to be celebrating a new year under such a strong and power anointing flowing @MBTC/ICLC. Congratulations on all the grace collected so far and on the extra blessing our man of God released in this morning ICLC session. Many CONGRATULATIONS on a year garnished with more promotions. I love you dearly and God bless you

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“Increase your Love for Him, increase your passion for him, desire Him more than your necessary food” - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome #iclc2018 #mastersoulwinner

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I thank God for the Grace and ability! I thank my Man of God My Mentor Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PHD, for teaching me every child is your child! And the Innercity Mission became a opportunity to express love !Thank you to all who came to help me celebrate my Pre-Birthday yesterday with my kids we had a ball of a time with my Innercity Mission family yesterday in Diepsloot! Today as i turn 10in1 😉 I just want to say Lord youre amazing!!!

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"If you stick to the Word...You'll come back with a testimony!" CONGRATULATIONS Dr Rukky and Bro Lekan! Your faith-our faith-prevailed! Blessed be God! We welcome the latest addition to our BLW nation, and Rhapsody of Realities Translators family. YES. She's already translating!

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#ICLC2018 #DAY1 SUPER SESSION WITH OUR HIGHLY ESTEEMED REGIONAL PASTOR, REVEREND TOM AMENKHIENAN URGENCY OF THE HARVEST 📖Jude 1:3- kjv/msg 🌟The importance of the harvest and the shortness of time. Your life as a Christian must be unified, there must not be medical life, worker life and then spiritual life, your life must be at all times spiritual. 🌟Our emphasis on soul winning is all about the expansion of the kingdom, we must overrun evil. 🌟Evil has never triumphed over righteousness, and it will never happen in our time. 🌟There is an urgency for the harvest of souls in the kingdom of God. 📖Matthew 9:35-39 🌟What happens to you when you see people 🌟How compassionate are you to win souls. 🌟Not many who dresses cool are really cool. 🌟As long as they are not born again, they are a candidate for salvation. 🌟We must utilize the times and opportunities for preaching the gospel in the nations now, for the time will come when nations will shut their doors against the gospel. 📖John 4:35 🌟The devil is becoming more desperate to keep people in bondage through ignorance, 🌟we must be aggressive in our pursuit of souls. 🌟I like this. 🌟We must be aggressive. Time is short !!! 1. We must rekindle the sense of urgency in us. We are in a dispensation of grace and we have abundance grace but opportunities available may not always be open for the preaching so take advantage of that which you have now. 📖2nd Corinthians 6:1. Learn to spend time with the Holy Ghost and stir up the unction, he will help you to run faster, stirring up his strength in you. Civilian distraction and lesser priorities must be minimized. 📖2nd Timothy 2:3-4 kjv/amp/msg 2. Be very courageous. 📖Joshua 1:2-9 🌟Be bold, you have courage in you, deploy it. 🌟No matter how much you have done, you must have a new passion and zeal. 🌟🌟🌟Have an expansion mentality. 3. Have a clear plan of action of the exact next steps to make, to take your work to the next level. God will give you visions and give you directions on how to use the much power he has poured out into you. The time has come that we should no more run on the conventional style of meeting 1 day in a week. 4. Be faithful with the divine mandate, be faithful with those things God has called you to do. Ensure you carry out the mandate you received. The grace has been given ensure you act on the grace. God is at work In us to will and to do of his good pleasure. 5. Be conscious of who you are and the grace that is at work in you. Never frustrate the grace of God given to you. You are special to God and special in his scheme of things and relevant to the work. Be ready to carry out the work with utmost urgency. 📖Malachi 3 🌟Be conscious that you are worth every impartation and blessings that available in this conference. If God thinks you are relevant then don't think you are not. 📖2nd Timothy 1:6-14 (MSG) 🌟The leader is like a conqueror, given land to conquer. 🌟 then swing into action, conquer those lands and come forth a victor. It's our year of the supernatural, we are fit for the work. 🌟So fan to flame the fire of the Holy Spirit, stir up that which is in you. 🌟 We will overrun our cities, our nation. 🌟🌟🌟Let's make our Pastor Proud by bringing in the territories and nations.

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2days to go!! #PrayerWeekonLoveWorld Are you ready for the Prayer Week on LoveWorld? Are you ready to make bold declarations of faith that will surely cone o pass? In just 2days, we will pray daily with our man of God, Pastor Chris on all LoveWorld Networks, LTM & Radio Networks and on CeFLIX, LiveTV, CLoveWorld & CeTunes Mobile Apps Share your expectations on your timeline, it will be life changing. Keep following this SuperUser for updates.

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YOUNG ACHIEVERS Watch this inspiring edition of Young Achievers and be blessed #impactwithpastorchris #GYLF

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ICLC 2018 FRIDAY MORNING SESSION WAS ELECTRIFYING AND PACKED WITH SO MUCH POWER The Friday Morning Session of ICLC 2018 was something to shout about. It was such a glorious moment when our Man of God, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome stepped into the Auditorium. He came in the fullness of the blessings of Christ. The message was electrying with special Healing ministerations. In his words, Pastor said: 'Whatever you do without Jesus is empty, it will not stand. Will your work stand when it passes through fire? Are you doing it for the Lord's sake or are you doing it for yourself?' Pastor emphasized that this Conference was designed for the delegates. The Lord designed something special just for you. He said: 'There are some of you here who have been serving the Lord in difficult situations, please don’t give up!' With these and many more inspiring words, our Man of God stirred the hearts of all the leaders as He admonished them to focus on Jesus.  Before he ended the session, our man of God, full of compassion ministered specially to the Leaders. Keep following this Superuser for Updates. #ICLC2018

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8 DAYS TO GO We are changing lives all over South Africa. What a privilege and honour it is to serve God like this! Make it trend everywhere! Use the hashtags below and post your ROSA moments! #ROSA2018 #ReachOutSouthAfrica #cesazone1

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