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Love you so much my Mother. Happy Birthday Ma. #PYK #SUPERNATURALPYK

Gates of nations are opened unto me, I enter every country of choice with the gospel of Christ Jesus to preach salvation. #mydeclarations

My household is protected from all harm, we are unseen by wicked and unreasonable ones, we are kept and preserved in Christ. #mydeclaration

My daughter is blessed with all supernatural gifts and blessings. She is ten times better and brighter than her peers. #myfaithdeclaration

My business is spreading abroad with successful impacts and progressive feats, my brand is most preferred in Jesus name. #myfaithdeclaration

My husband's business is booming, blossoming and blooming in financial prosperity, attracting Multimillion naira contracts. #mydeclaration

Doors of heaven are opened unto me to supernaturally flourish unto all good works. My home and Children are preserved. #mydeclaration

#myfaithdeclaration The favour and abundance of God has Shifted in my direction, My household is sustained with corn and wine. I flourish

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Updated her profile photo

QVI Creations on point. My work, my brand.

My forever crush. It's our month of Blessings

Happy Birthday to my Father and Pastor. #FLOURISHINGGRACE


WORLD'S BEST DAD! Click like and reshare if you agree with me. Pleeeeaaaassee!!!!😎😎😎

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Happy Birthday to Me

God of all things, nothing is impossible for him. I see possibilities all arround me.

I see all good and perfect things gravitating towards me.

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