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Happy Fathers Day to my Exceptional Father You took me and made something beautiful out of my life The devil wouldn't have known my value but for you Am eternally grateful for this and can't thank you enough I love you so dearly Sir

Being a Father is serious business...ndeed,you have done really well. Thank you for being ever mindful of us We are proud to call you Father May we always have the cause to celebrate you You are priceless and exceptional. We love you dearly ...ivan,Edric and Mummy @PstBola

Ivan boy.... #Godisgraciousandkind

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Yipeee......3 months and still counting. God is ever gracious and kind

6 Days to Go #ICLC2019 #SoulWinners FROM THE ICLC CHAIRMAN In this featured video, the esteemed Regional Pastor of Middle East & South East Asia Region and Chairman, ICLC 2019 Pastor Kay Akinwolemiwa, provides Vital Information to aid your planning and make your Conference Experience a pleasurable one. Remember to share your expectations on your timeline using the relevant hashtags.  Keep following this SuperUser for Updates

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Happy Birthday dear and beautiful Dcness Yemi; my personal sister from tey tey!😁 You are such a sweet, funny and jovial person, so full of God's love. We love you. Enjoy your special day😍😘❤

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When ROR n Bible Departments land in your office with a Big Gift, that's liquid love...Thank you so much ma Esteemed Director for ROR, Pastor Yemisi, Esteemed HOP Pastor Rebecca, Sister Mercy, Dcns Fifi and Sister Fiona....😍🥰 I love you BIG!!!!

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She's all shades of beautiful and so is her large heart. Our Gengestic gengen turned Deaconess. God found you out at last Happy birthday my dearest Big one like you. Wish you many more glorious,fruitful and fulfilled years. I love you without holding back

Happy birthday to my very Specially Dear Sister...Deaconess Yemi Thank you for those many years of mummying me You were and are still a very great Sister. Glorious things are spoken of you and i will do much more in, with and through you says the Spirit of God I love you dearly

Full of the spirit and innovative ideas, beautiful and an exemplary fashionista...these are a few of my favorite things about you. Happy birthday dear friend...i celebrate your greatness

Happy birthday dearest friend turned sister and family . Your fame hall yet be noised abroad in this new year says the Spirit of God Thanks for being a friend so true.. wish you all the best as all you desire according to God's will come to pass speedily I love you #1000xgreater

Happy Birthday to my dearest and sweetest Big Sis of life, Pastor Bisi. It's your golden jubilee Celebration and it's the beginning of great things in your life. I love you very Dearly.🥰😍🤩🥰😍🤩

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Happy birthday Esteemed Sister Nicole of the Most one in a million sister Your commitment to the wok of the ministry over the years so inspiring Humble, loveable, diligent,loyal and ever smiling are my favourites about you. Have a 1000x greater new year I love you dearly

We Celebrate with you today and always Dear Sister Oluyelu Olakitan. Thank you for all that you do for the Master and in the Kingdom. Happy Birthday to you.

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Happy birthday Esteemed Sister Eva..thank you for friending me.

Approachable, dependable, available, diligent, courageous, hardworking, loving, kind,understanding, result oriented and a silent achiever...these are a few of my favourite things about you. My Large Hearted Big Sister Extraordinaire...thank you for friending me. Happy birthday

Sister Eva never tires, always energetic and vibrant. Fires up the flame in anyone that comes her way. You can't meet with her heads down and leave without springs in your steps. Always fuelling your inspiration with the word ever instant in season Happy birthday ma, i love you

Celebrating our dearly beloved Sis Eva. For every successful outcome or outing, you can be sure there is a Sis Eva Thank you so much for always adding color to all we do in FSD, your touch is always a plus. Its 1000x greater in all that concerns you in this new year I love you

Happy birthday dearly loved, amiable, loveable Esteemed Sister are Specially special and uniquely one else does it like you. I thank God for giving you to us as a gift..some things sure became richer,easier and better because of you I love you

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