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‼️We are LIVE in the Region 3 TXZONE 1&2 On-going training for our brethren in NEW MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES BOOT CAMP‼️ #nmtbootcamp #Txzone1 #Txzone2

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🎵We don't smoke dope... WE GET HIGH ON THE HOLY GHOST 🎵 Highlights from the Final Session of the International Teens Pastors and Leaders Conference 2020. #ITPLC2020 #LWTEENSMINISTRY

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Diplomat Senior cell of CE Douala representing the ministry before the Lord in Prayers. #prayathon2020 #iamapriestinoffice #ewcaz4

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CE Bonaberi main making power available for change. #iamapriestinoffice #PCLprayathon2020

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I am blessed by God with spiritual blessings in heavenly realm in Christ. Amen. #WordFest2020 #Wordatwork #Cephzone3 #Wojimodel

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Entrain d etre equipé pour le grand travail a venir... Merci beaucoup Pasteur #cedlagroupleadersprayerRally #ewcaz4 #Cedla #Cameroon

#cedlagroupleadersprayerRally #EWCAZ4 #Cedla #Cameroon

When the Word of God gains entrance into your heart, it opens your mind and elevates your thoughts and visions, making you exceptionally innovative. Give the Word top priority in your life today and create your new world.

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Bienaimés, comme nous prions et jeûnons aujourd'hui, nous prierons pour nos nations, leaders et familles. 1. Priez afin que la Parole de Dieu aie libre cours pour être prêchée dans la nation où vous vivez. 2 Thes 3:1 2. Priez pour les leaders de votre nation, afin qu'ils prennent des décisions justes pour le bénéfice du peuple et du Royaume de Dieu. Es 32:1 3. Priez pour les membres de vos familles, afin qu'en ce mois des bénédictions, ils marchent tous dans la conscience des bénédictions de Dieu dans leurs vies et profitent de la bonté du Seigneur. Pro 10:22 Nous prierons à 9h, 15h, et 21h pendant 10 minutes à chaque fois. Je vous aime. Ayez une journée remplie des bénédictions de Dieu.

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Les ames sont concentré sur le messagw de notre homme de Dieu Pastor Chris... #cellministrydayofbliss #soteria5 #CEDouala #EWCAZ4

The bread is symbolic of the Word of God that He gives us, which we, in turn, should “give” or share to others. As we distribute the bread (the Word), as we share the Gospel with others, and bring more souls to the Kingdom, there’s multiplication. #liftchallenge #MonthofUplifting

humble people take responsibility, even for other people’s errors, and don’t keep record of the wrongs done to them. They free those who hurt them, because true humility is submitting to the Lordship of Jesus Christ through the Word. #MonthofUplifting #liftchallenge

#MonthOfUplifting #LiftingChallenge Through you, God wants to bring many others into the same blessed union and fellowship of the Spirit, so their lives can also have meaning and purpose with divinity

#MonthOfUplifting# #LiftingChallenge#




HAPPENING NOW... TOTAL EXPERIENCE YAOUNDE #TotalExperienceYaounde #ewcavz4

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