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#celebratingoureximiusgenius...A wonder!

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#celebratingoureximiusgenius...We rejoice greatly!




Celebrating an eternal excellence!

Celebrating the LoveWorld exceptionalism

Celebrating passion for the Lord and beauty of Spirit!

Celebrating excellence...Happy Birthday Ma

Celebrating an amazing inspiration

Happy Birthday ma...thank you for being a great inspiration and blessing over the years. I celebrate you specially and heaven celebrates you ma.I looooove you ma

Woooooow......Its my Birthdayyyyy. I am deeply grateful to my Lord Jesus Christ and his priceless word mightily at work in me.I'm SUPER grateful to my darrrrling Holy Ghost for loving me so dearly and for surrounding me with such an inspiring family..the LoveWorld Nation.

Today is a greeaat and glorious day. It's the BIRTHDAY of MY Lovely,Trailblazing,Ardent Soul winner, Giver and Highly Esteemed Director. What an honor!Thank you so ma for being such a great and inspiring ICON of Light.HAPPPPY BIRTHDAY MA.#dauntless

Today, I celebrate the true definition of agelessness...I celebrate the glory of God....I celebrate ministry exceptionalism, I celebrate a valiant warrior for the Lord Jesus.I celebrate My highly Esteemed Director..#dauntless

An awesome inspiration...armed with so much determination and courage to fulfil the ministry's vision..A great blessing to generations unborn.. We celebrate you highly esteemed ma! #dauntless

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