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Happening Now- Super Session Minister-The Esteemed Pastor Ambrose Isesele. Topic: The Life and Path of a Loveworld Minister. 👉 The Lonely Road 👉The Intensive Road. 👉The Rough Road. 👉If you receive the training, you move to the next level. If you resist the training you remaining at the same level. 👉We are a special squad. We belong to the elite force. Watch out for more update. #stppllagos2019 #stpplnig2019

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Happening Now- STPPL DAY 2 SUPER SESSION Minister-The Highly Esteemed Rev Tom Amenkhienan Topic: Raising Leaders For The Next Level Our Work. Watch out for more updates. #stppllagos2019 #stpplnig2019

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Happening Now- STPPL LAGOS DAY 2 Minister-The Esteemed Rev Ray Okocha Topic: The Priestly Ministry of The Believer Watch out for more updates. #stppllagos2019 #stpplnig2019

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SPECIAL THANKS FOR IMPACTING THE LIVES OF THOUSANDS OF YOUNG PEOPLE WITH YOUR PARTNERSHIP TOWARDS THE MCC4Cs! Highly Esteemed 1. Pastor Louis Osademe 2. Pastor Akin Oketunji 3. Pastor Niyi Oluwole-Isaac thank you for changing the story of so many young people; inspiring hope and influencing tomorrow’s outcomes through the Mega Campus Crusades- MCC4C. We love and appreciate you dearly Sirs!!! #MegaCampusCrusades #AN2RR #AN2RRedefined #Blwcampusministryrocks #911generationxyz #Blwcampusministryrocks

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A WOMAN SENT FROM GOD, FULL OF GRACE, BLESSED AMONG WOMEN! I celebrate your beautiful life today and always, my love. What a blessing and precious gift from the Lord you are to me. I see the glory of God in you always as you shine ever so brightly. You're: Full of the Holy Ghost and fire! Phenomenal! Full of love, Generous and Passionately Caring. Bold, Courageous with Audacious faith. Uncompromising, Indefatigable, Full of wisdom, Diligent, Dynamic and Excellent A serial Achiever with Uncommon Grace. You're a special Package with Full Options. A beauty to behold! A unique and special daughter of consolation to our Man Of God Fastor Chris . A gift to the Church and a blessing to the world. Heaven and earth call you blessed. Happy Birthday my Baby! I love you sweetly.

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EXPRESSIONS OF FAITH UNFOLD AS PASTOR CHRIS MINISTERS HEALING   Then came the defining moment; loud bursts of praises, shouts of victory and elation announced the entrance of the man of God, Pastor Chris.   The love of the God was palpable throughout the auditorium, as the man of God ministered in the power of the Spirit to the students on the healing line. Faith was in full expression as the students demonstrated their healing. Many were liberated from the bondage of sickness; burdens were rolled away forever. What an amazing sight it was to behold!

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♨️Highlights of EASTER ZONAL CONFERENCE Day 1 It was a most Electric atmosphere in every chapter as members excitedly converged en masse at their fellowship Venues across the Zone for the most anticipated conference for a terrific time in God's presence. The Highly Esteemed Zonal Secretary, Pastor Henry Akasili taught in depth on The History of the Church, History of the Bible, and also explaining the essence of The Birth, Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus. The Vision of our Ministry was driven even deeper as it was vividly explained and illustrated what we should be doing in these last days. Excerpts of The Message; • When believers gather, it's a place of advantage where everyone is promoted as the Word is taught. • Even from history, we cannot be stopped. The more the church is persecuted, the more we grow • At different times the Spirit of God helps us attain maturity at different levels. This is one of such times! Hallelujah!!! #easterzonalconference #blwuniben #blwzonej #blwcampusministry

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Soulwinning is our mandate!!! #soulwinning #blwzonej #mandate #40000soulsmandate #Holyspiritiniraq

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Glory. .the word is working #soulwinning #blwzonej #mandate #40000soulsmandate #Holyspiritiniraq

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So mightily the Word of God and prevailed. #soulwinning #blwzonej #mandate #40000soulsmandate #Holyspiritiniraq

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Thank You so Much Pastor Sir for this glorious privilege. #soulwinning #blwzonej #mandate #40000soulsmandate #Holyspiritiniraq

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Glory to God! #soulwinning #blwzonej #mandate #40000soulsmandate #Holyspiritiniraq

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Hallelujah there is no limit to the spread of this gospel #soulwinning #blwzonej #mandate #40000soulsmandate #Holyspiritiniraq

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Inspite of all see what we've done #soulwinning #blwzonej #mandate #40000soulsmandate #Holyspiritiniraq

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#soulwinning #blwzonej #mandate #40000soulsmandate #Holyspiritiniraq

Kanikwu Promise profile on KingsChat Web Its currently happening The Holy Spirit is everywhere in the middle east

canaan profile on KingsChat Web Pastor emphasized on the fact that the Holy Spirit is the one that makes Christianity sweet THE HOLY SPIRIT IS IN THE MIDDLE EAST GLORY!!

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You wouldn't want to miss this for anything #blwzonej

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