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Everything made by God has intelligence. I have been thought how to activate the SOUND CODE. Thank you Pastor Chris ,it's a privilege to be under your tutelage. #pastorchrisismyteacher

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The law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus is operational in me, everyone and everything connected to me. Hallelujah! #liftchallenge

I am kept in Perfect Peace ,my mind is stayed on God, I trust Him completely. Hallelujah! #liftchallenge #monthofuplifting

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The next big thing live with SAMSONG-TEL! Total Experience Lugbe. #amctotalexperincelugbe

Telling of TEL, Our message is irresistible! Not by Power, Not by Might, But by His Spirit. Hallelujah! #AMCTOTALEXPERIENCELUGBE

Hoisting the Banners, knocking on Doors, Winning Souls - It's Total Experience Lugbe , a time of Bliss and the Miraculous! #amctotalexperiencelugbe

Populating God's Kingdom with Total Experience Lugbe....These guys received Christ and were immediately filled with the Holy Spirit during TEL evangelical outreach. TEL is indeed a fresh move of the Spirit. #amctotalexperincelugbe

TEL :Testimonies Every! Just out of prison after four years of wrongful imprisonment ,this young man at the middle receives Christ during TEL publicity Carnival in Abuja on Monday. Glory to God! #amctotalexperincelugbe

Total Experience Lugbe, The atmosphere is charged ! #AMCtotalexperincelugbe

TEL : All joints supply. Hallelujah! #AMCtotalexperincelugbe

Total experience Lugbe - a fresh move of the spirit! #totalexperincelugbe

Women on a mission - Total Experience Lugbe Outreach by Pearl PCF,, CE FHA 1. #AMCtotalexperiencelugbe

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LW IDS : CE FHA1 Lugbe Women's Fellowship at Lugbe Police Station

CHRIST EMBASSY ABUJA CHURCH GROWTH PROGRAM WITH THE CGI DIRECTORATE BEGINS TODAY!!! The city of Abuja is set to receive immense blessings, as hosts of angels arrive with our highly esteemed Senior Pastors on the team of the Church Growth International Directorate for a revolutionary season of training and mentorship for growth. It's going to be supernatural everyday as results overtake efforts and evident increase is recorded in every church. Plan your schedules and take full advantage of this opportunity of the Spirit. #cgi #ceabujazone

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As the Sunflower follows every movement of the sun,so I follow you,MyTeacher.You remain An Enigma. Happy birthday Pastor Chris. #CEFHA1Lugbe

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