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Drama ministration ..#cesapele #familymonth

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Happening Now! Members of Christ Embassy Warri Zone exercise divine authority over principalities, powers and spirits that blind the minds of men and hinder the spread of the gospel during the ongoing All-Night Prayer Service. It's a superlative night of soul lifting worship, awesome praise and the prevailing Word. Having come from far and near, brethren are converged in Church 1 auditorium, engaged in the exercise of prayer, establishing the Lord's will on earth, as it is in heaven. #CeWarriZone

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Happy birthday dear Bro Hope. Thank you for your commitment to the HSCH Warri Zone. We love you #CEWARRIZONE.

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Pastor Chris on Zimbabwe TV! The gospel is the only hope for humanity! #LoveworldTelevisionMinistry #HappeningNow #Spreading #cesazone5

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Hurray!!! Jason is 1 today. You are taught of the Lord & great is your peace little friend. Kisses from aunty deaconess. Love you, love you.

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A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. DONT BE THE WEAK LINK IN D CHAIN!! #cewarrizone #cewzch3

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Isaiah 1:19 TLB If you will only let me help you, if you will only obey, then I will make you rich! #Cewarrizone #church1a #insightformen

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Thank God for NOB, power has been made available. Note Project Bless N Max Impact our kids project. #cewarrizone #cewzch3 #praisecell4

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TEENSPIRATION Teenspiration debut broadcast would be live on Paradise 105.5FM today Saturday, 27th August 2016 by 10:30am. Teenspiration, the first of its kind in the BLW Nation, is a project of TEAM INITIATIVE 360: A vision birthed by Bro Anthony Edet,  #4 Cell Leader & #6 Senior Cell Leader in the BLW Nation at the ICLC 2016 and a vibrant leader in the Teens Ministry, Calabar. Teenspiration is a strategy of the Spirit to saturate the air waves with the BLW Message as contained in the Rhapsody of Realities Teevo. You can't afford to miss this special package! Tune into Paradise 105.5FM every Saturday at 10:30am for the time of your life.  We are spreading into every teenager's world! #TEENSPIRATION #SS2VZ1 #TEAMCALABARROCKS #CMC2016 #THENEXTBIGTHING

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Healing SchToronto, Canada Sun. Aug 28th, 2016 It's still happening Miracles can still happen He has not changed God of miracles🎵🎼🎹🎸

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HEALTH TIPS: MAINTAINING A HEALTHY BLOOD PRESSURE Blood pressure is the force of the blood pushing against the wall of the arteries .It is recorded as two numbers, for example, 120/80. The first number (the systolic blood pressure) indicates the pressure in the arteries as the heart squeezes out blood during each beat. The second number (the diastolic blood pressure) indicates the pressure as the heart relaxes before the next beat. Blood doesn’t circulate in an even stream around the body; rather, it travels in a constant series of spurts. Therefore, the pressure peaks in the blood vessels just after a heart beat and ebbs until the next one. A normal blood pressure range is assumed to be somewhere between 110/70 and 125/80 for a grown person, though someone with a naturally low pressure may be closer to a range of 100/60. A blood pressure of 140/90 is considered to be high, but usually, as a person gets older, that becomes the regular range. However, a blood pressure higher than 130/110 is considered dangerous. A healthy lifestyle is important to help prevent high blood pressure and its associated risks. Here are some tips: 1. Maintain a healthy weight: Being overweight and obese increases the risk of developing high blood pressure. In fact, blood pressure rises as your body weight increases. You can maintain healthy fat and cholesterol levels by eating healthy and exercising. 2. Use salt Moderately: High salt content attracts water from around your body cells into your blood to dilute it. To reduce salt intake, eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables: choose low salt bread and cereals: avoid too much seasoning, processed foods, and fast foods, which are high in salt. 3. Eat a wide variety of healthy foods: Too much calories and fatty foods put extra strain on the heart. Healthy eating is about choosing mainly plant-based foods such as vegetables, fruits, and legumes (dried peas, dried beans): grain-based foods such as bread, cereals, pasta, noodles, and rice: moderate amounts of lean meats, poultry, fish, and reduced dairy products. 4. Be active every day: Regular exercise improves heart function and lowers blood pressure and blood cholesterol.  At least fifteen minutes of exercise a day is recommended. 5. Avoid alcohol consumption: Alcohol places a strain on the liver and reduces the ability to detoxify blood, thus causing more oxidizing and damaging substances to remain in circulation where they can harm the blood vessels. For a normal blood pressure, alcohol should be avoided. Stay Healthy! Source: Healing School Magazine #cewarrizone

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OUR ALL-NIGHT PRAYER SERVICE HOLDS TODAY IN CHURCH 1! Have you begun your preparations for tonight's Intercessory All-Night Prayer Service starting by 9pm today in Church 1? Come ready to pray and receive answers to your prayers. It promises to be an enrapturing time of fellowship in God's presence! Stay with us as we bring you riveting updates from this service. #cewarrizone

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DAILY INTERCESSORY PRAYER GUIDE Tuesday 23rd August 2016. Prayer Times: 6am, 12:15pm and 10:15pm. #cewarrizone

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24th August loading....celebrating 20th Year Wedding Anniversary of our dear Pastors! We Love you our dear Pastors!

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IT'S 24hours TO GO! Join us as we celebrate 20 glorious and impactful years! It's the 20th year Wedding Anniversary of our highly esteemed Zonal Director and our dear mother, PTAD. Catch all the glitz and glamour on this space!

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CEWZ DAILY INTERCESSORY PRAYER - Wednesday 24th August 2016. Prayer Time: 6am, 12:15pm & 10:15pm 🙏 PRAY FOR OUR ZONAL PASTOR. 🙏 We are thanking God for our Zonal Pastor. Declare that Pastor will continue bask in the abundance of revelations of God's word, increased wisdom, knowledge and virtue as he selflessly and boldly teaches the body of Christ and builds every member of our Zone unto maturity.(Eph 1:17, Eph 6:18-20) 🙏 Pray that the word of God on his lips will continue to show and influence the lives of many around the city and beyond. Declare that as Pastor delivers the message of our ministry, many are discovering their purpose for living and are brought into their inheritance in Christ Jesus.(Exo 18:19, Jos 3:7, Jer 1:5) 🙏 Declare that the fountains of life that spring forth from Pastor through the gospel becomes a source of healing, hope and restoration. Pray that through his words, the power of sickness, sin and death is abolished in the lives of the hearers and they are brought into the reality of the transcendent life in Christ. (Deut 18:15-18). 🙏 PRAY FOR OUR TRANSLATORS' NETWORK INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ☀ Pray for the organization of the program; that it will be characterized with excellence in every aspect. The free transmission of God's divine presence such that our invitees will marvel at the display of God's excellence at work in us. (Dan 5:12-14) God bless you

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CELEBRATING 2 DECADES OF A HOUSE FOUNDED ON THE SOLID ROCK! It is with great joy and excitement that we congratulate our highly esteemed Pastors: Pastor Siji and Pastor Taiwo Dara! What an unparalleled blessing it is for us to be tutored, mentored and shepherded by a most adorable, astute and quintessential couple, powered by grace and an anointing from the Holy One. Thank you Pastor Sir and Pastor Ma for being a lighthouse, a beacon of love, faith and righteousness, shinning everywhere across the globe for all to see, and indeed, we rejoice in your light! Happy Wedding Anniversary our Highly Esteemed Pastors. We love you endlessly!!! #cewarrizone

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HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS TO A PRECIOUS COUPLE ON 2 DECADES OF GOD'S FAITHFULNESS What an interesting and eventful time it must have been for 2 heroes of faith to be together. 20 years! Wow! Congratulations Sir/Ma. 20 years of demonstrating the character of God's Spirit! 20 years of raising champions for Christ! Thank you for your courage to stick with God's Word. Through your lives dear Sir and Ma, it's evident for all to see the benefits of stickability with the Word. You have taught and shown us raw faith, tenacity, loyalty, service, strength of will & character, love, faithfulness, selflessness and the joy of living a God-centred life. Words are not enough to express our gratitude to the Lord, our dear Man of God, Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome and to you dear Pastor Sir and Pastor Ma, for the immense benefits that have accrued to our lives since we came in contact with you. Thank you dear Pastor Sir and Pastor Ma for touching many lives with your union! It's been 20 years of great exploits and faith expressions, 20 years of the triumph of God's prevailing Word. What a success story... We love you so much Sir/Ma!

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