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Ayo Vincent's new single Naraekele means "take or accept my thanks." It is a song of gratitude to God. It is a song acknowledging Who God is and all He has been to her.The psalmist said "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want."This is Ayo's testimony:In this month of Blessings

Snippets on Ayo Vincent new single ...Drops on the 8th of November 2019.

November 8th new single drops !!!


Click link to watch the full video ...https://youtu.be/vEwre7Tgcc4

Click the link to watch the full video ....https://youtu.be/vEwre7Tgcc4

FINALLY it's here!! The LIVE VIDEO RECORDING of "Great and Mighty God" by the award winning gospel artist AYO VINCENT. Visit the link below https://youtu.be/FB7MDcyHnx4

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A must read: STRATEGIC EXCERPTS ON CELL MINISTRY with Pastor Vale Odu-Thomas The principle of the cell is not human, it's from God; all life starts out as a cell; even the entire human body begins as a single cell that continually grows and splits until it develops into a full grown adult. Inside that cell is everything that's required for it to become all that it was programmed to be. If you're not involved in developing others, your spiritual development would be slow. God wants you to grow your faith through intercession and not through adversity. God wants to raise us doing His work, and not any other way. The Word of God will produce in you excellence in every area of your life. By participating in the cell ministry, you learn God's wisdom in application. LUKE 14:23 You have a responsibility to win your world for Jesus Christ; we're sent to compel men to come into God's purpose for their lives. We can only achieve this through the Cell ministry because participation in the cell stirs your life in the direction of God's purpose. The cell helps you grow spiritually; the cell is a care system. Knowing the purpose of the cell is vital, because you must be able to identify what the cell must deliver. Firstly, every member in the cell has a definite role. A cell must grow numerically; it must add on more members. Growth is a characteristic of the cell, and if it isn't happening, then there are things that the cell isn't doing. Secondly, the cell must grow its members spiritually; they must increase in the wisdom of God's Word. There must be increasing maturity in their communication based on God's Word. This is a vital sign of their conformity with the message. Next, they must begin to do what we do and be passionate about what we are passionate about. Never reduce your commitment to the cell ministry; the more you make people like Jesus, the more you become like Jesus. Adding more people to the cell is by evangelism. We cannot overemphasize evangelism. Train your members on evangelism; guide them on how to locate souls in their world. Reach out to people; you'd be amazed at how they respond to you. It's incredible how ready God is. It's not about eloquence, it's about being full of the Holy Ghost; it's about being passionate. Passion persuades. Bring your members to church for services; the ministry of the cell leader is not enough to mature the Christian. The same principle that causes one new person to come to your cell can cause 100people to gather to your meeting. Hallelujah!!!!! You can have an attendance of 2000 in your cell meeting; it only takes commitment. Success has a pattern; don't mystify success. But first there must be a willing heart. You must be available for meetings like this, where you are exposed to training. Training is vital, because if the axe be blunt, you would require more strength. Everyone has a role to play in the cell.  Glory to God!!!!

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“Your Presence is Here” By Ayo Vincent. Prod. By Spiritualbeatz Download Link 👇 goo.gl/aP3oCo

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*Finally* !!! its a brand new worship single from an iconic, anointed music minister. *Your Presence Is Here* by *Ayo Vincent* Prod by #Spiritulbeatz. *DL* 👇 https://ceflix.org/music/listen/607 Lyrics Verse1: You never change forever you're the same Alpha and Omega Miracle worker Sunshine in due rain, the word in our veins With our lives we proclaim you're the wonder working Father Beginning and the end our faith reaching out receiving every answer From the wonder working Father Creator of the Universe Light in the dark Your presence is the answer. Miracle worker Pre. Chorus: Oooooh ooooh Oooooh oooh Repeat verse: Chorus: Your presence is here Your power is here To mend the broken hearted Miracle worker Your presence is here Your power is here Healing every one Wonder working Father Ooooh ooooh Repeat chorus:

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...even as we all prepare for the coming year, let this life changing teaching by Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome stir you up to respond differently. Be edified as you watch. #Monthofbenediction #TALKINGSESSION #AFFIRMATIONTRAIN

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