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Loveworld USA crew! #loveworldusa

Selfies with my Loveworld Networks Family! 🤗😍😄👑😘😎

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Loveworld Networks Station managers talks about different Loveworld stations achievements and plans. #Loveworldusa #Loveworldnetworks #Loveworldnetworksconference

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Pastor Ose and Pam, praying for the nations...

Happy Birthday to Larry Maher -our editor and director for Loveworld USA!

Discussion on SPEAKING IN TONGUES. Must I speak in tongues? Reverend Ray : When you speak in tongues, your spirit man prays. Pastor Tony Martin: True prayer is someting that proceeds from the depths of our spirit. When I pray in an unknown tongue, my own spirit is releasing words and cries to God Pastor Jella Wojacek: There is no earthly language that is holy enough to communicate with this Holy God Pastor Karen Victor: New tongues is the language for every believer. Tongues is for every believer who is born again. Evangelist Eddy Owase: If you don't speak in tongues, you are limited. When you speak in tongues, you build, charge yourself. Your fellowship with God becomes so vital. There is a depth of God you enjoy HOW DO I SPEAK IN TONGUES? Say " I receive the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus." Instantly, you receive the Holy Spirit. Strange words from your spirit will begin to bubble from within you and you give it voice. Reverend Tom: Your spiritual growth is accelerated when you speak in tongues. When you receive the Holy Ghost, you receive the ability to speak in tongues. Speaking in tongues is supernatural. When you pray in tongues, you cover more grounds. #GlobalPrayerWeek  

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GLOBAL PRAYER WEEK DAY 2 EVENING SESSION 2nd Prayer Session with our man of God, Pastor Chris Understand that there are angels of salvation and angels of deliverance. We pray; Lord, we release the angels of deliverance among Your people, just like we release angels of salvation when we pray for harvest of souls, and they cause men to have experiences that lead them to the Lord. Now, as we release the angels of deliverance among God's people, we'll begin to see deliverance like never before. Pray for the young people; the devil is trying to destroy them with drugs and worldliness. Rebuke that spirit from among them and declare that there will be mighty revelation of God's Word among them. Watch live now on all our Loveworld Networks, CEFLIX and Live Tv Mobile Apps. #GlobalPrayerWeek

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Rev. Dr. Billy Graham passed on to be with the Lord today! Let us pray for his family and all those who worked closely with him. The Church will miss him but the Church rejoices for the great work he did on this plane of the earth (Rev. Chris Oyakhilome D.Sc, D.D)

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DAY 3 EVENING SESSION Acts 2:47....In ministry, there must be a consistency which is followed by growth..increase. The Lord 'added' to the church. Acts 6:1- as they continued consistently there was a multiplication. vs 7- the word of God increased greatly. 'A lot of people coming to Christ' is not synonymous with 'the word of God increasing'. The ministry of the gospel requires that we get others enlisted in the army. People ought to be trained and sent forth. Until your city is filled with the knowledge of the word there will be a problem. God's word must increase in our lives and through us to other people. #GlobalPrayerWeek

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Watch Recap of Pastor Benny paying tribute to an amazing Man of God Pastor Billy Graham "When you focus on souls, God will focus on you"- Pastor Benny

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It's time for the greatest revival the world has ever seen!!! - Pastor Benny Watch a recap of Pastor Benny paying tribute to Pastor Billy Graham #LWUSA #LoveWorldUSA #LoveWorld

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Day 4 with our Man of God Pastor Chris Live Now!!! Tune In as we pray to cause changes in our world #GlobalPrayerWeek #LWUSA #LoveWorldUSA

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There is no country that can close their doors to us Take a step of faith and start causing change in other peoples lives #GlobalPrayerWeek #LWUSA #LoveWorldUSA

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My new friend - Precious Pastor Ose! We are going to make great news together!

Amazing night for Love world! Generous donations that will help spread The Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world! Beautiful Pastor Ose!

Incredible and anointed night #3!

Enjoying our first Loveworld telethon! Phones are ringing and Pastor Benny is answering!

In action! Your LoveWorld

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