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Happy Birthday dear Pst. BROWN-very humble,meek,friendly yet powerful:an ardent follower & a great blessing to us all in Midwest Zone This new year holds for you much blessings of greater Grace & much impact. Your fragrance of our Lord Jesus is stronger & Sweeter #CEMIDWESTZONE

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pst. JOSEPH BROWN. Congratulations to you on another leap into an extraordinary year! You are very humble, meek, friendly yet powerful ; an ardent follower and a great blessing to us all in Midwest Zone! This new year holds for you much blessings #cemidwestzone

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Happy birthday of lights to you Pastor. I celebrate you specially for teaching us God's word and for being a number example on how to follow our highly esteemed zonal Pastor as she follows PASTOR. We love you lavishly Sir! #PB711 #CEBOWEN #CEWARRISOUTH #LWTEENSMINISTRY

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Behold the Princess, she is 2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my darling. You are growing in the anointing and becoming God's dream lady to your world. I love you and God bless you.

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Cherylene is 2 glory to God, happy birthday to my baby.... Too smart girl I love you baby #cesiluko #cemidwestzone #iaminoffice #group4a #Cheryis2

It's MUSIC FROM HEAVEN... wow wow wow! #cesiluko #cemidwestzone #iaminoffice #group4a

Beautiful time with Join This Chariot. Yes God can trust me#jointhischariot #cemidwestzone #cesiluko1 #group4a

You are worth CELEBRATING; HAPPY birthday my dear. Welcome to a new level of GRACE, GLORY, BEAUTY & EXCELLENCE. Enjoy it

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IT'S OUR MONTH OF UPLIFTING! PROCLAIM THE WORD TO EVERYTHING AROUND YOU - PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME. And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15). Jesus didn’t send us to preach the Gospel to human beings only; He said, “Preach the Gospel to every creature.” That’s quite instructive. It means you can proclaim the Word to anything and everything around you, because everything in life has intelligence. Everything God made can hear and recognise His voice. Jesus proved this true. Once, He spoke to a tree and it withered from its roots (Mark 11:12-14, 20-21).  Perhaps your car has been grounded; if you’d talk to it; if you’d release words of power to that car, before long, it’ll be back on the road. Maybe your house and everything in it is getting old, you can call forth a renewal. Declare, “House, in the Name of Jesus, you’re renewed.” Walk through the rooms and prophesy that new furniture, decorative items, electronics, etc., are coming in the Name of Jesus!  Many haven’t come to that point of prophesying and speaking the Word to everything around them; so they complain. Don’t complain; proclaim the Word. Maybe you only have one pair of shoes; instead of complaining to God about it, declare, “I invoke the blessing of God on this shoe, to bring forth a harvest.” Then, give it to God as an offering. Before long, you’ll have more than enough shoes for yourself and to give as gifts to others.  You might ask, “Is it really that simple?” Sure it is! The principle is clear; Jesus said, “…Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit” (John 12:24). Proclaim the Word to your seed; your money and the things you own. Speak to your offerings to the Lord and say, “You’re coming back in a multiplied harvest, in the Name of Jesus; I release you with the blessings of God.”  Don’t cry for the lack of money; don’t cry about something you don’t have; put the principles in God’s Word to practice and you’ll surely have a testimony. Glory to God! #uplifting #liftchallenge #talkingsession #proclaimtheword #affirmationtrain

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#nobiguobazuwa #nobiwithpmary #cemidwestzone #cesiluko #group4a

#nobiguobazuwa #nobiwithpmary #cemidwestzone #cesiluko #group4a

Let's do it bigger and better #nobiguobazuwa #nobiwithpmary #cemidwestzone #cesiluko #group4a

It was a beautiful experience inviting the people of Iguobazuwa. The Ohen of Etete of Benin Kingdom vehemently told our Group Pastor that he will be at the program. #noblissiguobazuwa #noblisswithpmary #cemidwestzone #cesilukomodel

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#nobiguobazuwa #Nobiwithpmary #cemidwestzone #cesiluko #group4a

Updated her profile photo

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#cemidewestzone #cesiluko #group4a #graceservice

#cemidewestzone #cesiluko #group4a #graceservice

First Timers and NC in our services yesterday as a result of House to House evangelism. The word works!!! #cemidwestzone #ceisiohor1 #mymonthofbeauty.

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CE WARRI SOUTH GROUP FOUNDATION SCHOOL GRADUATION CEREMONY More Pictures from the CE Warri-South foundation school graduation. #Cemidwestzone #CeWarrisouth #Foundationschoolgraduation

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