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WHAT I TOLD MY DAUGHTER TODAY ... AS SHE TURNS TWENTY-ONE. * Marriage is not an achievement; it is in the natural course of life for those who desire it. I do not believe that marriage is the very next thing in view. Even though I met your mom when she was about your present age, it must not be the natural aspiration of every young woman to come of age just to get married. There is so much you could do with your life. Chart your course consciously. If you desire it and THINK IT RIGHT FOR YOU, you may then get married. If it's not clear, ASK GOD. * I do not subscribe to the often-held notion, especially among Africans, that for every woman, there is a specific man out there, known only to God and revealed only to the woman who prays hard enough for it. God's children everywhere are generally beautiful. A wife is FOUND in a woman who lives out the love-nature of God which is embedded in her spirit. Nothing beautifies and distinguishes you like the anointing of the Lord. *Finally, never stop singing! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Olive!!! (LOML 😁)

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Breaking News...!!breaking news... Nigeria is the center of a thriving Economy, international businesses are bringing their companies to invest in Nigeria.!! Gloryyyy... #CeaccraGhanaZone

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#bestofisraelstrong Yes!!!!!

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#LMNEWS: Hello beautiful people of God. It's finally here, the long awaited full album from Israel Strong. Get it from the official and authorized Link: and be blessed. powered by lmdnmusicstream #LMAMSTARBLOGSPOT #LMAMROYALTYGIST.

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The best of Isreal Strong album vol 1 is now up for download on CETUNES... Click here to download!

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Breaking news....There is a new Nigeria with peaceful electoral process and prosperity everywhere because we have prayed. Glllooorryy. Hallelujah. #prayfornigeria #portharcourt #nigeria #cephzone2

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Ours is a continual triumphal procession and that applies strongly in regard to the elections in Nigeria and beyond! Glory! A peaceful elections ahead and outcomes fully consistent with the Lords perfect will for Nigeria at this time! #prayforNigeria, #PortHarcourt, #Nigeria

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Watch out for the breaking news as things are already aligning to the WILL OF GOD #prayfornigeria # midwestzone #warri #nigeria

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PRAYING NOW... Pray for postive contributions of the Media, that they be guided by the Holy Spirit to discharge its role in the interest of the public. #prayfornigeria #portharcourt #cephzone3 #nigeria

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#prayfornigeria #Portharcourt #Nigeria #cephzone2

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Breaking News! Victory, Victory, Victory will be seen in our Nation. #PrayingforNigeria #PortHarcourt #Nigeria

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We have prayed.. Light has lit every quarter.. Darkness had left... Victories, victories, Victories! #prayingfornigeria #Lagos #nigeria

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#ongoing PRAYING FOR NIGERIA Yes! It's day 4 and the glory is increasing ARISE! SHINE for thy light is come. Watch Live on Loveworld Sat or Loveworld Plus. Remember to use the hashtag #Prayingnow #Abuja #Nigeria

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#prayfornigeria #lagos #nigeria

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#prayingfornigeria #portharcourt #nigeria #cephzone2

The forthcoming national electoral process in Nigeria is its characterized transparency, peace and orderliness. #prayfornigeria #london #unitedkingdom

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As we pray, Angels are mobilized into Nigeria, demonic forces are demobilized and the righteous cause of the Lord prevails in our land in Jesus name...Amen. #prayforNigeria #PortHarcourt #Nigeria

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#prayfornigeria #PORTHARCOURT #NIGERIA

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#prayfornigeria #Portharcourt #Nigeria

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