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The word of God is activated in my life by my words

It's 1 hour to your moment of destiny.....2 Days of Blessings with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny @ The Loveworld Arena Lekki. 5:30pm prompt.  God bless you. #2daysofblessings  #pastorchrisandpastorbennyontheisland #CELZ5

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When you're jez all by yasef haaapppyyyyy.

Joyful meee. Birthday girl. Celebrating A SHINING STAR.

Because we're happy...

HBD Pastor Paul my bday mate. WE were born 2 shine the light of God everywhere. I love u and I'm still expecting ur call as is the norm. 😀

Happy birthday to ME Alive! Well!! Strong!!! Doing exploits for Jesus.Thank God for another year And Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary to US.😚

Updated her profile photo

Updated her profile photo

Tahn Tahn tararara. Turururu.... It's someone's birthday in a few......

Everyday I discover anoda side of U.Not just our Kingmaker &D Mother of all stars but U’re my AFOBAJE & MY IYE NI YE #123celebratingalegend

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Mommy o, mommy o... Oluwa da mama si fun wa. HBD Evang momma. A million songs couldn't tell hw much you mean to us. #123celebratingalegend

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Happy birthday to you Mum. A mum of sooooooo many children YET has a place in her heart for every single one of us. Chai! I love u endlessly

Words so precious producing seeds so awesome. Thank you Jesus.

It is official. I LOVE BISHOP CLARENCE McCLENDON. How can I thank you enough dad Pastor Chris for this program??? May God thank you for me.

I am perfumed with the anointing of victory. Oh my God. I just dey smell everywhere. Glory!

Oh my goodness. I'm having 'Breakouts' oooo. Yes! SUPERNATURAL BREAKOUTS


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Bishop McClendon: The principle of Honor & the principle of seed. Tithe is not a money principle but a honor principle. Honor God with your substance. If you are not a giver of God's designated portion, you will not qualify for the wealth transfer... Seed has a divine origin.  The seed is for your provision. Your job was never intended to meet your need, your job was intended to provide you seed (Ephesians 4:28) You’re not supposed to work for a living, you’re supposed to be giving for a living. You can hold 4 jobs and not have your needs met, you can have 5 jobs and still be lacking. No one can fix your income- Man can decide your paycheck but they cannot decide your income, if you’re a giver, or a sower. God wants you to give of the fruit of your labor and to live off the fruit of your harvest. #YourLoveworld

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