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Glory to God. #LPC #CEAccraGhanazone #7allnight

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#AFFIRMATIONTRAIN 10TH FEBRUARY. I affirm that there's nothing that I do that is void of the anointing. The anointing of God is on everything that I do. This anointing causes me to spread, flourish, and advance in life. I am far ahead of any competitor or distractor. God has granted me the speed of the Spirit and I experience luxuriant growth, and persistent productivity in every area of my life. Irrespective of the daunting challenges, persecutions, hardships and troubles, I remain steadfast, courageous, and bold in my commitment to the Gospel, and its spread around the world. My heart burns with passion for the Gospel. I am dedicated to a life that’s meaningful, a life directed to impact others with the power of God's Word. When men are cast down, I am lifted, because of the lifting power of God that is at work in me! Blessed be God! If the clouds be full of rain, they empty themselves upon the earth: Keep saying it, don't stop talking it! You can now reach us on: Like, share and drop your affirmations on the comment section. Please do download more life changing messages through the link: God bless you. #Globalcommunionservice #iflourish #TheYearOfFlourishing #AffirmationTrain #LuxuriantGrowth #SignificantAttainment #PersistentProductivity #RhapsodyOfRealities

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Watching Pastor Benny Hinn live and he is talking about his encounter with @PastorChris. He said he's not seen such humility in 44 yrs...

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Quotes from PASTOR BENNY HINN to REV CHRIS OYAKHILOME............... You have the Best of Everything,The Best Musicians,D Best dressed men,I have been everywhere(includes USA and d uk ) the SPIRIT of Excellence I see here is the Best. And I concur .If you concur kindly like comment and share

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#AFFIRMATIONTRAIN 1ST NOVEMBER. I affirm that there's no wilderness nor dry lands around me! For the wilderness has become a fruitful ground and the dry lands a river flowing ground. The Spirit of God has taken over everywhere in my world. As I daily affirm the word, God's Spirit is causing circumstances and situations to align themselves with God's plan and purpose for my life and my environment. The devil and his demons can never reign in my world; because Jesus is the reigning King in my world. The Spirit of God is resting upon everything that lives in my world and as a result, there's fruitfulness, progress, righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. There's so much noise of victories all around me. I've received an ability to start and also to finish all that God has called me to do. My heart is open to fresh and new ideas that is not common to the ordinary man. The speed of the Lord is upon me and my heart is open for the wisdom of God to flow through me. Every day of my life will count! None of my days on earth will be wasted; the Spirit of God and the Word of God have turned me into another man. Glory to God! I affirm that every part of me is willing and ready to act on the Word of God. I refuse to live a life of excuse and procrastination. I'm on the right path; enjoying God's manifold riches in every area of my life. I'll never be helpless in life because God has the right people at the right place and at the right time to favour me. I will laugh my way through life because He that sits on the throne shall laugh. Even when men and nations are cast down, there's a lifting up for me. There's a lifting up for everything that is within and around me. God has turned the worst times into my best time because in such a way that all things worketh together for my good. Boy, I am blessing from God: I'm a plus to the Kingdom of God, to my earthly family and to the world at large. I have enough time and whatever time it is that is left, is enough to finish all that God had put in my heart to do. I've gained the speed of the spirit even as God has restored unto me the years the locust, cankerworm and caterpillar had eaten. I will surely eat and be satisfied, and I will praise the name of the Lord God who had dealt wondrously with me. Never again will I, nor they that dwell in my world be ashamed. Glory to God! • Keep saying it, don't stop talking...!! Remember, you can make your way prosperous with words. Get talking today! You can also reach us on: Kingschat: Email: ...Please do download more inspiring messages here God bless you.

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Pastor Chris Worth Hearing... #57 #IncreasedGrace #YearOfSpreading #2016 ____________________________________ #BLWIntlUK Follow the BLW International Office UK SuperUser account on KingsChat

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Fresh from service. #CEAccraGhanaZone

Grace is all I see. Have a gracious Sunday. #CEAccraGhanaZone

Smart-Shoes. Yes? Meet Nike's new electronic shoes that have sensors in the heels, pressable buttons, and tie their laces using electric motors. Only 89 pairs have been made in the whole world so far. Check them out on

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The Zonal Stakeholders Meeting with the Esteemed Zonal Director The Esteemed Zonal Director continued to instruct, exhort and enlighten the thousands of stakeholders gathered in the auditorium and many more connected from churches across the zone, with emphasis on these words: "As a stakeholder you must set a date for your miracle. A stakeholder is an influencer of the collective goal of the group. Identify with the vision Come out of the "cave" When you are a profitable servant, you will know the timing of the Spirit. The time for great impact is now! " Praise God forevermore! *Remember to post what you learnt and received as well*

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KaySoDanceLive Coming soon. #CEAccraGhanaZone

KaySoDanceLive coming soon #ceaccraghanaZone

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