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*LET’S PRAY FOR THE SICK* Join in the intercession for the sick around the world. Register for the upcoming Healing School Online Prayer Conference holding on the 20TH July, 2019 @ 4 D Summer Session 2019 @ #hspc #summersession2019

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"The world today has become so hopeless. Men have lost hope in the future; they've lost hope in just about everything. But there's hope in Christ. And when we minister that hope, we're not giving people some false hope, no; He proves His reality in the message that we preach."⁠ -⁠ Learn more from today's Rhapsody Of Realities daily devotional about preaching the gospel. You can also get your copy here⁠ -⁠ #loveworld #loveworldusa #rhapsodyofrealities #devotional #dailydevotional #scriptureoftheday #Godsword #morningdevotional

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"SOUL WINNING IS OUR PRIME RESPONSIBILITY" - ESTEEMED PASTOR ALOY OKEI CHARGED DELEGATES AT THE ISM MINISTERS NATIONAL CONFERENCE, FLORIDA, USA The Plenary Session of the first-ever ISM Ministers Conference in Florida, USA, was a special time of strengthening with the Word and Impartation of increased grace for effective soul winning and evangelism in these last days. Teaching on the inspiring topic, “The Urgency of the Harvest,” the highly esteemed Regional Pastor of Christ Embassy USA Region 1, Pastor Aloy Okei, emphasized on the importance of soul winning and evangelism to church growth and expansion, and reminded the delegates that soul winning is their prime responsibility as ministers of the Gospel. Making reference to Mathew 9:35-38, John 9:4 and John 4:35, Pastor Aloy urge the ministers to not only to rekindle the urgency of the harvest in themselves but also in their brethren. Esteemed Pastor Aloy also affirmed that God has a timing in place and urged the delegates to understand God's timing and act accordingly. "As ministers of the gospel, we need to understand God's timing and calendar, and rekindle that sense of urgency in all we do for Kingdom expansion. Don’t waste time!" He strongly admonished. Concluding his impactful teaching, Pastor Aloy Okei strongly admonished the ministers to be very courageous, have a clear action plan after the conference, remain conscious of who they are, and be faithful to do the things the Lord has called them to do. Surely, the lives and ministries of the delegates will not remain the same after this Conference. Expression of joy unspeakable were seen in their faces as they confirm their attendance for the upcoming World Evangelism Conference with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn! Glory! Watch this page for more updates on upcoming ISM Ministers Conference around the world! #ism #happeningnow #ismregionalconferences #internationalschoolofministry #WEC2019 #PastorChris

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Ladies and Gentlemen. With A Red Carpet of Applause 👏 I Present to you The LoveWorld Nation CEO for 1 Day. Congratulations Esteemed Sis Loretta Odii. This is Just the Continuation of your Greatness!

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Happy Birthday Pastor Elijah You are the Best! I love you dearly

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Thanksgiving Service @ CE Port Harcourt Zone 1 Learn to appreciate deeply... - Pastor Amaechi Udeaku Psalms 100 (msg) 1On your feet now—applaud God!     Bring a gift of laughter,     sing yourselves into his presence. 3 Know this: God is God, and God, God.     He made us; we didn’t make him.     We’re his people, his well-tended sheep. 4 Enter with the password: “Thank you!”     Make yourselves at home, talking praise.     Thank him. Worship him. 5 For God is sheer beauty,     all-generous in love,     loyal always and ever. #thanksgiving #cephzone1

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BREAKING NEWS!!! 📢📢📢📢📢📢 "YOUR LOVEWORLD" DAILY LIVE BROADCAST PRAY A THON WITH PASTOR CHRIS HOLDS from THIS Wednesday 3rd - Friday 5th July 2019 SCHEDULED BROADCAST TIME IN DIFFETENT TIME ZONES & DURATION: WEDNESDAY - JUST 1 SESSION 4pm - 7pm GMT 5pm - 8pm GMT+1 6pm - 9pm GMT+2 12pm - 3pm EASTERN TIME 9am - 12pm PACIFIC TIME THURSDAY & FRIDAY - 2 SESSIONS DAILY 10am - 1pm & 4pm - 7pm GMT 11am - 2pm & 5pm - 8pm GMT+1 12pm - 3pm & 6pm - 9pm GMT+2 6am - 9am & 12pm - 3pm EASTERN TIME 3am - 6am & 9am - 12pm PACIFIC TIME 📺💻🖥📱📡📡WATCH & PARTICIPATE ON ALL LOVEWORLD NETWORKS, LTM NETWORKS, RADIO & CEFLIX 📺💻🖥📱📡📡 ALSO PLEASE NOTE: THE MAN OF GOD SAID WE ARE FASTING FROM WEDNESDAY 3RD - FRIDAY 5TH JULY 2019 WHAT A DIVINE WAY TO ROUND OFF OUR GLORIOUS 30 DAYS PRAY A THON WITH THE MAN OF GOD PASTOR CHRIS.  Indeed as the man of God posted, PastorChrisLive Pray A Thon has been rich, most rewarding, gloriously impactful and a great blessing to the entire world.  #prayingnow #prayingwithpastorchrislive #PCLprayathon2019 #country #zone Like, comment, reshare Shout hallelujah with your hands lifted and follow this super user account if you had an awesome time in the month of prayer. 🙌🙌

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📜"God promises that when you come looking for Him confiding in Him in prayer, He will listen to you. When you get serious about finding Him with all your heart and want Him more than anything else, He will make sure things turn around for your good". Now Sings My Soul Volume One Anya Dara Ptadzworld Publishers 📜✍ CLICK LINK BELOW TO GIFT $10 AND MORE- ...And receive free copies of our new released E-Books "NOW SINGS MY SOUL " VOLUMES ONE AND TWO A SPIRITUAL GUIDE TO SOUND MENTAL HEALTH. Our visit to the Innercity Mission was greatly inspiring and impacting. We are taking our Ptad Lights Golden Jubilee Campaign to raise $100,000 to send 2000 kids back to school at the ICM to the next phase. Kindly watch out for details coming soon! Every child is your child - Pastor Chris Ptadzworld Publishers 📜✍ #soundmentalhealth #nowsingsmysoluvol1and2 #bookexcerpts #mentalhealth #mentalhealthadvocacy #writerscommunity #booksforchristians #christianbookreview #christianblogger #bookstagram #writersofinstagram #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmonth #mentalhealthcare #thinkgodsthoughts #mentalhealthamerica #mentalhealthuk #mentalhealthafrica #mentalhealthnigeria #mentalhealthaustralia #mentalhealthcanada #mentalhealthkenya #authorsofinstagram #bestsellers

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Christ Embassy Chad children's church celebrates the Esteemed Director of the Children’s Ministry, Pastor Omoh Alabi. Thank you so much ma for your exemplary commitment to the children's ministry. We love you dearly ma. #POA630 #DAUNTLESSPOA #VALOROSASOLDATESSA

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🎉🇺🇸 GREAT NEWS!! ICLC 2019 REGIONAL/ ZONAL EDITION COMMENCES IN USA ZONE 1, USA REGION 1 ON JULY 12TH & JULY 13TH! ✨💡 ICLC 2019 is unlike any other ICLC. You’ll indeed understand the times and seasons, and be equipped to do even greater exploits for the kingdom! Every session is specially packaged for your promotion. You must not miss it! Come excited and come ready to run like never before! The ministry approved centers for Zone 1 are: CE Largo, Maryland, CE Los Angeles, California, CE Eastbay, CA. Use hashtag: #ICLC2019INREGION1 God bless you. #USAREGION1 #USAZ1 #ICLC2019INREGION1

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🎉🎉🎉🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸REACH OUT USA 2019: ILLUMINATE THE USA!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🎉🎉 In preparation and in celebration of true freedom, we have ROUSA! The biggest celebration & outreach event across the U.S.A. using our messenger angel. ✨✨💡💡 *  PRAY for the salvation of souls as we reach out and the impact of our message in the land; * Start creating excitement and awareness in your churches & on your social media; * Print the necessary materials you need for ReachOut USA; * Research & plan to participate in major parades in your city, engage different community centers through your community service and with the messenger angel. * Use the hashtags #ROUSA19 #USAONEROUSA #USAREGION1 #USAR1Z1 #USAR1Z2 🎉🎉🎉🎉 Congratulations in advance on an incredible opportunity to win our world for Jesus and Christianize our community! Kindly direct all questions & share your success stories with your pastors or respective zonal offices. God bless you!!!!

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Only 3 out of 100 Americans donate blood, yet every 2 seconds someone needs blood. MORE IS NEEDED! No matter your blood type, We need you. Together, we can save lives. Sign Up & Be a part of the BLOOD DRIVE @ CE LARGO on July 5th, 9am-2pm. #CELARGO #REDCROSS #EVERYLIFEMATTERS

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Only 3 out of 100 Americans donate blood, yet every two seconds someone needs it. MORE IS NEEDED! No matter your blood type, we need you. Together, we can save lives .  SignUp & Be a part of the BloodDrive @CElargo on July 5th 9am-2pm #CELARGO #REDCROSS #EVERYLIFEMATTERS

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🎉🇺🇸💡 USA Region 1 booth at the ongoing ICLC Exhibition. Come learn about our expansion, growth, and domination in the 2018-2019! It’s also our one year anniversary as a region this year. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🎉 Lots to see, to be inspired by, and to learn! There’s also an ongoing raffle for exciting prices- so stop by! Make sure to see other stands at the 2019 ICLC Exhibition stand as well. God bless you! #ICLC2019 #ICLCEXHIBITION #Loveworldexhibition 🎉

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🎉🇺🇸🗣: 15 Days to July 4th & ROUSA2019!! The theme for this year is ‘Illuminate the USA!’ On July 4th, we will go out en mass across our churches to share this glorious gospel! ‘The answer to their very cry, solution for their weary hearts, we bring to them good news...It’s Rhapsody!’ 🎶🎶💡 💡💡 Get ready! Get ready! Get ready! Share your highlights with #USAONEROUSA #ROUSA2019 #USAR1Z1 #USAREGION1

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🎉🗣 : I testify! Our God is still changing lives & testimonies are still rolling in from Light of the World! This one is from our very own Pastor Pevans of CE Sacramento: ‘Glory be to God forever more. Thank you so much Pastor Sir for the light of the world program. My mom recieved her healing as we watched the program from Sacramento CA. Our Esteemed Pastor Aloy spoke concerning her heart condition. 24 hours later, She came to my room dancing in the holy ghost. My Mom is healed. Glory be to God.’ Hallelujah ! The lord is gracious and kind!! Her healing is perfected in Jesus name- Amen! If you have testimonies from LOTW with Pastor Aloy at the Ritchie Coliseum, be sure to share them with us on God bless you! #USAREGION1

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