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Your Union is indeed made in heaven. Thank you pastors Archie and Ngy Aseme for being a tremendous blessing in my life through your teachings and ministrations. Truly Great men are made by words. No words to describe your impact..NO WORDS!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY❤❤❤ #offer2A6

Dearest Pastor Ngy Aseme, Thank you for teaching me discipline,Class and excellence. You made me understand that there is class in christianity...Absolute perfection. I am a success today in ministry because of all these things that i imbibed. You are amazing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY❤❤

Dear Esteemed pastor Archie Aseme, I'm grateful to God that i met you in my life. You Made me a praying person and ignited in me the passion to go for the word. I am many times better and greater today because of the rub off from you. I love and celebrate you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY❤

Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Ejeme Ebuade. Detailed, excellent, smart and kind hearted. You are a role model. I rejoice with you on this special Day. Congratulations pastor Ma. I love you.

I declare that the spirit of God has enlightened my heart and caused me to grasp and walk in deeper realities of the kingdom of God. My Day 14 study on An Exposé on grace completed. Its been a feast on the word.

Happening Now... Your Loveworld Specials with Pastor chris. SEASON 3 PHASE 2. Participate 👇 Knowledge is increased...Fresh Revelation from the throne room.

The word of God is my life and substance, the word has made me fruitful in every good work. Day 13 study on An Exposé on grace completed.

Success is my birthright, Excellence is my calling and winning is my lifestyle. Glory to God. Day 12 study on an Exposé on Grace completed.

Day 11 study completed. I live in the realm of Glory. I am the beauty of God. I am the glory of God. Hallelujah!

An Exposé on Grace , Day 10 study completed.

I take advantage of the sovereignty of the name of Jesus today. I declare that i am in charge ,i am in office. I live in the name of Jesus Today. Hallelujah.

I am not of this world and i do not function by the principles of the world. I am an overcomer. Glory to God. Day 8 study on An Exposé on Grace completed.

There is no room for doubt as i use the name of Jesus to effect changes in my life, city and the world,Hallelujah!!!. Day 8 study completed.

I have completed My study on An Exposé of Grace Day 7. Its been inspiring.

Its been a feast on the word. I walk in increased grace.

#PHOTOHIGHLIGHTS We proclaimed his name boldly. Preparing the people to meet God. With Joy they received the Rhapsody of Realities and the New year message "The Year of preparation". #Globalcelloutreachweek #CeAbazone #Glorious2Cell #PneumaPcf

#PHOTOHIGHLIGHTS They were so receptive to the word. Indeed the kingdoms of this world has become the kingdom of our Dear God. #GlobalCelloutreachweek #ceAbazone #Glorious2cell #Pneumapcf

#PHOTOHIGHLIGHTS It was a day of joy as we entered our catchment with the news of God's saving power. This is in line with the global Cell outreach week. #Globalcelloutreachweek #CeAbazone #Glorious2Cell #PneumaPcf

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Happy Birthday to My Pastor Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome Dsc. DD. You are an interruption into the sense realm. A sapience of great Repute. You have proven beyond reasonable doubts in 2020 that the whole world is your Parish. I love you so much Pastor Sir. #Offer7 #Dec7

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