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CELEBRATING GREAT GRACE Happy Birthday to our Dear Brother Jason Ikeokwu ! The grace of God is mighty upon your life, causing you to excel beyond mundane understanding. Kings come to your rising, for you are indeed favored and blessed; A beauty to behold. God bless you! We love you dearly!❤️ #PREPERATION #SONSOFMINISTRY #CELEBRATION #PERFECTION

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Happy 21st Birthday dear Jason! Super smart, 'techy', full of the word and the spirit You are an AMAZING young man and I love you dearly! Your path shines ever brightly and increasingly glorious! I love you Jason💙 Enjoy!

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Happy wedding anniversary dear highly esteemed Pastor Sir and Ma. You are examples to emulate. Thanks for all you do in our Loveworld nation. Thanks for teaching us how to follow our MoG.You will always walk the path of grace,peace and joy.We always love you. HWA.❤🍸🍹🥂🎂🍇

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Happy wedding anniversary mum and dad as you begin yet another year of your lives together, may gods blessings of health and a long lif be with you today and forever more, I've been thinking what's the best gift I could give to you so here's a bunch of my heart wishes to say.

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Happy 21st birthday dear Jason. Full of Spirit, loving, super smart, always helpful and so thoughtful. Your love for the Lord is so evident and most inspiring. You surely are for signs and wonders. Enjoy this glorious new phase. I love you dearly 💕

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CELEBRATING GOD'S GRACE Happy Birthday Dear Bro Jasonn!🎉 🤗 A problem solver! A solution bringer!⭐⭐ I ❤ your laugh! I ❤ your smile! I ❤ your willingness to help others! . Thank you your selfless contribution to the quick spread of the gospel in these times!💕💕 #SONSOFMINISTRY

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Hurrah!! Jason is 21 Dear sweet son of mine, 21 looks good on you. You have always been a sweet lovely child and now you are a gracious young man. God’s grace is increased upon you. The world is opened unto you. We will all hear and witness your exploits. I love you deeply - dad

Happy Birthday Pastor Sir. Thank you for being the trailblazer you are. The beacon that draws men. We receive light, warmth and nurture because we responded to the beacon you are. Thank you for being the full embodiment of whom Jesus Christ is. You make it so easy to be a Christian. God bless you, keep you and continually uplift you today and always. We love you with all our hearts sir. ...the LN247 team

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Pepetual... not extinguished. See you soon. 💐

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Yup!! All seats full!! They said the church wouldn’t gather for another 2 years. They said we wouldn’t come together again. God’s word, performed, as He said it would. #monthofrecovery 1Sam 30:1- “No matter the situation, never despair, God is in control” Pastor Yemisi

Update: And the empty seats are filling up. We keep pouring in. Yup... we are back!! #thepoweroftheword

Fulfillment of prayers and prophecy!! “The churches would be full when we reopen”. Yes we can’t be stopped!!!

Still celebrating a thorough & perfect example of Christ! You never see souls as trees. Full of tireless fervour for the Kingdom, always seeing God's Vision in everything, an endless inspiration. Your fruits speak loud & clear! I❤you Dad, & join the world in thanking God for you!

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Happy birthday Sir! You are SPECIAL in everyway! Thank you for exhibiting the character of the Spirit at all time. Thank you for your unparalleled sense of humour😊👏 Thank you for the love and kindness you lavish on everyone that comes in contact with you. The Lord is with you Sir, STRONG AND MIGHTY! My Family and I, love you dearly!💞

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Happy birthday sir.Thank you for all that you do for IMPACTONE! We love and appreciate you sir.

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Happy Birthday dear Pastor Tony, God bless you for your dedication and commitment to the vision of the ministry, for all you do to facilitate the propagation of the gospel and for the many lives you've impacted for Christ. It's from glory to greater glory for you. Enjoy a glorious year of increased grace and abundant blessings. I love you

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Happy Birthday To My Amazing Mother🤩🥳 #PTAD0506

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Happy Birthday Dear Pastor Tony, the highly intelligent Media Director. Keep shining and advancing the work I love you.

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