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#CESAZONE1 #BEFORETHERING SINGLES SEMINAR PRAYER SEGMENT The anointing of God's spirit was so strong as Esteemed Sis Lindi and Bro Moses took the highly expectant congregants in sessions of Prayers. They prayed that the singles will realize their God given purpose and be in pursuit of it and will fulfill their calling without reproach.Pray that they will not be distractedin finishing that which God has entrusted them with. Continuing in prayers, they also prayed for greater impact of the gospel in the lives of all singles, against resistance of the gospel and the fervent deceitful indoctrination of the singles by different authorities and schemes of the devil. It was such a glorious sight to behold, making tremendous power available. Glory to God!!! STAYED TUNED FOR MORE UPDATES ... KINDLY REMEMBER TO LIKE COMMENT AND SHARE ...

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#CESAZONE1 #BEFORETHERING SINGLES SEMINAR TALK SHOW SEGMENT In this highly interactive talkshow segment, the young vibrant and spirit filled panelists discussed the subject of "Dating". One of the discussants started out by saying that people of the world go into romantic relationships because they are trying to find out is this the person I want to spend the rest of my life with or not , sort of a trial and error thingy however for the Christian, this shouldn't be the case. Referencing our Dear Man of God Pastor Chris, another participant picked up on that point on highlighted the fact that as Christians, we know first by the spirit of God, then go into a relationship so it's not a trial and error thing. According to our man of Pastor Chris "Dating is really the idea that you are fixing certain times to get to meet someone and know that person, get to learn about that individual and so that’s what it is" Naturally the next question was OK, So how do I find out if this person especially when there's some of sort mutual interest from both Bro and Sis, another discussant emphasised the non negotiable need to get your leaders involved for spiritual guidance. Continuing the discussions, all the panelist harped on the principle that we are in the world but not of this world so we do things God's way and that includes all things concerning relationship and also emphasised the importance of singles being actively involved in church and ministry activities and they also emphasised the need of personal spiritual development. " Just like Lions have their pride, as believers' this is our pride, protect your faith and do the right thing" STAYED TUNED FOR MORE UPDATES ... KINDLY REMEMBER TO LIKE COMMENT AND SHARE ...

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Missions Trip to Czech Republic Czech Republic, a country characterised as one of the least religious societies today in Europe, but that is changing as the GYLF is penetrating the nation with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus. As a missionary christian, Phebe Umar from the United Kingdom journeyed to Prague, Czech Republic to help strenghten the work there. She worked with ambassador Josh who is a resident of the country and they had an extraordinary time of evangelism where they shared the word of God with several people on the streets and led many to Christ. Several copies of our ministry materials were also freely distributed to everyone they came in contact with. It was indeed a glorious time as the people of Czech would not remain the same again. Glory to God! #GYLFCZECHREPUBLIC #GYLF

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If only You would Ask; The HOLY GHOST is always - hear me - He is Always ready to show what to do next The Highly Esteemed Pastor Yemisi Knows this so Well. Happy BIRTHDAY! I love you dearly MA.Thanks for being such an inspiration. #dauntlesspyk #lessonsoflifeseries #spokenrhema

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Happy Birthday 🎂 Sister Ogonna Onuh. We love and celebrate you. God bless you. #celz3 #GYLF #celz3teens #lwteensministry @pfo

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Pastor Oge’s fire will set you ablaze.Her love for Jesus & PCO will humble you.Her creativity & genius will keep you on your toes.Her special ability to mobilize people towards a certain cause is a leadership model to be studied.I love you-yesterday, today, forever. ❤️ @pastoroge

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Still Celebrating my beautiful pearl. You are so precious and full of love. Grace personified. I admire your faith and passion always. You’re so unique and exceptional. Like I will always say “You Ya to” (so different). Kuss kuss. Once again, I want you to know I love you.

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Happyyyyyy Bday Dearest Pastor Ghenero Your cool and calm disposition to things never cease to amaze me. Thank you for being there, with reassuring answers... " Dont worry will be done. Or We ll get it done." Your life will continue to be a testimony of God's grace I love u

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What a privilege to celebrate an extraordinary personality, the gold standard in wholehearted devotion to Christ and to the man of God, Pastor Chris! Pastor, ma, as I celebrate you, I also celebrate 9 years of your training, love and patience. I love you eternally ma! #PPR

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Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Rita. Thank you very much for your commitment and passion for the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for your dedication and loyalty to our dear man of God. Thank you for your love for our great Loveworld Nation. HBD and do enjoy your day.

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Happy Birthday Sweetheart. You’ve been a tremendous blessing to me and the calling of God upon my life. Loving, kind, generous and continually investing in my progress and that of our children.  From your youth, you have been a close follower of our Man of God,  Pastor Chris, passionate about the cause of the gospel and the prosperity of the message of our ministry. Little wonder, every one that comes into your space is inspired to love Jesus more.  Today, I celebrate the grace of God upon your life. The grace for leadership, aheadship and supremacy. I love you dearly, now and always.

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Celebrating Excellence in Every way! Happy Glorious Birthday Esteemed Pastor Rita Ma!🤗♥️Wow, you are beyond a wonder. I Praise God not only for the world class things you do Ma, but for all that you are and all the exciting things You will yet do. I celebrate and Love You Ma.

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#cesazone2 #cellministry #day1 #ceswakop #lights

Happy Birthday Pastor Lola! Wow!!! Congratulations on ur 50th Birthday. I am seriously rejoicing with you. The Lord has exalted you and honored your faith. You are one of a kind. Thank you 4 your smiles, kind words and visionary life. You are so glorious. I love you. Mwaaah😘😘

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Still Celebrating Ingenio: Listen to what the Esteemed Pastor Dimeji Matesun tells his beautiful wife on this epoch celebration.

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And the elders of the Jews builded, and they prospered through the prophesying of Haggai the prophet and Zechariah the... Ezra 6:14.The word prospered according to the Man o ofGod Pastor Chris💃 #31sservice

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Whose life are you touching this Christmas? Let this testimony inspire you! From Kobe CE UK Zone One I had a Charity cake sales to benefit the #InnerCityMission at my workplace and it was a huge success. It would be my first attempt to organize a fundraiser and I had an idea of what I intended to raise. However, as I planned for the event, I wasn't sure of how my colleagues would take it but I still informed them in advance On the dday, I arranged to stay in one room and make everyone come to me for a cake but one of the social workers suggested I go around the company and ask people individually to buy a cake and he came round with me. As a result, we raised more than double the amount I initially planned. During the sales, I wore an InnerCity Mission branded material, so many people kept asking me questions about the InnerCity Mission, what they do and how they can get involved. One of the managers kindly offered to pay for the Educational of one indigent child and encouraged me to do these charity events often. Now my next set date for a Charity event is scheduled for March 2019 Glory to God! I feel so overwhelmed with how my workplace accepted and supported this amazing cause and I thought to share my testimony and pictures with you. You too can do same for the #SendPortions campaign by doing an onsite Charity event like Kobe or by setting up online charity events here ➖ and together let's spread the Christmas cheer to children whom have nothing prepared for them.

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Happy birthday Daddy!!! Thank you for training me up in the way I should go. I love you so much! ❤️❤️ #Earnestbration

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GIVING THANKS ALWAYS BY REV. (DR.) CHRIS OYAKHILOME. Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus (1 Thessalonians 5:18 NIV). No matter the crises or circumstances you face in life, God’s will is that you always maintain an attitude of thankfulness. He says in all things, give thanks, because He knows that you could never be disadvantaged. All things are working together for your good as the Scriptures declare (Romans 8:28). True Christianity is living by faith in God’s Word, where you’re forever grateful and giving glory to God, not for what you expect Him to do, but for all He’s already done. You’ve come to realize that there’s nothing He hasn’t done for you yet. He’s given you all things and has made you like Himself. This understanding should make you glorify Him every day, everywhere and at all times. Someone may ask, “Am I supposed to give thanks for challenges and problems?” The scripture didn’t say to give thanks “for” all circumstances; rather, it says we should give thanks “in” all circumstances. In other words, give thanks, no matter the situation. It doesn’t matter what happens in your life or around you, give thanks to God, knowing He’s already given you the victory. You have to understand that Christ in you makes you triumphant always, in all circumstances. So, when He says for us to give thanks in all things, it’s with this consciousness. The Bible says, “Whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him” (Colossians 3:17). A lifestyle of gratitude activates the blessings and graces of God in your life. James 1:2 says, “My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations.” He didn’t say, “Cry to God to save you out of divers temptations.” That’s because there’s nothing in this life that can successfully stand against you. Everything that exists, both living and non-living, are working and cooperating for your victory. This is why you should always be full of joy, giving thanks to the Lord. ✓ Remember to attend Thanksgiving Service in your church to praise and thank the Lord in corporate worship for 2018. Most will hold tomorrow. Pls confirm date and time from your local church. In conclusion of this week's prayer and fasting, we'll have a live broadcast from 4pm (GMT+1) tomorrow. Make sure you join in at your local Church or on Loveworld Networks on the LiveTv mobile app. God bless you. #offer7 #Dec7 #gathering #sheaves #celebrating #riches #instruction #autoedification #reflection #influence #supernatural #affirmationtrain #merrychristmas #inadvance

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PRAY FOR #HLCPH2019 Sunday 16th December 2018 We will pray mostly in the Spirit for 15mins by 6am, 6pm and 10pm today. PRAYER THEME: ALL OFFICIALS: CHOIR, USHERS, PROTOCOLS, MARSHAL ROYAL GUARDS,ETC ➢ Pray for every official handling various activities. That their work will be done through the Spirit and sanctified by the Holy Ghost. (1Cor 12:18, 2Tim 2:21). ➢ Pray that as the choir ministration takes place the life of everyone present will be transformed, doubts dissolved. Also, as the ushers and other officials minister in their various capacities, miracles would be wrought and the atmosphere would be charged with the tangible presence of God. (2Chron.5:14-15). ➢ Pray for the supply of God’s spirit on every official {the choristers, ushers, guides, transport officers etc} that they carry out their functions with joy and excellence. #HLCPH #HLCPH2019 #DIVINEVISTATION #HLCPHWITHPASTORCHRIS #PRAY4HLCPH

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