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Self-improvement versus Self-denial: The secret to victorious living is not found in self-improvement. It lies in self-denial, so that Christ can live through us. #thinkaboutit #mondaymotivation #selfimprovement #selfdenial

It's great to build a career but then this is what I'm also building- AN INSTITUTION #amthemaestro 😁🎵💚🖤 "Music is the universal language of mankind." ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow . Join us today at the LOVEWORLD MUSIC ACADEMY Call: 09057274312, 09022614332

The word of God gives directions, it gives light, it illuminates in the dark. The word of God is God talking Take a moment & thank God 4sending his word at all times & through whom he has sent it. As for me Lord I thank you 4blessing my generation with our Man of God Pastor Chris

Over 1.5 million accumulated streams on all digital platforms. What can I say but thank you all for believing in my musical gifts, talents, teachings, and for the continued support. LION THE REASON ÌMỌ́LẸ̀ JEHOVAH GOD Still trending and available for you on all digital platforms

All things are made new for me! I visualise new dawn, new day, new life, new doors of opportunities, new victories and new accomplishments in the name of Jesus. How about you my friend? "He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!” Rev 21:5a NIV

Two things of which I am certain. 1. With JEHOVAH GOD on the throne I will never lack protection 2. With my MAN Of GOD on Your Loveworld I will never lack direction. Watch YLS, 7pm GMT+1 JEHOVAH GOD by T Sharp 🎥https://youtu.be/q1_pEUvRjKg 🎶https://ffm.to/tsharp-jehovahgod

Happy birthday to my sweet hot choco, Oluwasindara. You have been joy and delight to me, mom and Sharplets since the very first day you came into our lives. I love you to Pluto and back ❤️💯🎶 Rock on my drama queen 👑👌🏽 Song: HBD by T Sharp #birthdaygirl #happybirthday

Aloha my friend! Watch JEHOVAH GOD on my new VEVO channel on YouTube. https://youtu.be/q1_pEUvRjKg 🎥 Shot in the beautiful O'ahu island of HAWAII 🤙🏽🤙🏽 Kindly subscribe and put on notifications. God bless you

Dear Father, you're the desire of all nations, king of all the lands, protector of his people unto whom all men shall come. In this new month, Heal our lands O God and let your knowledge and glory cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. Happy new month seed of Abraham.

Papa God I dey hail oooooo, for the many many blessings, favours and restoration I hail the LION of Judah! 🗣️ 🎶 King of kings...🎵 That's who you are. 🙏🏽🙌🏽 Help me to say something to the Lord for his goodness in your life.

Thank you all for the massive support Your Ìmọ́lẹ̀ (Light) keeps shining brighter https://song.link/njkk7pr9wrhrg Grace is the sponsor, Oluwa is involved. @audiomackafrica @audiomack @audiomackedm @aduiomackcaribbean

The Lord is in his holy temple; let all the earth be silent before him. Habakkuk 2:20 NIV Adonai is in His holy Temple. Adonai’s throne is in heaven. His eyes are watching. His eyelids observe the children of men. Psalms 11:4 TLV

Sunday blessings from His Royal Sharpness to your Royal Priesthood. How was service on your side of Zion today? Praise mode, Good vibes, No presh, 🔥🎶 ✂️ @flomax

My dear friends, take a moment and shout out your praises with joy! Break out of the box and let loose with the most joyous sound of praise! Burst out to the Lord like fine new wine.

Listen to my Sharplets as they harmonize Ìmọ́lẹ̀🎵🎵 BTW They sang the backup chorus in the song. My love team 😍❤️💯 Ìmọ́lẹ̀ Available on all digital platforms https://song.link/njkk7pr9wrhrg Let's keep streaming, download and share to all your friends and family

Ìmọ́lẹ̀🎵🎵 is over 100k in 24hours Thank you all for your massive support Let's keep streaming, download and share to all your friends and family https://song.link/njkk7pr9wrhrg

For the Lord our God has brought us his glory-light. I offer him my life in joyous sacrifice. Tied tightly to your altar, I will bring you praise. For you are the God of my life and I lift you high, exalting you to the highest place. Psa 118:27‭-‬28 TPT ÌMỌ́LẸ̀🎵 This Friday 😎

Stepping into August like... May this August augment for you in all manner of blessings. Happy new month. Song: ÌMỌ́LẸ̀ by T Sharp Releasing August 6th

You’re only truly happy when you walk in total integrity, walking in the light of God’s Word. Darkness cannot comprehend the light 🔥🎶👌🏾 Anticipate my new single release on the 6th of August. This song says just that.

Happy Joyful week my friends ❤️🎶🔥 Live happy. Feel happy. Be happy. Let no one steal your joy my friend.

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