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It was an International Youth Day celebration like no other, as the Teens of Edo north & Edo Central Virtual Zone had a time of their lives as deep truths concerning their future, how to maximize the opportunities around them and turn waste to wealth through relevant actions was unveiled to them by the esteemed Virtual Zonal Pastor, Pastor Zunny Abu. The impact of this meeting will be spoken of in years to come. Glory to God. Stay tuned for more updates

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Thank you pastor Sir, for this great time of prayer #staffprayerday #nigeriasoutheastregion #edonorthandedocentralvirtualzone #edonorthandedocentral

Awesome time #staffprayerday #nigeriasoutheastregion #edonorthandedocentralvirtualzone #edonorthandedocentral

Thought to encourage someone. Dreams when pursued tenaciously can always be achieved. Few years ago this guy standing by me, Frank Edwards, was more or less a persona non grata. He couldn't even get himself to sing in our Wednesday evening service except I was there to "ginger" him. He could not climb up to sing until I came to church. That happened a while. But I noticed he had dreams. He would stay in the studio day in day out week in week out. I would go home, come back and he's still there recording and practicing his hands on all sorts of softwares. He would not even so much as bathe lol. Well, the years have come and gone and the results are there for all to see. Keep your eyes on your goals ....you can achieve and surpass them....Frankie is an example. There are others....Maybe I will share more with you .... : : #PeeYuu#ministry#globalimpact#gracedidit#allroundGod#mademylifebeautiful#familyman#family#christian#gospelmusic#churchinme#pastorchris#music#medicine

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Happy birthday to Pst Lisa E.I celebrate the grace upon your life, thank you for everything you are doing for us.Thank you ma #CEEKPOMA1

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Happy birthday my Pastor, my mother, and my Boss #pl518 #edonorthandedocentral #ceekpoma1

Happy birthday sir.Thanks for everything I'm forever grateful for your trust and liquid love.#dme14 #edonorthandedocentral #ceekpoma1 #nssr

🌟🌟CELEBRATING A SUPER STAR🌟🌟 A Cheerful birthday to our esteemed Deacon Mac Ehonor! You are indeed a blessing to us! Thanks for all your work and labour of love, we pray that the grace of God is multiplied upon your life; great doors of blessings and promotion is continually open to you! You are the choice man wherever you are and God continually honours you! We love you so dearly Sir! From all of us in Christ Embassy Edo North and Edo Central Zone. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! #Edonorthandedocentral #Nssr

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#staffprayerday #edonorthandedocentral #ceekpoma1 #nssr

We prayed and we prevailed... Thank you Lord #globalstaffprayerday #edonorthandedocentral #nssr #ekpoma1

Children day of service... Happy birthday pastor sir... #blwdayofservice #celebratingmymanofGod #dec7

***IPPC DAY 3 MORNING SESSION*** ***C.E EKPOMA VIEWING CENTRE*** It's the day 3 morning session and the Highly Esteemed Zonal Pastor visited the Ekpoma viewing centre to participate in the IPPC. The super-sessions and talk shows have been amazing. #IPPCEdonorthandedocentral #IPPC2017 #Edonorthandedocentral

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Moments of #zippc #edonorthandedocentral #dec7 #blwcelebrates30years

this is the reaction u get wen ur angels sensed dat u have plans to miss dis year #IPPC2017 #BishopChikancy #GospelComedian

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Well lemme drop this... Holy transfiguration #blwcelebrates30years #2007 #ceekpoma1 #edonorthandedocentral

Happy birthday Our Highly Esteemed Pastor Rita Ijomah. We love you so much!!! #WonderWoman #60DOH #Edonorthandedocentral

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Jesus is coming again! Let's do the work of the master while it is still day...Bring one soul to church today. #60DOH #Edonorthandedocentral

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PASTORS AND LEADERS PRAYER SESSION 27th, April 2017 5am-5:30am. 1 PETER2:2 We are Praying for all OUR FIRSTIMERS AND NEW CONVERTS through 60DOH. PRAY that as newborn babes, they are filled with a strong desire for the word. Declare that they take advantage of our structures such as the foundation school, cell ministry and service departments and that they grow there by. Declare that they increase in the knowledge of the SON of God continually.Glory! Again, thank the Lord for the many opportunities to preach the gospel TODAY in our 60DOH. God bless you!

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If the destination, goal or dream is important to you, then you must choose to travel on a lane where no excuse is valid. Nobody will choose it for you. As you set out for today's soul winning, make it mission critical. Make it happen. Don't accept any excuses why you won't win a soul... You can! God bless you #60DOH #PZA #Edonorthandedocentral

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