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And hath made us kings... (Revelations 1:6a) Your-King-don-come R O Y A L T Y! It's my Birthday! #king #gratitude #thanksgiving #happybirthday #bullionvangang

Happy Birthday Pastor Sir Words would fail me to describe all that you are to me.. I love you so passionately #teampeeay #phenomcaptain #peeay731 #peeayforever.

EVERGREEN PHENOMENAL QUOTES: Your present blessing is the currency with which you would purchase your future prosperity The strength or capacity of a word is dependent on who is talking. Pastor Amaechi Udeaku(2018) #teampeeay #phenomcaptain #peeay731 #peeayforever

EVERGREEN PHENOMENAL QUOTES: Success does not respect your age, the day you catch the principle of success it starts working for you. Success is the sum total of small efforts repeated day in day out. Pastor Amaechi Udeaku(2018) #teampeeay #phenomcaptain #peeay731

EVERGREEN PHENOMENAL QUOTES: I believe in ancestral spirit, but the question is who are your ancestors (mine are; Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Solomon, Joseph). Take money, make it your servant, use it to worship God. Pastor Amaechi Udeaku(2017) #teampeeay #phenomcaptain #peeay731

EVERGREEN PHENOMENAL QUOTES: If you know the original, everything else that is not original is counterfeit. They say all that glitters is not gold, but I say every gold glitters. Pastor Amaechi Udeaku(2016) #teampeeay #captainpeeay #peeay731 #peeayforever

EVERGREEN PHENOMENAL QUOTES: People think the more suffering they have the more authentic their prosperity would be. If you want something and you are still looking at convenience then you are not serious. Pastor Amaechi Udeaku(2015) #teampeeay #phenomcaptain #peeay731

EVERGREEN PHENOMENAL QUOTES: Don't postpone your Joy. You'll know what a man has been feeding on through his words. Pastor Amaechi Udeaku(2014) #teampeeay #phenomcaptain #peeay731 #peeayforever

EVERGREEN PHENOMENAL QUOTES: A healthy friendship is one in which you can give and receive forgiveness. No body can succeed at your expense. Pastor Amaechi Udeaku(2013) #teampeeay #phenomcaptain #peeay731 #peeayforever

EVERGREEN PHENOMENAL QUOTES: Don't criticize people who are already where you aim to be. Prosperity mean to increase in your giving endeavor until you get to the Zenith. Pastor Amaechi Udeaku(2012) #teampeeay #phenomcaptain #peeay731 #peeayforever

EVERGREEN PHENOMENAL QUOTES: To be influential you need two things: 1. Money: With more money you can reach out to more people 2. People: With more people you can raise more money. Pastor Amaechi Udeaku(2011) #Teampeeay #phenomcaptain #peeay731 #peeayforeve

EVERGREEN PHENOMENAL QUOTES It is either life teaches you or wisdom teaches you, but it is better for Wisdom to teach you. Poverty is a mindset that repels money. Prosperity is a mindset that attracts money. Pastor Amaechi Udeaku(2010) #teampeeay #phenomcaptain #peeay731

EVERGREEN PHENOMENAL QUOTES. People are by nature attracted to other people who has similar traits and characteristics with them. Pastor Amaechi Udeaku (2009) #phenomcaptain #teampeeay #peeay731 #peeayforever

EVERGREEN PHENOMENAL QUOTES: A dwarf standing on the shoulder of a Giant would see farther than the Giant. Pastor Amaechi Udeaku (2008) #teampeeay #phenomcaptain #peeay731 #peeayforever

EVERGREEN PHENOMENAL QUOTES: Life is all about relationships. The degree that you can prove your relationship is to the degree that you can influence other people. Pastor Amaechi Udeaku(2008) #teampeeay #phenomcaptain #peeay731 #peeayforever

CELEBRATING LOVE Your Ministry and lives have made giants out of us. You have enriched our lives with great examples of faith & love Your leadership and service in our beloved nation have inspired in our hearts renewed commitments to the vision of the ministry and an ever-burning zeal for the Gospel. Thank you for blessing us with the gifts of God May your blissful union continue to flourish and impact many more millions of lives around the world with the light of Christ. Happy Wedding Anniversary Sir & Ma. We love you ever so dearly. #cephzone1 #TheHappyChurch

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CELEBRATING 1,000, 000 COMMEMORATIVE COPIES OF RHAPSODY OF REALITIES! HUGE CONGATULATIONS to Pastor Amaechi Udeaku and the Pastors and Partners of Rhapsody of Realities in Christ Embassy Port Harcourt Zone 1 For the SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION of the Sponsorship of the COMMEMORATIVE EDITION #rhapsody #commemorativeedition #dailydevotional www.rhapsdyofrealities.org

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